Version 1.0 of Minecraft included baby animals and breeding. So currently I"ve begun animal husbandry, and I"m off to a good start, I"m just growing impatient with a few of them. Specifically, they won"t prosper up.

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How long will it take it my calves, chicks, and piglets to grow up into completely murder-able cows, chickens and also pigs?

On a connected note, how long execute I have to wait after breeding a pair of animals before I deserve to breed castle again?


From the wiki Breeding/Baby animals

Baby animals grow into complete sized animals after twenty minutes, sooner or later in video game time.



20 minutes, or one game day. For this reason from dawn until the next dawn (unless you sleep despite the night in which case it will be two full daytimes). You can breed an animal once per video game day.



Update together of release 1.8: Baby pets grow into full sized pets after twenty minutes (one video game day, bed notwithstanding). Their expansion can gradually be accelerated using the animal"s breeding item, where each use takes 10% turn off the remaining time to flourish up.

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There space a few variations:

Sheep deserve to grow faster if castle eat grass.For dog (tamed wolves), the puppy walk not acquire its full health immediately (even as soon as it grow to complete size), but must be fed to rise its HP.Foals (baby horses) deserve to be fed to speed their growth.

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