Hello Rusty,My surname is Eric Green. Ns was a laborer because that Bob at progressed Masonry and met you in ~ his agency Christmas party around 8 years ago. Her website has actually been a source for me through the years for her estimating calculators and complimentary masonry tips. Thanks.

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Block or Brick per Day Layout

I have actually an possibility to do some job-related for a contractor friend of mine laying block. He is asking me to calculation how numerous days it will certainly take me to complete his job (block laying only). My experience is minimal to two years as a laborer/apprentice and perhaps a dozen side jobs structure patio walls, hence I am poorly standard to offer him an exact estimate.His patio wall surface is 90 feet long, 7 feet high and also includes 4 – 32″x32″ pillars. This patio wall surface will have actually a stone veneer and stucco finish.I realize over there are plenty of factors that get in determining an accurate estimate. My friend will be content v a rough estimate. My scope of occupational is the block laying only. I have one really experienced and excellent mason soft to aid me.Here are my Questions:Does 5-7 work days sound reasonable for this size project?Is 150 block set up per work a difficulty for the typical block class under mean conditions?How numerous blocks (8x8x16) perform you think you or another expert mason could install in one 8 hour job-related day under mean conditions?How plenty of CMU deserve to an mean block layer install every day (very roughly)?

If you have actually time come respond, give thanks to you for her help.Thanks again for your advantageous website.Good luck v all girlfriend do consisting of your tune writing!Eric

Hi Eric,

You are welcome. Your email is kind and also thoughtful. On my ideal day i laid 1500 8x8x16 – someone dispersing my mud and I walk no jointing, i was 24 year old and so healthy and balanced I ate nails for breakfast. On mine worst day, laying through a level dispersing my very own mud, in bad walking conditions, 100 every day.

We have a well written program you can purchase that will certainly answer all your concerns in depth:

So right here are some answers: walk 5-7 job-related days sound reasonable because that this size project?

So far I listen columns (level work) and straight wall.That would be two departments of productivity.Take a good look at each portion of your patio wall and make a calculate guess regarding the conditions you deserve to control and weigh your time/option of leveling dust to make the problems speedier -vs- laying in rough uneven terrain to save time through a shovel in her hand in order to be laying block.Lay every straight sections of the patio wall surface before friend insert columns for this reason you have the right to lay them with a string heat – hence making them into production walls. Divide your wall surface into sections of productivity.

Wall height, scaffold setting et cetera all change the performance of the wall. Make a guess around each portion. These variables room what you must factor:

Is 150 block mounted per day a an obstacle for the average block great under median conditions?

Probably approximately 150 – 200 per day? I recognize nowadays block every day space much lower than in mine day, but given my damaged wrists and also bad back, probably that is a good thing. You space much an ext qualified than I to say how many block every day you deserve to lay than I am.

How countless blocks (8x8x16) carry out you think friend or another expert mason might install in an 8 hour work-related day under mean conditions?

Wall height – scaffold, hop board et ceteraFirst coursing – how deep is the footing below grade – just how level is the footingProduction wall (long straight and also laid to a string line)Rakes and angles – designs, arches and also template building, stonework cuts and miters… et ceteraCurved Walls and also columns – all level work-related – have the right to one leaf of columns be laid come a wire line? if so perform that come raise performance – speed-leads room cheaper 보다 labor, particularly when the is your labor!Joints and wall surface treatments – room you striking and also cleaning the wall? – depression or concave joints? Is the wall painted or exposed?Is the wall surface stuccoed so you can reduced the weep and move along? A wall laid because that stick on stone is a bit much faster than one because that stucco because you do not have to be as mindful with weep.Getting mortar and stock come the wall location – deserve to your offers be dropped adjacent to the wall surface location (6′ native footing)?Distance indigenous mixer to wall? will your laborer it is in by your side the whole time?Distance to site from firm location (drive time to the task site)With a good laborer and you carry out no stocking or set ups guess how countless 88s girlfriend lay in a day because that each wall portion?Divide the by hours per day easily accessible to pure block laying.Divide your finest guess the block/day by poor conditions or a portion of wall surface that needs level occupational by a element of 2 or three – counting the block in that portion of the wall surface and divide it by your guesstimated output.

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How many CMU can an average block great install per day (very roughly)?

600 block in columns / 100 block per day = 6 days160 block very first course / 80 block every day = 2 days1800 block in production wall / 450 block per day = 4 daysAdd every the days together. Do that through each portion of the wall.

I hear your excitement and I am very happy because that you. Good luck with your new endeavor! Send me a video or two