Delightfully sweet, cherry tomatoes supply a burst of flavor as a snack, in salads, or in a surprising range of both savory and sweet dishes. Although commonly used together a vegetable, they are officially a kind of fruit since they come native flowers.

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The cherry tomato was an initial cultivated in south America and eventually found its way into European and Israeli gardens. Castle were ultimately commercialized by British grocery chain point out & Spencer throughout the 20th century. The store"s owner seek a brand-new take top top commercialized tomatoes to lure customers.

Now famous as both a snack or main meal ingredient, cherry tomato are one of the most well-loved types of create you can uncover in grocery stores today.

Health Benefits

Cherry tomatoes space chock full of vitamins and also minerals the promote excellent health. They space packed through vitamin C, i m sorry plays a major part in plenty of body functions. The nutrient levels in cherry tomatoes have the right to vary based upon when friend harvest them, however they have the right to still be an important part of a healthy diet any type of time the the year.

Other health benefits that cherry tomatoes include:

Stroke Prevention

Like other types of tomatoes, cherry tomatoes space a wonderful source of lycopene. This link can assist with issues like inflammation and also blood clotting. This benefits may minimize your risk of ischemic strokes, which happen when blood clots kind and prevent blood flow to the brain.

Prostate Cancer Prevention

Several link in cherry tomato are associated with a reduced risk of lot of diseases, consisting of many species of cancer. Research argues that a greater intake that tomatoes and also tomato commodities may mitigate your danger of prostate cancer in particular.

Bone Health

The lycopene in cherry tomatoes may support bone health, specifically in females at threat of osteoporosis. A study uncovered that women that consumed tomato assets saw lower rates of bone thickness loss compared to those that consumed less lycopene.



Cherry tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is an excellent at fighting cost-free radicals that reason disease. Lycopene can also limit UV damages to her skin from sunlight exposure and also promote much better heart health.

Cherry tomatoes room also wonderful source of:

Vitamin A Vitamin E

Nutrients per Serving

A one-cup offer of cherry tomatoes contains:

Calories: 25 Fat: 0 grams Carbohydrates: 6 grams Sugar: 4 grams

Things come Watch out For

Eating too plenty of cherry tomato can provide you mountain reflux and other an unfavorable digestive side effects. This may be because of the malic acid in cherry tomatoes.

How come Prepare Cherry Tomatoes

You can find cherry tomato year-round in grocery stores, co-ops, farmer"s markets, and also several other locations. Castle are additionally notoriously easy to flourish in backyard gardens — or even as potted plants. Reveal them to plenty that sun and also water, and also you"ll it is in rewarded with a healthy and balanced treat you can enjoy ideal off the plant.

Most recipes that use cherry tomatoes speak to for life ones, but they can additionally be steamed, sauteed, or roasted. Cooking them deserve to reduce the amount of vitamin C they contain, yet it might actually rise the other antioxidants your body have the right to absorb.

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Try few of these means to add cherry tomato in your diet:

gain cherry tomatoes together a snack with hummus or spinach dip. Encompass them with carrot sticks, celery, and slices of bell pepper top top a veggie tray. Include sliced cherry tomato to a row fry. Toss them with parmesan cheese and also olive oil in a pesto-flavored pasta. Incorporate cherry tomatoes through chopped red onion, jalapeño, and lime juice to produce pico de gallo. Fold them right into an omelet through your favorite species of cheese. Include them with lemon juice and Feta cheese come a couscous salad. Usage heirloom cherry tomato in a tasty fruit salad. medical Reference reviewed by Dan Brennan, MD on September 02, 2020


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