Congratulations! You have actually now caught and also dressed your deer, providing you delicious wild to enjoy. It's the perfect method to end your expedition, as you'll have the chance to prepare and also serve the meat, a showcase the your hard work top top the field! A straightforward and easy means to serve venison is as a sausage style. It's perfect for a camping-themed party! but how to cook deer sausage?

I recognize how challenging it might be because that those that aren't herbal cooks. That's why I'll be showing you exactly how to chef deer sausage for your next celebration v loved ones.

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Before i teach you just how to cook deer sausage, the imperative component is acquiring enough deer meat and also butchering cuts suitable for making sausages.

1. Mix the sugar, mustard feet, salt, pepper, and also garlic powder v the meats. Add it come the grinder as soon as the ingredients are an unified well. Grind whatever well.

2. Ar the ground meat in a mechanically sausage stuffer, ensuring that you have pushed out all air the end of that so over there won't be any type of air pockets in the sausage.

3. Fill the pork casing v the ground meat mixture. Once every little thing is filled, fold and also pinch the facility of her sausages in half. Pinch and also twist them right into sausage web links two at a time. Pull the leg of the sausage v the center whenever you do it twist.

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Here's an excellent video teaching you how to make deer sausages:

There room a ton of means where girlfriend can cook deer sausages. I'll be to teach you 2 of the most basic recipes.


1. Half-fill a huge saucepan with water. Heat it end medium-high warm and allow it to walk to a low boil. Take keep in mind that the saucepan should fit all the sausages you setup on cooking.

2. Pierce the sausage casings three to 4 times through a toothpick to protect against it from bursting if cooking.

3. Location the sausages in the water gently, then change the warmth so the water remains at a tenderness simmer. Do not let that boil, together this would have actually the sausages overcook and also toughen that up.

4. Allow the sausages simmer for approximately six come ten minutes. The size of time depends on just how thick your sausages are. A much more accurate means to recognize when your sausages room cooked is once your kitchen thermometer (when inserted into the sausage) mirrors an interior temperature that 160 degrees F.

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5. Once the sausages are cooked, drain it. You have actually the an option to one of two people grill, fry, or broil the links quickly, till the casings have browned. Friend can also opt to package the sausages and place that in the fridge, food preparation it at a later time.

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Deer Sausage and also Onions

If you want something quick and easy, then ns recommend this recipe. The sweetness of the onions and savory flavors of the sausage burst, many thanks to white wine and also olive oil!


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