Convert volts come amps by entering the voltage and the electrical power in watts, or the resistance the the circuit.

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convert amps come volts

How to transform Volts to Amps

Voltage is the potential difference in an electric circuit, measured in volts. It could be much easier to think the it together the quantity of force or press pushing electrons with a conductor. To convert volts to amps, a measure of current, it’s possible to use a formula defined by Watt’s Law.

Watt’s law states that current = strength ÷ voltage. Strength is measure up in watts and voltage is measure in volts.

Thus, to discover amps substitute the volts and also watts in the formula:Current(A) = Power(W) ÷ Voltage(V)


For example, uncover the amperage of a 100 watt light pear at 120 volts.

amps = watts ÷ voltsamps = 100 W ÷ 120 Vamps = .83 A

Convert Volts to Amps using Resistance

Ohm’s Law offers an alternate formula to find volts if amps and the electric resistance is known. To calculation amps, division the voltage by the resistance in ohms.

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Current(A) = Voltage(V) ÷ Resistance(Ω)

For example, let’s find the current of a 12 volt circuit through 10 ohms of resistance.

amps = volts ÷ ohmsamps = 12 V ÷ 10 Ωamps = 1.2 A

Equivalent Volts and also Amps Measurements

Equivalent volts and amps for miscellaneous power ratingsVoltageCurrentPower
5 Volts1 Amps5 Watts
5 Volts2 Amps10 Watts
5 Volts3 Amps15 Watts
5 Volts4 Amps20 Watts
5 Volts5 Amps25 Watts
5 Volts6 Amps30 Watts
5 Volts7 Amps35 Watts
5 Volts8 Amps40 Watts
5 Volts9 Amps45 Watts
5 Volts10 Amps50 Watts
5 Volts11 Amps55 Watts
5 Volts12 Amps60 Watts
5 Volts13 Amps65 Watts
5 Volts14 Amps70 Watts
5 Volts15 Amps75 Watts
5 Volts16 Amps80 Watts
5 Volts17 Amps85 Watts
5 Volts18 Amps90 Watts
5 Volts19 Amps95 Watts
5 Volts20 Amps100 Watts
12 Volts0.4167 Amps5 Watts
12 Volts0.8333 Amps10 Watts
12 Volts1.25 Amps15 Watts
12 Volts1.667 Amps20 Watts
12 Volts2.083 Amps25 Watts
12 Volts2.5 Amps30 Watts
12 Volts2.917 Amps35 Watts
12 Volts3.333 Amps40 Watts
12 Volts3.75 Amps45 Watts
12 Volts4.167 Amps50 Watts
12 Volts4.583 Amps55 Watts
12 Volts5 Amps60 Watts
12 Volts5.417 Amps65 Watts
12 Volts5.833 Amps70 Watts
12 Volts6.25 Amps75 Watts
12 Volts6.667 Amps80 Watts
12 Volts7.083 Amps85 Watts
12 Volts7.5 Amps90 Watts
12 Volts7.917 Amps95 Watts
12 Volts8.333 Amps100 Watts
24 Volts0.2083 Amps5 Watts
24 Volts0.4167 Amps10 Watts
24 Volts0.625 Amps15 Watts
24 Volts0.8333 Amps20 Watts
24 Volts1.042 Amps25 Watts
24 Volts1.25 Amps30 Watts
24 Volts1.458 Amps35 Watts
24 Volts1.667 Amps40 Watts
24 Volts1.875 Amps45 Watts
24 Volts2.083 Amps50 Watts
24 Volts2.292 Amps55 Watts
24 Volts2.5 Amps60 Watts
24 Volts2.708 Amps65 Watts
24 Volts2.917 Amps70 Watts
24 Volts3.125 Amps75 Watts
24 Volts3.333 Amps80 Watts
24 Volts3.542 Amps85 Watts
24 Volts3.75 Amps90 Watts
24 Volts3.958 Amps95 Watts
24 Volts4.167 Amps100 Watts
120 Volts0.0417 Amps5 Watts
120 Volts0.0833 Amps10 Watts
120 Volts0.125 Amps15 Watts
120 Volts0.1667 Amps20 Watts
120 Volts0.2083 Amps25 Watts
120 Volts0.25 Amps30 Watts
120 Volts0.2917 Amps35 Watts
120 Volts0.3333 Amps40 Watts
120 Volts0.375 Amps45 Watts
120 Volts0.4167 Amps50 Watts
120 Volts0.4583 Amps55 Watts
120 Volts0.5 Amps60 Watts
120 Volts0.5417 Amps65 Watts
120 Volts0.5833 Amps70 Watts
120 Volts0.625 Amps75 Watts
120 Volts0.6667 Amps80 Watts
120 Volts0.7083 Amps85 Watts
120 Volts0.75 Amps90 Watts
120 Volts0.7917 Amps95 Watts
120 Volts0.8333 Amps100 Watts


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