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Adding a Nutribullet to her kitchen deserve to be a permanent investment. This compact, long lasting blender will continue to do as lengthy as you give it the care it needs. But just how long does it last? We’ve researched the longevity that the Nutribullet to give you the answer.

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Nutribullet blenders are guaranteed for 1 year the performance. However, your Nutribullet can last fine over 5 year given proper use and care.

Keep reading, and also we’ll call you just how to properly take care of your Nutribullet to save it mix like new for year to come.

Can The Nutribullet Overheat?

Each that Nutribullet’s an individual blenders is equipped with a an effective motor for fast-action blending. Since the spinning extractor tongue is therefore efficient, you require only operation the blender for 20-40 seconds. The motor deserve to overheat if that runs because that longer.

If you need to blend something for longer than 60 seconds, stop the blender to offer the engine a rest, and then resume blending because that no longer than 60 secs at a time. Overheating the motor have the right to permanently damage your Nutribullet. Ensuring the the Nutribullet’s motor stays cool is a great way to prolong the life the the blender.

My Nutribullet’s Motor stopped Working, now What?

If the motor fails mid-blend, inspect to view that jammed food is not staying clear of the blade from spinning. If the blade have the right to spin freely, that is likely the motor has actually overheated.

Unplug the base, and allow the Nutribullet at the very least 1 hour or longer to cool down. An interior thermal breaker in the motor need to reset when the base is unplugged.

If the engine still go not work after girlfriend plug in and restart the blender, contact Nutribullet client support for additional instructions.

Do all Nutribullet Blenders have The same Motor?

Nutribullet equips every personal blender v a motor an effective enough to manage the maximum capacity cup within seconds. Due to the fact that cups differ slightly in size and also some blenders feature speed settings, the wattage the the electric motors for personal blenders ranges from 600 to 1,700 watts.

Here is the failure of Nutribullet personal blender motor sizes:

Nutribullet: 600-watt/24-oz cup.Nutribullet PRO: 900-watt/32-oz. Cup.Nutribullet pro Exclusive: 900-watt/32-oz. Cup.Nutribullet pro 1000: 1000-watt/32-oz. Cup.Nutribullet Select: 1000-watt/32-oz. Cup.Nutribullet Balance: 1,200-watt/32-oz. Cup.Nutribullet Rx: 1,700-watt/45-oz. Cup.

Regardless of the motor, you have to never have to run your Nutribullet for much longer than 60 secs at a time. Refer to the instruction hand-operated for your Nutribullet for particular recommendations to protect against the engine from overheating.

For sizing under to single-serve portions, one of two people the Magic bullet or Mini Bullet might be the right blender for you.

Magic Bullet: 200-watt/16-oz. Cup.Mini Bullet: 250-watt/18-oz. Cup.


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If you have to make a bigger batch, Nutribullet also makes a full-size blender through a 1,200-watt motor and also 64-oz cup capacity. You will still gain all the convenience that the Nutribullet, including multiple serving size options.


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How perform You Deep Clean A Nutribullet?

It’s straightforward to give your Nutribullet a deep clean in order to remove stuck-on foods. First, fill the cup with warm water and also dish detergent. Allow the cup soak for approximately 20-minutes to ease hardened food.

Then, rinse the tongue with heat water, and also scrub the cup and also blade v a medium-bristled scrub brush. Be mindful when scrubbing near the blade due to the fact that it is sharp. Finally, wash with warmth water and let the cup and blade waiting dry.

For a visual walkthrough, inspect out this video clip tutorial:

Blend Clean to Skip The Soak

Here is a tip to expedite the soaking process. Fill the cup with heat water and also dish detergent. Next, affix the blade to the cup and place that onto the Nutribullet’s base.

Pulse the soapy water in the cup because that 5 to 10 secs at a time. A quick blend will certainly loosen hardened food. Remove from the base, and now you have the right to proceed with a deep clean scrub.

How come Clean The Base

Do not forget the base once cleaning your Nutribullet. Never submerge the basic in water. Just wipe the inside and outside the the base with a dampened sponge or cloth.

For a deep clean, scrub the base using a toothbrush and also sudsy water. Wipe overabundance suds with a cloth and let wait dry.

How often Should You replace The blade Of The Nutribullet?

Because the tongue can end up being dull over time, Nutribullet recommends instead of the blade every 6 months. Replacement knives come pre-assembled through the blade, threaded plastic housing, and gasket.

The tongue housing attributes a deep-seated gasket that avoids liquids native leaking out in between the blade and the cup. This gasket deserve to wear in time to become distorted or cracked. The only means to change the gasket is to replace the blade, so including a brand-new blade every six-months will certainly ensure the your Nutribullet does not develop a leak.

Nutribullet provides three tongue types:

Extractor blade: four-pronged for blending, crushing, and purée.Milling blade: two-pronged because that grinding.Flat blade: two-pronged because that grinding.


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How To maintain The Blade and Gasket

To store the tongue in great working order, you have to hand wash the blade after every use. Perform not remove the gasket to clean. Tenderness scrub the blade with gasket undamaged using a medium-bristled scrub brush with warm soapy water. It is in careful because the blade is sharp. Rinse and let wait dry.

Do not placed the tongue in the dishwasher because the high heat have the right to warp the plastic housing and also damage the gasket.

For a deep clean, submerge the blade through gasket intact into a equipment of either warmth water and dish detergent or 1:1 warmth water and white vinegar. Enable it come soak for about 20 minutes. Scrub clean, then rinse. Let air dry.

Does Nutribullet have A life time Warranty?

Nutribullet offers customers v a one-year warranty on new blenders. The vouch covers typical wear for domestic use, and also it enables the customer to either repair or change a defective blender. You should use her Nutribullet blender according to the guidelines found in the instruction hand-operated to not void the one-year warranty.

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To register your Nutribullet, you will need to administer your name and also contact information in addition to the acquisition date and also the serial number of your blender. Discover the serial number either on the warranty map (included v your new Nutribullet) or ~ above the bottom of the Nutribullet’s base. Complete the vouch registration online by clicking here.

Now you know how to keep your Nutribullet blending for years. Inspect out our blog for more tips on taking care of your kitchen equipment: