A franchise that has actually spanned virtually 20 years, Halo has seen lot of of first-person-shooter campaigns.

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A franchise that has actually spanned practically 20 years, Halo has viewed plenty of first-person shooter campaigns, in addition to a couple of real-time-strategy and twin-stick shooters. The length of first-person shooter campaigns has been relatively consistent due to the fact that the release of the first Halo title but there is still some variation in length.

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Every Halo game is included in this list except for the remaster of Halo: Combat Evolved because it"s the same length as the initial and Halo: The grasp Chief Collection because putting six campaigns into a single game makes it long, unsurprisingly.

Updated April 27, 2021, by Thomas Bowen: The Halo collection is not one that"s renowned for its long campaigns, instead focusing on quality over quantity. In fact, plenty of of the series" entries space surprisingly short, particularly when contrasted to several of the projects found in other FPS titles. The said, Halo boundless seems to be shaping approximately be the largest Halo game to date and also so that is entirely feasible that future series installments may well be much longer than your predecessors relocating forward. With no for sure release date for Halo unlimited just yet though, collection fans will have to wait a tiny longer to discover out.

13 Halo recruit (5 Minutes)

Halo Recruit
Halo Recruit is an ext of a tech demo than it is a game, yet that"s not to say that it isn"t still exceptionally enjoyable. Those who ever uncovered themselves wondering what the future of the Halo collection might at some point look like require now only strap on their headsets to discover out.

Although minimal in scope, the video game does a good job of utilizing the an innovation and packs quite a couple of characters right into its five-minute runtime. The combat test, i m sorry serves together the mass of the experience, is pretty basic, but it works surprisingly well. The consists of a target count, along with its fast pacing, provides it quite replayable too.

Halo: Fireteam Raven
Halo: Fireteam Raven is a co-op arcade game that to be released solely in Dave & Buster"s in mid-2018. Developed by both 343 Industries and also Play Mechanix, the video game uses light firearms for that combat and supports up to four players.

Although for the most component the gameplay is not as well dissimilar to various other light pistol arcade games, the title does feature one or two distinct elements. The most enjoyable of these is maybe switching between boots ~ above the soil combat to manning a vehicle"s turret, which wake up multiple time throughout the campaign"s six stages.

The twin-stick shooter designed for home windows Phones is great short trip into Halo lore offering some earlier story to Commander buy it Palmer from Halo 4. The game eventually pertained to Xbox 360, Xbox One, and even iOS.

The game functions score challenges, skulls, and difficulties for every the levels, giving plenty of replayability after ~ the four hours it takes to gain through the very first go around. Sometimes dismissed for not being a "true" Halo game, this cheap small adventure is still precious playing.

The mobile-exclusive follow-up to Halo: Spartan Assault, Halo: Spartan Strike takes the foundation laid and improves ~ above it, make for terrific twin-stick shooter. The video game clocks in at five and a fifty percent hours, slightly much longer than the first one yet still shorter than the majority of other Halo games.

The best downfall for this video game is the it never ever received a console release, limiting the number of people who can experience the game, because many human being don"t want to play gamings on mobile devices.

The only Halo game to function a main character that wasn"t a Spartan, Halo 3: ODST is a strange noir-style story, complying with the rookie together he explores the city to discover what happened to the rest of the squad and uncover the ONI secrets contained in the city.

regardless of having "open-world" sections in between levels, the video game still clocks in at just seven hrs long, simply slightly much shorter than the other Halo games, yet not through much. While play as an ODST didn"t feeling too different from a Spartan, it was still a different and also interesting suffer for the series.

The second real-time strategy game in the Halo series, Halo battles 2 features a project of similar length come the main gamings in the series. It may not appeal to pan of the mainline Halo games due to its vastly various style, but those interested in the series" rich lore will find a lot of to like here.

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Both Halo Wars games feature an ext extensive looks into the universe and give depth dives into the lore. It functions well as a strategy video game for console football player and brand-new players to the genre but lacks the depth that fans that the genre would intend from a modern release.

The recent main collection entry and also the just one throughout the Xbox One generation as well as the Halo: The grasp Chief Collection. The video game was through no method bad yet continued the series down a route started by Halo 4 that ultimately was taken into consideration not true come the franchise, a ide that is complicated as video games together a whole evolve.

Unlike some of the various other mainline Halo titles, the game functions two main characters in understand Chief and Locke. The majority of the video game is spent playing together Locke, though, together he and his formation attempt come track under the AWOL understand Chief and company.

Halo 4 is the very first original Halo game produced by 343 Studios after Bungie left Microsoft to job-related on other projects and is by much the most various of the games. Replacing the flood as the alternate enemy with the Prometheans made for reasonably different gameplay sections, with Promethean enemies feeling really bland.

The game additionally starts the Cortana walk insane story as A.I. Just lasts therefore long, a storyline that might not ever be concluded through the upcoming Halo Infinite looking much more like a reboot than a sequel. Hopefully, fans won"t need to wait too much longer to discover out.

The final Bungie developed Halo game, Halo: Reach tells the story the the world Reach falling before the events of the initial game. Regardless of it being around the damage of whole planet, the campaign tells a smaller scale story about the action of the Noble team with the eye of the newest member Noble Six.

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The game follows their smaller operations with the backdrop of planet-sized war. The video game gives some lore come the beginnings of characters and technology that impact the remainder of the series while informing a tragic tale around loss.

more pre-Halo: Combat Evolved stories, Halo Wars follows the heart of Fire together it attempts to stop an ancient fleet the ships indigenous falling into covenant hands. Favor its successor, the video game is a real-time-strategy video game on the lighter side, meant an ext for fans of the shooter than fans of the RTS genre.

The game is relatively short however does give added universe lore if doing its best to portray full-scale armies fighting. Series fans may be far better off skipping this one for the sequel together the latter is superior in just about every way, return both have to be quite enjoyable for RTS enthusiasts.

the takes about nine hrs to complete the fight and also conclude the, currently original, Halo trilogy. After return to earth to safeguard it indigenous the agreement invasion, master Chief and the whole UNSC armada, together with the Elites, need to travel come the Ark.

below the Covenant can activate all of the Halo rings and destroy every life in the universe. The video game is a roller coaster of action from start to end and gives a ideal conclusion come the story.

Perhaps ideal known because that its digital multiplayer, the Halo 2 campaign is splendid all on its own and also pretty prolonged as well. The video game tells the story of no only exactly how the grasp Chief bring away down 2 of the prophets, but also how the Elites increase up versus the agreement after the Brutes replace them.

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The project features the Arbiter as a playable personality are few of the campaign missions, informing the story from two various sides. It also features the top "giving the Covenant ago their bomb" cutscene.

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It probably makes sense that the one video game in the collection without an digital multiplayer mode (but a good local multiplayer all the same) has actually the longest campaign, if only by a little. Coming in at ten hrs it is tho a fairly short experience, however boy is the an enjoyable one.

The video game that transformed console first-person-shooters and put the Xbox on the map appropriate from its an extremely launch, Halo is responsible for lot of the shooter see for many years to come. The game solidified the master Chief as an unstoppable force and gave the true suffer of a super-soldier.

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Other games Can discover from Kena: bridge of Spirits" picture Mode playstation console to exclude, Kena: bridge of soul is out now and it brings v it a fairly impressive Photo setting that other games can discover from.