If friend hit a tennis ball into the bushes and also then uncover it a year later, you understand it will not bounce really well. It’s probably going come look pretty various too.

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Air (pressure) has gone out of the balls end time. They will likewise be exposed come the effect of weathering. This is as soon as they become damaged and discolored as result of long exposure to the atmosphere.

But what about if the ball deserve to remain unopened or maybe opened yet not played with?

Tennis balls carry out expire. If they are opened and just remain in the can, they will still shed pressure. Even if maintained in a sealed can, they will certainly not maintain their quality forever. Balls in sealed, pressurized cans are pertained to as having a shelf life of roughly 2 years.

There are a couple of things you have the right to do to increase the longevity of tennis balls. I will certainly be sharing one means you deserve to do so later on.

In this article I will certainly be covering:

How long tennis balls will stay great for as soon as the have the right to is openedWhether unopened tennis balls can last foreverWhether the bounce of one expired tennis ball deserve to be restored

Read on!

How long Do Tennis Balls last Opened?


So, girlfriend now know that balls will always last much longer when maintained in a sealed can. Yet is there a way to recovery the ball once it has lost the bounce?

As the today, the is not possible to revive tennis balls in the same method you perform football or rugby balls. You cannot simply pump the with much more pressure.

The main reason tennis balls don’t have a hole for reinflating is that it would create an imbalance in the ball. It would thus cause the sphere to behave differently when in flight. It would likely reason the round to wobble once in the air.

It’s likewise important to note that push is no the only vital quality in a tennis ball. Also if it were possible to repressurize the balls, the not feasible to fix damaged felt.

The material damage affects the bounce of the ball as the shape is contempt different.

Some commodities are design to keep the bounce of the ball for longer.

One example is the Gamma recreation Tennis sphere Pressurizer (Amazon).

The Gamma Pressurizer shop the balls at 14psi. This is the same press level as inside the tennis balls once new.

It would be wrong to say that assets like this enable the sphere to organize its bounce forever. That is likewise not true the they can make a flat ball bounce as though it was new.

They deserve to definitely aid maintain the push for longer by protecting the balls from exposure come the atmosphere.

I have actually not personally used any pressurizer products. Together a coach, I have thousands of balls, and also it would certainly take too long to put them every in individually.

However, ns do understand of a few people that swear by them and go as far regarding say that they make the balls feel brand new.

These products additionally have no factor to consider for felt damage. Lock focus specifically on preserving the pressure and thus the bounce the the ball.

Final Words

With the technology available today, no tennis ball deserve to be made to critical forever. All will ultimately expire.

While over there is a little range of products easily accessible to assist preserve balls, lock are much from mainstream.

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As for me, I like to to buy a brand-new set of balls. Yet what about you? have you tried any kind of of this pressurizer products? did you find it made a difference?

Leave a comment below. I’d love come hear her thoughts.

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