On average, ~ above the body of a turkey, 5000-6000 feather grow. The feathers of this birds room quite big (especially the winged people on the wings and also the tail feather in the tail), there is small down. The shade of simple turkeys is dark.

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The males are nearly entirely black through a irradiate greenish-bronze outflow, the trip feathers of the wings and the tail feathers of the tail have actually a transverse striation (ripples), the end of the tail feathers are edged v black and light strips.

The color of the females is the same, yet their plumage is lighter with a brownish tint. ~ above the chest of turkeys cave a bundle of lengthy hair-like feather – “beard”, in females this ornament is found only in 10-20% of cases. In eye-shaped turkeys, “beards” never happen, however their color is no an example an ext colorful. Feather on the neck and also chest room dark, however each feather has actually a light brown strip on the end, which creates a scaly pattern.

In the caudal feathers, this sample is retained just at the guideline of the feather, and most that the feathers room painted with a shallow silvery ripple. Big wing feathers space painted black and white, and also small, covering, in brown and metallic green. The spurs space complemented on the foot – long and thin in the eye buds, short and thick in the ordinary.

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