Chimichurri is a simple Argentinian sauce v fresh, bolder flavor, the pairs specifically well v meats favor beef and chicken. The takes much less than 10 minute to make!

If you’re a pan of bold flavors, Chimichurri sauce is among the finest foods the end there.

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I fell in love with it in my early on 20s after trying it in ~ a restaurant, and it has actually been a favourite of mine to make on steak night.

I’ll eat the with any sort the seared steak or grilled item of beef, however it is especially traditional with cuts choose skirt or flank.

What really make chimichurri light in my eyes is the fresh oregano leaves. I so hardly ever see fresh oregano used in cooking outside of Greek dishes, and also it really renders the flavor of the chimichurri unique. Make certain not to substitute dried oregano!

How to do Chimichurri:

In a tiny food processor, incorporate flat-leaf parsley, fresh oregano leaves, garlic, red pepper flakes, and also salt:


Pulse the ingredients together to chop well, taking treatment not to puree the mixture and also break that down as well much:


Transfer the herbs come a bowl, then add a great-quality extra virgin olive oil:


If you’re wondering why we mix this part in a bowl rather of in the food processor, it’s to store the chimichurri from getting cloudy.

But it’s purely aesthetic, for this reason if you discover it easier, you have the right to pulse in the food processor.

Then include a high-quality red wine vinegar:


Mix the all with each other to combine:


I like my chimichurri a bit hefty on the olive oil therefore it’s more of a dressing 보다 something with a special pesto-like consistency, however I have a range that i specify in the recipe, for this reason you can make that to her liking.

You can always add an ext olive oil together needed, come suit her preference.


Once the chimichurri is done, keep it in the fridge till you’re prepared to serve. I recommend pairing the withsteakor also a whole roastedSpatchcock Chicken. Enjoy!

Can you make Chimichurri front of time? It’s finest made at the very least a few hours ahead, to permit the flavors to meld. Feel complimentary to make it a work or two ahead.

How long does Chimichurri keep? as much as 2 main in the refrigerator.

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Can you frozen chimichurri? ns don’t recommend it. The herbs will go dark and not have as quite of a flavor.