Does cottage cheese go bad or not? Obviously, it does, but there are means you can expand the longevity of head cheese. Here is how!


Cottage cheese is a healthy and balanced food the boasts a load of variety.

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There are a bunch that different types of head cheese, make with various milk, fat levels, and also in various ways. Plus, there are lots of flavors.

What’s the bad news?

It’s hard to accurately decide exactly how lengthy your head cheese will last.

But the an excellent news?

Whatever variety of head cheese friend have, you must store it and also check even if it is it’s gone negative in the same way.

More on that later.

TLDR: when opened, your cottage cheese will last 2 weeks in the refrigerator, i beg your pardon is where it have to be stored, whether opened or unopened.

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Help! has My head Cheese gone Bad?


There space a couple of telltale indications your cottage has gone off:

Mold: inspect the tub, as well as the surface of the head cheese. Don’t spoon the mold out and also eat the rest, together mold conveniently permeates through soft cheese.Chunks: Obviously, head cheese is already pretty chunky. What you’re searching for is changes in the consistency from as soon as you very first opened the cheese. The consistency (i.e. Chunkiness) of cottage cheese varies from batch to batch. That means checking because that chunks won’t assist you if you assessing a freshly opened bath tub of cottage cheese.Dryness: If your cottage cheese has turned right into a dried paste, the time for the bin. You can also notice a swimming pool of water top top the surface.Smell: Weird smell? Don’t threat it!Taste: If that looks and also smells good but you’re quiet suspicious, then provide it a taste. Don’t concern – eat a small off cottage cheese is i can not qualify to be harmful. Any changes in taste and also that’s a surefire sign your head cheese should go in the bin.

Now. If your cottage cheese has actually gone a small yellow, it is nothing to worry about. This shade develops in organic cottage cheeses, depending on the time of year and also cows’ diet.

And, together we discussed before, if you bemused through the consistency of some freshly opened up cottage cheese that’s within the best prior to date, nothing stress. The consistency of cottage cheese varies between batches.

Lastly, don’t worry around a little water separation on the surface ar of her cheese. As long as what’s underneath no dry and pasty, you’re great to walk – simply make sure you give it a mix beforehand.

How execute I keep My cottage Cheese?


First points first.

Pop her cottage cheese straight in the frozen refrigerator once you’ve got home native the grocery store store. Avoid the refrigerator door, i m sorry is the warmest component of the fridge susceptible to the most temperature variation.

Temperature alters encourage separation in her cottage cheese, leading to dryness and unwanted clumpiness.

Once you’ve opened up your head cheese, remove the silver paper seal, and also just change the plastic lid.

If you’re figured out to acquire your open up cottage cheese to last weeks, then move to an airtight container to change the aluminum silver paper seal.

Now. Not to sound choose that friend, yet you must avoid double-dipping and only use clean utensils. This will stop bacteria indigenous reaching, and also then farming in, your cottage cheese.

One skilled tip?

If you’re annoyed by the continuous separation of your cottage cheese, shot flattening the surface before you put it ago in your fridge.

You can additionally freeze her cottage cheese, straight in the tub, back the texture might change.

How long Does head Cheese stay Okay For?


Your ideal bet is come go by the days on the tub. The said, unopened cottage cheese will most likely be fine because that 5-10 work after, provided it to be stored correctly at the grocery store store and in your refrigerator.

Once you’ve opened your head cheese, it have to be great in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

But if that’s not long enough, revolve to her freezer. Although the may an outcome in some consistency changes, head cheese will certainly last for as much as 6 months in your freezer

The Verdict

Cottage cheese lasts because that a mainly or so once open in your fridge.

If you’re unsure, look because that mold all over in or on the tub.

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If you find even a speck, chuck your cottage cheese straight in the trash.