The pinnacle of your adventures in Pokemon mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, climbing sky Tower come petition the legendary Raquaza to punch up a world-ending asteroid is a true test of skill and also perseverance. We"ll show you how come beat skies Tower and the Rayquaza ceo fight.

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How to Beat skies Tower and Rayquaza

A rising skyscraper make of clouds, sky Tower is just one of the hardest dungeons in the game, and also Rayquaza one of its toughest Pokemon. Come beat castle both, you"ll need to prepare for your longest excursion yet, as well as carefully picking a build and team to deal with the dangers ahead.

Alakazam, Xatu and a mysterious 3rd character all pool their strength to make a Teleport Gem that"ll gain you to sky Tower. | Joel Franey/, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

How to get to sky Tower

The opportunity to walk to skies Tower unlocks in a cinematic the triggers immediately after returning from Magma Cavern and also Groudon. The actual threat is made clear after a post from Xatu - a huge meteorite - and also you"re said to undertaking to the skies Tower to ask the legend Rayquaza to ruin the fallout’s star. You"ll have an chance to usage all the amenities the Pokemon Square, and when you"re ready, speak to your companion in the middle. This"ll trigger an additional cutscene wherein Xatu and Alakazam create a Teleport Gem to send friend to skies Tower. This isn"t a single-use object; it"ll permit you to go to sky Tower as lot as girlfriend like, including it come the Dungeon List along with all the other video game locations.

What Items must I lug to sky Tower?

There"s no certain items that"ll make skies Tower easy, yet there room those that"ll save you a most bother. As soon as leaving, you should have actually these item in her toolbox in ~ least, and also ideally a couple of extras:

Eight Reviver seeds (Tiny or Normal, either works)Four Perfect ApplesSix Max EthersFour Oran BerriesTwo of any kind of Orb that can get you out of a tight spot (Slumber Orbs, Hold-Foe orbs, etc)One that every status-curing berryYour preferred held item
It"s all too straightforward to operation out the PP or food ~ above the means up this monumental dungeon. | Joel Franey/, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

Items to Beat Rayquaza

But wait, there"s more! the set-up to be to gain you with the sky Tower dungeon, no to win Rayquaza. There"s a checkpoint close to the height of the dungeon that"ll permit you to accessibility your warehouse close(ish) to the boss fight. Placed these items in warehouse so you have the right to take them the end at the checkpoint to help topple the huge ol" sky snake.

Six an ext Reviver SeedsSIx an ext Oran BerriesTwo connect BoxesFour Max ElixirsEight provides of Slumber or confuse WandEmpowerment seed - if you own any

Best Moves and Attacks for skies Tower and Rayquaza

Rayquaza - and also quite a many the Pokemon in the sky Tower - have a weakness to Ice-type attacks. If you have the right to teach one or both of her team some frigid moves, you"ll have actually a huge advantage in the comes trials. Failing that, Rock and Electric moves will certainly be a large help going forward, and also tend come be easier to find out or discover than ice TMs.

How many Floors are There in skies Tower?

The longest dungeon you"ll have actually encountered in the video game so far, sky Tower is a lining 34 floors high, through a wide range of Pokemon that changes as girlfriend go higher up the tower. The checkpoint is between the 25 and also 26th floor, and also Rayquaza, surprising nobody, is in ~ the peak. You"ll be play the long, long, long game here, where the challenge is as much around outlasting the tower together it is ascending it.

There"s a large ecosystem that Pokemon in skies Tower, every one of which will come after ~ you. | Joel Franey/, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

How to Beat skies Tower

There"s no easy way to take care of Sky Tower, but we recommend caution and also flexibility. Stop fights whenever girlfriend can, making use of the mini-map to weave roughly opponents, and if it is going to go to a fight, use ranged attacks as much as possible to perform early damages first. Otherwise, these are the points to remember:

You"ll want to it is in level 36 in ~ the really lowest to attempt this dungeon, and even then it won"t be easy. Grind increase a few levels until you"re 40 and also up for the best shot.Don"t ever bother searching for items or trying out for the benefits of it: uncover the stairs on each floor and use castle instantly. Even if you survive the battles, you"ll lose an useful PP and also gear the you"ll need greater up.You won"t be able to recruit opponents your first time up sky Tower, for this reason don"t bother bringing abilities and also items to boost your chances.Weather can readjust instantly and also randomly in skies Tower, native hail come sandstorms to rain and also sun. Use assaults that"ll be increased by the (such as fire assaults in sun) because that a little advantage, and also be remember that not only do friend take damage from hail and sandstorms, your health and wellness won"t regenerate.If you create a Monster House, activate her Slumber or Hold-Foe orb and leave immediately by the route you came in! You most likely won"t have long come escape, and even if every the Pokemon room immobilized, there"s a opportunity you"ll trigger a catch going throughout the room.
Err... Is there an elevator? | Joel Franey/, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

Pokemon in sky Tower

It likewise goes without saying the there"s a the majority of dangerous Pokemon in there, though not every one of them are as dangerous together each other. To make matters easier, we"ve listed them below, in addition to their weakness and, in part cases, what moves they have actually you"ll must be afraid of. If the Pokemon below has a wild card, you should prioritize beating it above all others!

PokemonWeak to:Wild card Moves:
AerodactylElectric, Ice, Rock, Steel, Water -
AltariaIce, Dragon, Rock, FairyPluck have the right to steal and also eat items in her inventory.
ClaydolBug, Dark, Ghost, Grass, Water, IceHyper Beam hits every targets in a straight line for massive damage.
DusclopsDark, Ghost -
DuskullDark, Ghost -
FlygonIce, Dragon, FairyBulldoze hits every enemies nearby at once.
ForretressFire -
LedianRock, Electric, Fire, Flying, IceKnows silver Wind, which hits all enemies in the very same room, and also Comet Punch, which hits a target many times.
LunatoneBug, Dark, ghost, Grass, Steel, WaterRock Polish enables it to relocate to triple speed.
MasquerainRock, Electric, Fire, Flying, IceKnows Ominous Wind, which access time all adversaries in the same room, and bug Buzz, i m sorry hits every enemies nearby to it.
MetagrossFire, Ground, Ghost, Dark -
SalamenceIce, Dragon, Rock, Fairy Flamethrower can hit targets at range.
ScizorFire Agility enables it to move to triple speed.
ShuppetDark, Ghost -
SolrockBug, Dark, Ghost, Grass, Steel, WaterRock Polish permits it to move to triple speed.
TropiusIce, Fire, Flying, Poison, Rock -
VenomothFire, Flying, Psychic, RockQuiver Dance rises Sp. Attack and also Sp. Defense, as well as doubling speed.
WheezingPsychic -
oh GOD N- | Joel Franey/, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

How to Beat Rayquaza

And for this reason it comes to this. Rayquaza is a huge sky dragon that will use all of his power to defeat you, sending you earlier to the checkpoint eight floors ago if the wins. He"s also backed by a torrential gale that deserve to move you about the battlefield if you"re no careful. We"ll go over his strengths and also weaknesses below.

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Rayquaza Weaknesses and Tips

Rayquaza has about 1600 health, comparable to Groudon. However, it"s qualified of doing a lot much more damage in a much broader area, no to cite have a lot much less easily-exploited weaknesses.Rayquaza is a Dragon/Flying dual-type, weak to Dragon, Rock, Fairy and especially ice attacks, indigenous which the takes 4x damage.However, Rayquaza is immune to Ground attacks, and also resistant to Fighting, Bug, Fire Water and also Grass.Rayquaza"s ability, wait Lock, prevents any kind of weather impacts with the exemption of the Gust Gale. Everything couple of turns a text box will certainly declare: "There"s a Whirlwind!" numerous tiles will certainly be emphasize green, and one turn later, any character one on the those tiles will be warped come a random place in the arena.Rayquaza knows four moves: Hyper Beam, Twister, Extremespeed and also Hyper Voice. The these, the large two threats are Hyper Beam, which deserve to hit all opponents in a heat for massive damage, and also Twister, which hits everybody in the room and also can do them flinch.Rayquaza"s ceo status method that impacts like confusion and sleep don"t last more than 2 turns.
even when Rayquaza"s asleep, the winds of skies Tower will certainly still press you roughly if you"re no careful. | Joel Franey/, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

Rayquaza Strategy

Beating Rayquaza requires a lot of preparation to make it easy. We"ve broken down a straightforward strategy right here to offer you part help.

First of all, prior to going up the last flight the stairs, use link Boxes to tie all her most powerful moves together, and also equip all the ideal items for ceo fights, such as distinct Bands.Once you enter the arena, immediately eat your Empowerment seed if you have actually them. They"ll give you a substantial stat boost and guarantee critical hits on every your attached moves.The finest strategy for placement is to have actually your tougher Pokemon close come Rayquaza, ideally making use of Wands, Seeds and also attacks to store him asleep, puzzled or various other incapacitated. Gift a boss, the won"t critical long, keep pouring status impacts into the to prevent him from utilizing his most powerful attacks - or even any of them. And also considering you have a Pokemon next to him, it provides it less likely once he does usage an attack, it"ll be among his an effective ranged ones, like Hyper Beam and Twister.Meanwhile, your various other Pokemon must be doing all your high-distance, high-damage attacks. Struggle from range until the wind forces you to reposition.When the gusts execute start up, make certain the close-range Pokemon stays on his flank, relocating him out of the hazard zone. It doesn"t matter too much if your various other Pokemon is warped, considering they"re using distance strikes anyway.Keep making use of this system and also chewing v Reviver seed whenever necessary until you deserve to finally case victory!