Last minute flight deals from new York to Paris

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never too late to book a trip. This is our choose of the finest last minute flights.

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Direct flights from new York come Paris

Want to fly non-stop to Paris? We’ll aid you discover your appropriate route.


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Hotel Saint-Pétersbourg Opéra & Spa

COVID-19 travel restrictions are transforming fast, yet we're here to assist you discover the advice you need. Examine our live web page on travel constraints to check out if you have the right to travel from new York to Paris, and if you'll need to quarantine on arrival.
There room 4 airports in Paris: Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly, Paris Beauvais, and Paris Le Bourget.
The best price uncovered on because that a flight from new York to Paris is $340. This was uncovered by aggregating across different carriers and also is the cheapest price because that the entirety month.

Cheap flight & Ticket information from NYC come Paris

Average trip TimeDeparture AirportDestination AirportDirect AirlineMinimum Round-Trip Ticket Price*
7 hours, 20 min
JFK international Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Newark Liberty global Airport
Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris Orly Airport
Air Canada, waiting Europa, air France, Alitalia, American Airlines, Austrian Airlines, brother Airways, Brussels Airlines, Delta, eurowings, Iberia, LEVEL, Norwegian, Primera Air, United, WOW air, XL prayer France

Cheap Flights native NYC come Paris


Flight Frequency

Average trip Price*

Ticket Search

Primera Air

7 work a week




7 job a week




7 days a week




7 job a week



*Round Trip flight prices were discovered at time of posting and are topic to change. Be certain to execute a flight search to check most recent prices.

The plot for hundreds of Hollywood movies, the base because that the multi-billion dollar brand-new York share Exchange and wall Street complexes, and home to very influential times Square, NYC is the quintessential American city, a ar where 20 million world live and also work, and also where practically triple this lot visit every year.

Over 3,636 miles across the Atlantic is the nation that readily available the gift the Lady Liberty come the unified States, which has actually been standing turn off the waters of new York harbor for virtually 120 years. The destination and capital the France is revered because that its romantic sights, premiere fashion, and iconic cultural monuments. Non-stop flights from new York come Paris can be booked with wait France, American Airlines, brothers Airways, Delta wait Lines, Iberia Airlines, and Alitalia.

Best Time To publication From brand-new York to Paris

The finest time to book your flight can depend on both prices and popularity because that a certain route. You will most likely want to grab the lowest trip prices, and travel throughout the offseason when it is not too crowded. This said, has actually checked its historical data to offer you some insights on the ideal time to publication from new York to Paris.

Prices for airline tickets usually rely on demand and supply for a certain route. In this case, the cheapest month to travel from new York come Paris is in January . Tickets deserve to be even an ext accessible if your trip departs top top a Sunday, the cheapest work of the week to travel.

On the various other note, if girlfriend are looking for the many quiet time to travel this route, it would be ideal to stop September, the most well-known month because that travel, and also book your trip in February. Once you drill down to the actual week, you should avoid famous Friday and also travel on a Saturday, especially to prevent the crowd.

Getting to and also out that JFK International

Referred to as Idle wild Airport until 1963, brand-new York’s john F. Kennedy International is a chief flight hub and also operating base for multiple carriers, at this time JetBlue, American, and Delta air Lines.

In mix with Newark Liberty in new Jersey and also local LaGuardia on the north next of Queens, JFK constitutes the biggest airport system for complete flights, second for yearly passenger traffic (53 million flew to and from that is 128 gates in 2014). Drinking fountains, pets relief areas, and dozens of shops and also restaurants are available on-site because that visitors.

Party in Paris

The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, red wine, and cheese room what plenty of people picture when Paris pertains to mind. When the City of lamp is indeed renowned for these attractions, there is much an ext to it than meets the eye.

The Arc De Triomphe is just one of the city’s most treasured landmarks, as space the Champs Elysees, Latin Quarter, Jardin Du Luxembourg, Montemarte, Notre Dame, and also Sainte Chapelle. Old-world cathedrals, charm, and contemporary sophistication come with each other in this exotic French destination.

You will certainly never have the ability to see all of “Paname” in a solitary trip, however you deserve to make the many of her time over there by booking cheap flights from brand-new York to Paris v’s intellisearch engine.

Flights from NYC come Paris: generally Asked Questions

When is the the best time to take trip from NYC to Paris?

Paris has a soft climate with warm summers, it will be cold winters with temperatures slightly above freezing, and also some rainfall. Both periods are an excellent times to visit as they deserve to be pleasant alternatives to the hot, muggy summers and also freezing, snowy winters of NYC. The weather that spring and also autumn in Paris often tends to be an ext unpredictable with considerably hot or cold days and also sudden rainstorms, for this reason be certain to pack a variety of layers as soon as visiting during these seasons.

What is the exchange rate as soon as traveling from NYC come Paris?

The exchange rate between NYC and also Paris varieties from 0.9 come 0.8 USD come 1 Euro.

How much is a roundtrip vs direct flight from NYC come Paris?

A round trip from NYC come Paris is generally about $400 USD. A one-way flight can be approximately $200 USD in ~ the cheapest.

Can alarm me as soon as a cheap trip from NYC to Paris is found?

Sign up for's price alerts to receive notice of the ideal deals on flights together they happen. We'll scour the web for the cheapest prices and also let you understand the moment prices drop so you'll never miss out on a bargain again.

What space some other tips for finding cheap flight deals?

Check out the overview to detect a last-minute deal for ours curated advice on just how to discover cheap trip deals in the age of the low-budget airline.

Do you require a passport as soon as flying indigenous NYC to Paris?

Anyone traveling from NYC come Paris will require a passport. American citizens perform not require a visa, however citizens of other nations may need one.

How plenty of estimated miles have the right to you collect on flights from NYC come Paris?

If you space taking a one-way trip, intend to collect approximately 3,635 miles. A ring trip can expect to create a chuck 7,270 miles.

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Where have the right to I uncover a hotel because that my continue to be in Paris?

After you've booked your flight, usage's hotel search to look because that hotels in Paris. Our find tool lets you filter results based on price, amenities, and also other criteria. Watch photos and also read evaluate to find the perfect accommodation for your pilgrimage to Paris.