If you have actually one CD ROM drive and also one tough disk, then basically you will need one SATA Data cable and also one SATA power cable. 

Basically, every drive needs a SATA data cable and also a strength cable come operate. The SATA cables are detailed with the motherboard and also the power cables are provided with the strength Supply Unit.

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If you have an ext than 2 drives in your computer, climate you will need to get second data and power cable because that each drive.

There are likewise cases whereby the SATA strength cable would have separation ends. That way you may able to supply strength to many drives through a single cable.

Let us look in ~ how many SATA cables do you need in depth.

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What space the species of cd driver that call for SATA Power and also Data Cables?

There space basically three drives that call for the SATA interface:

1. Difficult Disk Drives

These space your typical spinning hard drives and are usually the main storage drive for any kind of computer.

2. Optical drives (CD/DVD Drives)

From CD to Blu beam drive, castle all call for the SATA interface.

3. Solid State journey (SATA SSDs)


SATA 3 data cables come through the motherboard. Generally you get about 2-3 SATA cables and also if you want an ext cables, you need to procure castle separately.

So How many SATA Cables carry out I Need?

SATA to molex adapterIf you have actually an enlarge PSU that still has Molex connectors, climate you have the right to can additionally use a Molex to SATA adapter cable if you operation out that SATA strength cables native the PSU.

These execute not come through the PSU or the motherboard and also need to it is in procured separately.

SATA Connections and Power Requirements

While connecting the drives v the usage of SATA power cables, you have to make certain that the PSU is capable of giving the strength that your computer needs.

PSU models available today have a wattage varying from 200-1800 watts. A tough drive consumes in between 15 come 30 watts while an optical journey uses around 20 to 30 watt power.

While these wattage numbers space not much of a worry for an typical PC, yet if you have actually a large number that drives associated than the power intake becomes a concern.

The best method to identify the power usage of your computer parts and the introduce PSU wattage to gain is to usage the automated digital calculators:

Final Words

Here us looked in depth in ~ how numerous SATA cables do you require in order come connect and operate your drives. Essentially, we looked at both the SATA Data and Power Cable requirements.

For an average build, the obtainable SATA strength cables or connectors and also the noted data cables through the PSU and also motherboard must be enough to fulfill the needs of many users.

If you have to add more drives, then you will must procure an ext cables and connectors. Constantly choose a high-quality cable the would defend you native the risks of any kind of mishap.

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You also need to save your computer’s as whole power needs in mind as soon as adding an ext drives.