A classic White Russian packs a whopping 33g of sugar in a solitary glass—ours? simply 4g. And also it tastes delicious.

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One of my all time favorite cocktails once I'm in ~ a pretty restaurant—because, let’s it is in real, many bars don’t share the freshest milk—is the White Russian.

It’s arguably among the smoothest, creamiest drinks. Of course, that's in big part due to the heavy dairy makeup. In the wintertime especially, ns love the comforting, warm, chocolatey notes that this cocktail is so well known for.

But there’s one thing about the White Russian the holds me back: that is a hefty caloric street bomb.

The standard White Russian recipe, follow to Kahlúa’s website, is shockingly simple—one part heavy cream, one component coffee liqueur, and one part vodka.

But it’s additionally shockingly negative for you: just one of this is loaded with 590 calories, a heart-stopping 18g of saturation fat, and also 33g that sugar. Doesn’t sound therefore smooth now, walk it?

I want to be able to enjoy a White Russian v feeling so weighed down, so i headed to the food preparation Light check kitchen to figure out how might we preserve the classic taste, when ensuring reduced calorie counts and also a reasonable quantity of sugar.

We determined to provide it a vegetable makeover, removed the hefty cream and also Kahlúa, and substituting almond and also coconut milk. Teaming up through Jamie Vespa, cooking Light’s assistant nutrition editor, we increased the signature flavor file of the White Russian by consisting of cold-brew coffee for a distinctly unbitter flavor, and relying top top unsweetened cocoa powder to round it out. And also since we eliminated the liquer, over there was an ext room for vodka. Hooray!

Most importantly, ours version can fit nicely in your everyday diet and won’t wreck any kind of of your dietary intakes. A glass of ours “Light” Russian comes in at 150 calories, 4g the sugar, and a only 2g of saturation fat.

This recipe makeover is simple to follow and also all ingredient are easily accessible at your neighborhood supermarket. Here’s what you’ll need:

One tablespoon that cold brew coffee (any brand functions fine, simply stick to unsweetened for the best results).1/2 cup Silk (we supplied unflavored Silk almond milk; an additional brand may change the nutritional information slightly) almond milk, unsweetened.1/2 cup so Delicious initial coconut milk, unsweetened.1 tsp share cocoa powder, unsweetened.1 tsp sugar.1 tablespoon warm water.About 1 and 1/2 ounces that Tito’s vodka.

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In a measuring cup, incorporate almond milk and also coconut milk. Stir in sugar.Using hot water as a base, whisk in unsweetened cocoa powder to create a syrup. Collection aside.In a separate cocktail shaker, include cold brew and also vodka over ice. Combine with syrup and also shake.Pour mixture into cocktail glass of choice. Slowly add milk and lightly row in.