The Lab-Chow is the offspring that the Chow Chow and also the Labrador Retriever parents. This crossbreed is a well-built, stocky, sturdy new breed the relates come the size and also temperament of both that parents. They room muscular dogs through a water-resistant right coat, a vast neck, and a typical thick nose and a large muzzle the ends in a pronounce stop. Their chestnut-shaped eyes and hanging ears add to the expressive glory of your faces. They have actually a strong, thick tail the tapers in the direction of the end, and also are fully covered v hair. Your webbed feet aids in swimming, and have a good bone structure.

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Black laboratory Chow Mix
Chow lab Mix Puppy
Chow laboratory Mix
Chow Lab
Lab Chow Dog Pictures
Lab Chow Dog
Lab Chow Images
Lab Chow Mix Puppies
Lab Chow Mix Puppy
Lab Chow Mix
Lab Chow Pictures
Lab Chow Puppies
Lab Chow Puppy Images
Lab Chow Puppy Photos
Lab Chow Puppy Pictures
Lab Chow Puppy
Lab Chow
Yellow rap Chow Mix

Quick Information/Description

Also known as/NicknameChow-Lab, Chowder, Chabrador, Chowbrador, Chab, Labrachow, Chow Chow / Labrador Retriever Mix
CoatDense, double, water-resistant, wooly
ColorsBlack, Brown, irradiate Brown, Chocolate, Cream, Golden, Fawn, Dark Brown
TypeDesigner dog
Group (of Breed)Crossbreed
Lifespan9 come 12 years
Weight8-18 pounds (full-grown)
Height (size)Large; 18-24 inches (adults)
TemperamentSweet, affectionate, friendly, alert, energetic
Good v ChildrenYes
Good v PetsYes
Country the OriginUSA
Competitive Registration/Qualification InformationDRA

Temperament and Behavior

Because both the parents of this each other have completely different type of behavior characteristics, it is challenging to predict just how the temperament the the rap chow will certainly be. It mostly depends top top which the its parents your puppy will take after. On a general note, this brand-new breed is affectionate and loving, that makes a great companion. They are calm and also sweet-tempered, and are faithful to your owners and also family. They are great with the kids and other pet of the household. However, if they largely go by the gene of your chow chow parents, lock are often wary around strangers and also might not be as well tolerant of other animals. In the case, they likewise have a extremely territorial instinct.

Some lab-chows can display independent behavior, and also might command a life really aloof. Castle are large size dogs and also need an are to live in. Especially, if they space apartment dogs, castle need constant outings. But they love to play, and also often mean that your owners would certainly accompany lock in their games. They also have a tendency to present some guarding behavior, when it concerns guarding your territory, or their family. Thus, lab-chows usually make a good guard dog together well.


This dog is enormous and also it’s apparent that lock are need of a an excellent deal of day-to-day exercise choose all other large breeds. Since of your size, they have to burn under their everyday calories, for which, they must be taken out. Let them companion you for a lengthy walk or a strenuous jogging session, there is no which castle might become destructive and also display elevation behavior.

It is also great for lock if girlfriend would enable them to play openly in an open up space, or if you have a yard. Open up their leash and also see them run about in joy. Participate in various games choose retrieving and fetching. Their potent instinct inherited from their lab retriever parent would surprise you.Grooming lock is additionally dependent upon your coat, regarding which that its parents side your puppy has taken. If your dog is lot up come the laboratory side, it needs comparatively lesser grooming 보다 if it has taken the side of that chow parent. If it has actually taken greatly the side of chow, its thick hair needs continual brushing to avoid its special hair from gaining matted. Choose both the parents, lock are mainly seasonal shedders. However, they have some continuous shedding together well, and weekly grooming would brush turn off the dead hairs. You can bathe them when every one or 2 months, depending upon how dirty her dog has actually been.This each other is a cross, and also has no known health troubles that is details to this breed, or is life-threatening. However, carry out keep one eye for basic dog diseases, and those that room genetic, or did influence your puppy’s parental in particular.


Training this dog is really important. Considering its genetics, you should take the cultivate issue really seriously. They have tendency to go astray easily if girlfriend wouldn’t invest some responsible time to educate them the dog way. As it is, those lab-chows that have taken after their chow parent can end being disruptive and also independent-natured, and lack of proper training could enhance this behavior further more.

Begin socialization, obedience and also housebreaking trainings when your dog is quiet a puppy, soon after you take on it from the breeders, due to the fact that once her dog it s okay older, it will become very complicated to break its old habits. This would ease her job. However, friend can also seek aid from professional trainers. They have to be taught just how to law properly, and also how come show suitable mannerisms to various other pets and dogs. These dogs space attentive and devoted, and hence, shouldn’t take it too lengthy to practice and also profess all the you teach them.


Provide her dog such foodstuffs that room normal to big dogs prefer its parents. The quantity should also be the same, and also this depends upon the lot of energy your large doggie possesses. It is additionally advisable that, you need to not compromise with the top quality of your dog’s food. Choose up foodstuffs that room recommended for dogs of such a size and also levels that energy.

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Interesting Facts

These dogs are also said come be accessible in a rare silver-gray color referred to by the AKC as a the shade of chocolate.Lab-chows love swimming.