Considered a super food, spinach is just one of Mvarious other Nature’s blessing to human beings and animals achoose. As you are enjoying these dark leafy greens, ask yourself, “exactly how long does spinach last?”

Packed through vitamins and also minerals, this dark, leafy green vegetable can pass off as food for the gods.

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Did you recognize that a tiny serving provides you through iron, vitamins C, K, A, B6, folic acid, manganese, potassium and also is likewise low in calories?

All these vitamins and minerals nourish the body in plenty of methods.

Like all vegetables, spinach has a reasonably short shelf life. This is specifically the situation when it is raw and fresh. Its freshness can easily deterioprice under negative storage problems.

Here is just how it lasts under different problems.

How Long Does Spinach Last (In The Fridge)? 

Spinach, in whatever before state, deserve to store well in the refrigerator.

When refrigerating:

Avoid washing fresh, raw spinach. Only wash prior to eating. You have the right to wipe off mud or any visible dirt via a dry towel.Cut off any type of wilted leaves and stalk to proccasion the entire bunch from rotting.Use plastic bags, seal-able plastic containers, paper towels or heavy duty cling film. Paper towels are excellent for taking in any kind of moisture, which have the right to hasten spoilage.Lay the leaves on optimal of each other without cramming up the leaves. Wrap or seal them tightly to prevent dry air from penetrating through.A good trick to maintain freshness is to area slices of bread in in between the layers of leaves. The bcheck out absorbs any kind of moisture hence prolonging the shelf life.

When stored this method, raw leaves will keep for 7 – 10 days while fresh.

How Long Does Cooked Spinach Last? 

Cooked spinach leaves should not be mixed via other items. They quickly pick up odor and deserve to reason cross-contamicountry.

Store cooked leaves in Ziploc bags or airtight containers to retain original state as much as feasible.Store in the crisper drawer.

When well refrigerated, cooked spinach will last approximately 4 days.

How Long Does Spinach Last Out Of The Fridge? (Raw and Cooked)

For both raw and also cooked spinach, only rerelocate them out of the fridge if you plan on utilizing within a couple of hours.

On the other hand also, freshly bought leaves can sit out at room temperature for 1 day.

How To Prolong The Shelf Life Of Spinach


An effective way of freezing spinach is by blanching them first.

You have the right to freeze both whole leaves and also spinach puree.

When blanching totality leaves, carry out the following:

Clean and also sort the leaves well.Dip the vegetables in boiling water for about 2 minutes.Immerse them in ice cold water to alleviate further food preparation. This offers the spinach a crunchy, vibrant texture even after freezing.Pat the leaves dry after dipping in ice cold water.Portion the leaves in small batches that you have the right to usage once to prevent re-freezing.Store in hefty duty airtight bags. Squeeze out excess air before sealing to proccasion freeze burns.
How to freeze spinach

When well frozen, the leaves save well for 8 – 10 months.

When freezing spinach puree, execute the following:

Wash the leaves well.Add a little amount of liquid such as water or stock to facilitate the pureeing procedure. You can usage a blender or food processor.Blend into preferred puree consistency.Portion the puree into individual bags. Additionally, location on ice tray molds.Freeze until hardened.Transfer right into airtight Ziploc bags.Label well.

Pureed spinach is wonderful in smoothies, provided in baby foods items or included to various other meals altogether.

Well frozen spinach puree keeps well for 10 – 12 months.


Anvarious other excellent method of increasing the shelf life of spinach is to juice it. The juice have the right to then be frozen for future use.

Spinach juice is best stored as ice cubes. This permits you to rerelocate little sections at a time.

Freezing the juice at the best temperature also helps to retain nutrients.

Well frozen juice will still offer you equivalent nutritive content as fresh leaves.

How Best To Use And Handle Spinach For Optimal Nutritive Benefits

Poor dealing with of vegetables is a significant reason of nutrient loss as well as spoilage.

Vegetables are highly sensitive food items and need to be handled with care.

It is advisable to consume vegetables as quickly as you have bought or harvested. The longer they remain, the more they lose nutrients.

Spinach is one such vegetable. In order to attain all the vitamins and also minerals from this dark, leafy vegetable, additional caution have to be exercised throughout storage.

These straightforward steps come in handy:

Minimal food preparation. Prolonged food preparation will certainly strip the vegetable off its nutrients.When added to other ingredients during food preparation, add it in the last step to maintain the green color and also nutrients also.Wash thoapproximately prior to food preparation or eating. Wash in running water to remove any kind of clogged dirt or worms. Moisture will certainly hasten spoilage and facilitate mold growth.Look out for stuck worms in the stalk or leaves. Such pests will cause rotting.When cooking, seaboy it simply before serving. Salt can sexpedition nutrients and also dry it out.Avoid chopping the leaves finely. If you have to chop, encertain you roughly chop them to retain juices and also nutrients.Avoid including liquids such as water as this will dilute the flavor and absorb nutrients.

How Do You Know If Spinach Is Bad?

What does poor spinach look like? Here are simple methods to spot one:

Change in color – Fresh leaves have deep green and also vivid shade. When expiration sets in, the leaves deserve to end up being yellow or brvery own with dark spots. This provides them unpalatable. Use such leaves as comarticle.Shriveled leaves – When picking, look for firm, compact leaves. Shriveled leaves through torn, cramped edges is an indication of expiration and also such spinach will certainly not last long.Slimy or sticky leaves – When using baby spinach, slimy leaves is a sign of spoilage and also they have to be discarded.Holes in leaves – Old, overcontinued to be spinach will have actually holes in the leaves.What happens if you eat old spinach? Can old spinach make you sick?

Consuming old, overstayed spinach or any kind of various other vegetable poses a health risk. This is because of bacteria growth prevalent in such items.

You danger food poisoning. Besides, such leaves are unappealing, not to point out unpalatable (yikes)!

In as a lot as it is not safe to consume old leafy greens, don’t dispose them simply yet! Add them to your comshort article.

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Leafy greens deteriorate conveniently. Ideal storage not only mitigates nutrient loss, it exhas a tendency the shelf life immensely. Knowing how lengthy spinach lasts under different problems is essential: It enables you to plan and also make the many out of it to reduce food wastage.