Many in the pallet industry would reflexively answer four.

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That"s due to the fact that 48x48 drum pallets can quickly hold four 55 gallon north without hanging over.Everything from corrosive chemicals to the life ingredients supplied in the food we eat move in 55 gallon drums. So, it have to come as no surprise that the 48x48 north pallet is the 2nd most renowned pallet dimension in the US. Popular? Yes. The just solution? much from it.

Drum pallets favor this plastic CP9 deserve to transport diesel because that the petroleum industry, glycerin because that pharmaceutical manufacturers, chicken soup because that food processors and also so lot more.
​Pallet Sizes because that 55 Gallon DrumsIt doesn"t issue if her drums are holding orange juice concentration or automotive lubricants, measurements matter. Make sure you"re paying attention to those outside dimensions. Also, there"s a good chance there will certainly be spills. Choose easy-to-clean plastic north pallets for lengthy life in this sizes:48x48 Plastic north PalletSpecifically designed to hold 4 55-gallon drums without overhang. Available with optional perimeter tabs to assist prevent north from shifting.48x45 north PalletInterrupted lips dotted along the perimeter that this plastic pallet contain four 55-gallon drums and allowshippers come double-stack pallets.48x40 3-Drum PalletWhen her storage or transport an are requirements dictate her pallet size, 48x40 plastic pallets have the right to handle three 55-gallon drums.Barrels and also Other north SizesSo far we have actually only talked about 55 gallon drums, yet many size exist. There space 30 gallon wood barrels provided for warehousing beers and also spirits. Alcohol fermented and also aged in stainless steel drums incorporate 16 and also 25 gallon sizes in addition to 55 gallons. No matter what dimension barrel or north you use, there space pallets capable of storing, stacking and transporting your certain drum size. There room even opportunities to swap her barrel racks for pallets to conserve storage space.And, finally, a tiny schooling. Did you recognize that the 55-gallon drum we recognize so fine in the united state is actually called a 44-gallon drum in other parts of the world. Why the difference? The drum is actually 200 liters in size. A us conversion ring to 55 gallons, however the switch to royal gallons (used in places like the UK and also Canada) makes it 44 gallons. Precise capacities have the right to vary relying on construction. Interesting, right?Need aid figuring the end the best plastic pallet for your drums? Tell us around your product and drum storage below or gain in touch.Post by:Mike Cunneen, manager of Sales & Marketing

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