The two maps displayed here room digital base and also elevation maps of brand-new York. Greater resolution maps likethese and also many other digital maps, wall surface maps, practice radius maps, take trip maps, take trip guides, map software, and globes andgames, because that business and also the classroom, are available to acquisition - The World"s largest Maps Store!.Enter password "" at checkout for 10% off orders the $50 or more!

This new York base map highlights the ar of the state capitol,Albany, andmajor urban throughout the state. Portions of new York"s border states,Vermont,Massachusetts,Connecticut,New Jersey, andPennsylvania areincluded to display the connection between brand-new York and also its neighbors. A tiny inset shows new York among theother 47 Continental united States.

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New York shares an global border with Canada.

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This elevation map of new York illustrates the variety of feet or meter the staterises over sea level. As you have the right to see, lot of brand-new York resides at more than 500 feet above sea level. From sealevel, at the Atlantic Ocean and also Long Island Sound, the soil rises in the Appalachian and also Adirondack Mountains. Lower elevations prevail follow me the Hudson, the Mohawk, and the St. Lawrence Rivers, Lake Ontario,and long Island Sound.

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The highest point in the state isMount Marcyin the Macintyre selection of the Adirondack hills in northern new York. The rises 5,344 feet above sea level.Mount Marcy is situated in the city ofKeenein Essex County. < Adirondack State Park >

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