Chart the U.S. Cups To Milliliters Conversions

This chart will be helpful to you when you need to convert a recipe declared in U.S. Cup to metric milliliters. The chart reflects the actual conversion number expanded to as much as 4 decimals and rounded to the nearest entirety number or nearest 10th. Friend can select to use the column that suits the accuracy you require for your details recipe. As a issue of referral we additionally include the complete tablespoons every cup.

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2 1/4 60 59 59.1471 4 1/3 80 79 78.8627 5 1/3 1/2 120 118 118.2941 8 2/3 160 158 157.7255 10 2/3 3/4 180 177 177.4412 12 1 240 237 236.5882 16 1 1/8 270 266 266.1618 18 1 1/4 300 296 295.7353 20 1 1/2 350 355 354.8824 24 1 3/4 410 414 414.0294 28 2 475 473 473.1765 32 2 1/8 500 503 502.75 34 2 1/4 530 532 532.3235 36 2 1/2 590 591 591.4706 40 2 3/4 650 651 650,6177 44 3 700 710 709.7647 48 3 1/8 740 739 739.3382 50 3 1/4 770 770 769.9118 52 3 1/2 830 828 828.0588 56 4 950 946 946.3529 64 *Rounded come the nearest 10th**Rounded come the nearest entirety number

About U.S. Cup To Milliliter Conversions


A cup is a U.S. Conventional volume the measurement supplied for measuring fluid or dry ingredients. Because that the conversation of converting cup to ml we are only referring come the use of a standardliquid measure cup only, not dry measuring cups. Please usage the links listed if you are unclear around the difference in the varieties of measuring cups. A milliliter (ml) is a metric typical volume measurement provided to measure liquids. That is equal to one thousandth the a liter.

Don"t confuse U.S. Cups With various other Cup Standards

Some nations use cup that different in capacity from the U.S. Standard, consisting of U.K., Australia and also Canada. This chart need to be supplied for U.S. Measuring cup only.

Sources and also Credits

This is a perform of few of the far-ranging sources we offered to compile this information. We count on source with historic credibility. bureau of international des Poids et Mesures(BIPM) - The intergovernmental organization through i m sorry Member claims act together on matters regarded measurement science and measurement standards.

National institute of Standards and also Technology- This link is come a PDF all set by the NIST which mirrors a few conversions and explains metric principles. This is the U.S. Federal government website.

The Metric Kitchen- A website by JS Ward that explains how to convert from U.S. Come metric in good detail. It includes charts, explanation of measure up tools, basics the the metric system and also more. This site is attached to by the NIST. King Aurthur Flour- uses a good, an easy measuring guide. Girlfriend will view that their little chart that cup/ml conversions have been rounded come the nearest solitary decimal."s Grams To cup Conversion Calculator- permits you to convert U.S. Or U.K. Cup to grams, cups, ml, liters, pints, quarts and more. Offers terrific set of switch calculators and a riches of information about metric conversions.

Other resources We Consulted front To emerging This standardized Chart

Food Lover"s Companion - through Sharon Tyler Herbst The Sunset Cookbook - over 1,000 Fresh, Flavorful Recipes because that the means You chef Today. Check out appendices.

The brand-new Best Recipes - Cooks Illustrated. See conversions on page 1027. A little chart is provided with switch rounded to the nearest whole number.

How To measure Milliliters

Milliliters are typically measured in glass or plastic liquid measuring cups. The cups show U.S. Fluid ounces and also milliliters. An old U.S. Traditional measuring cup is do by PYREX. These measuring cups are commonly graduated in 25ml increments.

As one example; if girlfriend look at the chart you"ll check out that 2 cups is equal to around 475ml (rounded come the nearest 10th). If friend look in ~ a glass measuring cup, you"ll view something like the photo below. You deserve to see that 2 cup is around equal come the 475ml mark and that 500ml is actually around 2 1/8 cups.

when measuring liquids girlfriend should always hold the measuring as much as your eye level, maintaining the ship level. You deserve to see that volume measuring is naturally inaccurate. You can purchase beaker style measuring ship with smaller than 25ml increments i m sorry is useful when more accuracy is needed. When measuring liquids less than 1/4 cup, the is generally done making use of measuring spoons.

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Who Is The Authority?

After much research we have discovered there is no clear, definitive overview or criter for the presentation of of U.S. Cup to milliliters conversions. The couple of charts the exist i m sorry are published by the U.S. Government carry out conflicting information. The very same is true for most of the charts we discovered on high-ranking, authoritative websites. Come clarify, nobody of the charts are inaccurate, there is a details formula to execute the switch (mL = us cup x 236.58823649999998976).

The truth is that various sites and also references merely round the converted numbers differently. Part sites state 1 cup = 240ml while rather state it"s 236ml and some say it is 250ml. For the purposes of this chart us have provided you v each measure up rounded to the nearest 10th and rounded to the nearest whole number. Both of this conversions room sufficiently accurate for many recipes. Us also provide the specific conversion amount lugged out to as much as 4 decimal places so you can get as specific as you might need.

NOTE: provided most typical measuring cups room graduated in 25ml increments, it will be a guessing video game trying to measure increments the fall in between those increments. (for example) 234ml, 210ml, etc.

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