Leopard Geckos room insectivores and also eat live mealworms, crickets, cockroaches and also beetle larvae.

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Leos can go for days there is no eating, but it is a myth the they will rapid for several months every winter.

In the wild they are active hunters and only eat live prey. Together pets they need to be fed live food too, feeding dead insects deserve to be the factor behind a leopard gecko not eating. But, there have the right to be numerous reasons why a leopard gecko won’t eat. Some natural and also some due to the fact that of poor care.

Keep analysis to learn 10 common reasons why leopard geckos stop eating and how to obtain them feeding again…

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Why Is mine Leopard Gecko not Eating?

Why Is my Leopard Gecko not Eating?


There are plenty of natural factors for why a leopard gecko i will not ~ eat. Shedding and brumation can reason a Leopard Gecko to not eat for up to two weeks. Surprisingly, some individuals have actually survived without eat anything because that over 2 weeks at a time.

This lizard has actually a an extremely fat tail which shop fats as reserve energy. As soon as leopard geckos avoid eating, they begin to live turn off the fat in your tail.

Rapid load loss is one indicator the they room sick and unhealthy. There may be an basic health concern (e.g. Impaction or parasites) leading to the weight loss and also loss of appetite.

What perform I perform If mine Leopard Gecko i will not ~ Eat?

If your Leopard Gecko has not consumed for the critical week, you will desire to quickly find out why. You should start by making use of our checklist listed below to make sure that any type of obvious mistakes have actually been avoided.

Q: Is The Tank Temperature above 75 levels Fahrenheit?If a leopard gecko is no eating girlfriend should inspect the floor temperature to make certain it is approximately 85 levels Fahrenheit. There is no belly heat they will battle to digest food.

Q: Is their Skin beginning To Fade?Leopard Geckos will protect against eating throughout their shed. Their skin will end up being gray or milky in color prior to a shed. If they are pale and also not shedding, examine for respiratory illnesses from negative husbandry and dirty tank conditions.

Q: are They Stressed?Changes to their environment, tank and diet will reason stress. Lock will just start eating again when the resource of stress has been removed and they have acquired comfortable through their setting.

Q: are Your making use of Supplements and also a UVB Light?If you check out a leopard gecko not eating it might be due to the fact that they are missing calcium in your diet. Leopard Geckos should be fed calcium & vitamin D3 supplements to protect against deficiencies. They likewise need a 5 come 7% UVB bulb, not coil.

Q: room You making use of A for sure Substrate?Impaction is just one of the most typical reasons for Leopard Geckos no eating. It is a blockage in the digestive street that can be resulted in by coincidentally swallowing sand, mulch, rocks, or dirt. This blockage deserve to happen very quickly and can death them.

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Q: do They have Fresh Water?Dehydration will make digestion slow and also difficult, so save fresh water available. Repetitive and also low-energy meals have the right to decrease the appetite of her Leopard Gecko. Negative food quality have the right to disrupt your Leos digestive tract.