I to be trying to number out how to compose out a formula to fix the liquid in a jar an enig at work. The seasoned is a 28 oz mason jar, however it is filled come the really top with candy hearts which looks favor 32 oz. The hearts space the Necco hearts v messages top top them. They space 5cm x 5 cm x 1cm.

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I learned of a technique that works surprisingly well, but is ineffective in win competitions :)

If you ask 100 world to tell friend how numerous candies are in a jar, the average of every 100 answer is often an extremely close come the correct answer. You must test this after her office compete is over.

You can do the in the design way...

First that all... You have to know the volume of the jar, Second..you need to know the type of the candy, can you??

And then carry out a small experiment.. Bring a jar and fill it through this candy... And count them. Carry out it much more than one time and also then take it an average

Then you deserve to multiple the "office jar volume" through the "average number" and divide the answer through "your experiment jug volume"

And then offer it Margin that error for example (+or - 7 candies)

Give that a try... Might work


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