Beer is a renowned alcoholic beverage, yet not anyone knows whether it go expire or exactly how long go beer last.

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Those room pretty vital facts about beer and if you periodically store beer because that an extended period of time, it’s good to understand whether drinking it is safe. This write-up will offer you every the information about beer you need.

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How long does beer last?

Basically, the answer come this question depends top top the sort of beer. Regular beers (with pretty low alcohol content), as long as the bottle or deserve to is unopened, can last in ~ least half a year. And also when I write “can last”, I mean they’ll taste fine after opening, noted they to be stored properly.

Some vintage beers (ales, lambics or stouts) have actually high alcohol content and they are made to critical a couple of years. In fact, producer of those beers often recommend the they need to be stored for at least a year or two prior to opening. The should enable the beer come age and get its identified taste.

Once the beer is opened, it should be drunk in ~ a day or two. After the time, in most cases it’ll be fine, however its taste will be far from what you’ve meant (it’ll it is in flat). That method that there’s no sense in save beer after opening – after 2 days it’ll taste stale and you’ll probably discard it one of two people way. Of course if you want to store it in the refrigerator for one hour or two, that’s fine.

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Few things around storing beer. An initial thing you should remember is the beer doesn’t like light. Exposure to light renders beer become skunky (you probably know that skunky taste, that’s why it’s often called “skunked beer”).

To mitigate the influence of light, beer is frequently sold in dark bottles, which get rid of some of the light (dark brown bottles defend beer better than environment-friendly bottles). Nevertheless, if her beer is in a bottle, you need to store that in a location where sunshine can’t with it. If it’s in a can or a keg, it’s for sure from light.

Another point to remember – save beer in a cool place, choose in the pantry. When it’s opened and you want to save it for a short period of time, placed it into the fridge.

Does beer expire? just how to phone call if beer is bad?

Answering the concern whether beer go expire or no is fairly difficult. Every beer has an expiration date, or a “Best By” date, etc. In most cases that doesn’t mean that ~ that date beer will be spoiled (meaning consuming it will certainly make friend sick), yet it’s one indication of how long the beer need to be of ideal quality. After that time the quality could drop and also it’ll just be flat.

There is one exemption from this rule – unpasteurised beer. Part companies select to no pasteurize your beer (some world state that beer merely tastes better that way) and those beers typically expire within a pair of weeks. If your beer isn’t pasteurized and it’s ~ the expiration date, it can still it is in good, but in many instances it’ll be simply spoiled.

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Spotting a spoiled beer is pretty easy. You simply need to research its looks, smell and taste. If over there is a major change in color or beer’s odor, or the tastes horribly (don’t confuse horribly with level or skunky) discard it. If not, feel totally free to drink it, if that satisfies your taste buds.

If it was stored because that a very long time, it can not taste that good and you’ll more than likely throw it away either way.

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SummaryAs you have the right to see, the answer to the key question is affirmative, beer deserve to go bad. If it’s a pasteurized beer, the happens extremely rarely, however it might happen. Save beer for an extended duration of time, however, isn’t helpful to the beer and also if it’s a typical lager, it’s much better to consume it prior to the “Use By” date.