If her female gerbil has actually spent time approximately a male, yes a chance she might be pregnant. Gerbils come into warm every 4 work and almost always get pregnant the an initial time lock mate.

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The an initial sign that a pregnant gerbil is an boosted appetite and also steady weight gain. Toward the end of the pregnancy, the gerbil’s belly will look rounded and also swollen. You may also an alert nesting behavior and also a personality change. Pregnant gerbils can come to be aggressive and also nervous together their due date approaches.

In this guide, you’ll uncover out the period that gerbils deserve to conceive and learn around the main signs of pregnancy in gerbils. We’ll additionally explain what to do if you think her gerbil is pregnant.

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1 Is mine Gerbil Pregnant?
2 Gerbil Pregnancy signs
2.1 deserve to Gerbils obtain Weight when Pregnant?
2.2 carry out Gerbils Mate while Pregnant?
2.3 perform Pregnant Gerbils Need an ext Food?
2.4 What go a Pregnant Gerbil look Like?
2.5 how Do Pregnant Gerbils Act?
2.6 do Gerbils construct Nests when Pregnant?
2.7 What To do If a Gerbil Is Pregnant
2.7.1 1/ eliminate the male Gerbil
2.7.2 2/ Schedule a veterinary Checkup
2.7.3 3/ Supplement her Gerbil’s Diet
2.7.4 4/ administer Nesting materials
2.7.5 5/ screen the Pups closely
2.7.6 6/ different the Pups
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Is mine Gerbil Pregnant?

Like allother mammals, gerbils blee sexually. A masculine gerbil must mate through afemale gerbil for she to become pregnant.

After intercourse, the male’s sperm fertilizes the female’s ova (egg cells), producing embryos. Each embryo develops into a baby, called a pup. An mean gerbil litter has 3 to 6 pups, yet litters of as much as 10 space possible.

Female gerbils don’t have a tiny monthly window in which to get pregnant. Instead, your eggs maturation in an answer to mating. This is referred to as spontaneous ovulation.

Female gerbils can acquire pregnant every year round. They get in heat and also are productive for 4 days in ~ a time, v a 4-day rest in between.

A gerbil’schances of conception space good; castle usually get pregnant the first time theymate. So, if her female gerbil has been approximately a male, she’s more likely to bepregnant than not.

Even infant gerbils have the right to have pups of their own. Gerbils reach adulthood at about 6 month of age, however they can gain pregnant much earlier than this.

According to Developmental Psychobiology, woman gerbils can develop at 9 main of age. Gerbils are an excellent at hiding your pregnancies. You’ll need to pay close fist to clues the signs that your gerbil is expecting.

Gerbil pregnancy Signs

It’s often difficult to detect the a gerbil is pregnant. Transparent the bulk of the pregnancy, your gerbil won’t look or act differently to normal. Some civilization don’t an alert the pregnancy till they check out a swarm full of small gerbil pups.

A gerbil’spregnancy is most basic to spot in between one and also three days prior to she provides birth.This is as soon as the babies space largest, and also the mother’s swollen belly becomesobvious. This is likewise when the mommy experiences hormonal changes, causingpregnant gerbil behavior.

However, some subtle pregnancy signs are current throughout gestation:

Pregnancy SymptomDescriptionStage the Pregnancy
Weight gainGerbils get 1-3 grams per day when pregnant.Throughout the pregnancy. Weight get will rate up as pregnant progresses.
No longer matingGerbils come right into heat and mate every 4 days. When pregnant, female gerbils protect against mating completely.Throughout the whole pregnancy.
Increased appetiteGerbils eat more during pregnancy.Throughout the pregnancy, but most noticeable in the critical 2 weeks.
Change in body shapeDuring pregnancy, a gerbil’s ship becomes rounded. By the end of the pregnancy, they will certainly look pear-shaped.Most visible throughout the critical week of pregnancy.
Personality changesPregnant gerbils may seem an ext aggressive or nervous, specifically when handled.Last mainly of pregnancy.
Nesting behaviorAs labor approaches, her gerbil will construct a nest for the pups.Last 1-2 days of pregnancy.

According to laboratory Animals, the typical gerbil gestation big 24 come 26 job (3.5 to 4 weeks). But all gerbil pregnancies space different, and not all gerbils will display screen the very same symptoms.

Can Gerbils acquire WeightWhile Pregnant?

Gerbils obtain weight throughout their pregnancies. Castle will lose it again after offering birth and weaning their pups. The extra load comes from:

The massive of the pups and also the placentaWater retention, crucial for creating amniotic fluid and also an enhanced blood supplyExtra fat stores, i m sorry the mom will turn right into milk for her young

Most pregnant gerbils will acquire 1 to 3 grams per day transparent gestation. Weight gain is sluggish at an initial but will rate up together the pregnant progresses. It will be many noticeable in the last few days the pregnancy.

For many ofthe pregnancy, girlfriend won’t an alert any weight acquire by looking at your gerbil. Tobe certain, you’ll have to weigh her making use of a kitchen scale.

It’s also helpful to sweet your various other gerbils in ~ the exact same time. If they’re all acquiring weight, it might be that you’re feeding them also much.


Do Gerbils friend WhilePregnant?

When woman gerbils are not pregnant, they will certainly come into warm 4 times per month. While in heat, woman gerbils are fertile and will mate several times a day (if over there is a male around). Friend will recognize your gerbils are mating if:

Thefemale presents herself to the maleThemale mounts the mrs for several seconds, and also the female permits it come happenAfterparting, each gerbil grooms the genital region

Gerbils room in heat for 4 days and then have actually a four-day break. The just reason the a woman gerbil would certainly not mate for an extended duration of time is if she were pregnant.

Whilepregnant, female gerbils carry out not come into heat, so they nothing mate. Gerbilpregnancies last practically four weeks. If your gerbil has not mated because that longerthan a week, it’s most likely she’s pregnant.

However, mating deserve to be confused with prominence mounting. Gerbils can mount each various other to assert dominance, and also this can happen during pregnancy. That’s why one abstinence the mating habits isn’t constantly a trusted indicator of pregnancy.

Do Pregnant Gerbils NeedMore Food?

Although it’s a myth that pregnant mothers must eat for two, some extra food is beneficial during pregnancy.

If offered the chance, gerbils will certainly eat much more than usual while castle expecting. The extra calories, protein, and also healthy fats will help their pups grow. It will also assist the mother build up she fat stores, essential for an increasing her milk supply.

You may an alert that your gerbil appears hungrier than usual if she’s pregnant. She might eat much faster or seem more food-motivated 보다 she normally is. You might see she checking the food dish more often.

Another indicator of pregnant is if the other gerbils living through her seem come be losing weight. This is a authorize that the pregnant gerbil is eating much more than her fair share. The a an excellent idea to up your gerbils’ food pin money if you suspect that one is pregnant.

What walk a PregnantGerbil look at Like?

Usually, her gerbil will look slim and also streamlined. Its body width should be approximately the same, indigenous its neck down to the rump. However, if your gerbil is pregnant, its human body will readjust shape as the babies grow.

During thefirst fifty percent of pregnant (the an initial two mainly or so), her gerbil won’t look anydifferent. This is since the pups room still little enough not to it is in noticeablefrom the outside.

The thirdtrimester the a gerbil’s pregnant is as soon as her pregnant becomes obvious bysight. In the final week or so, she will certainly look a little rounder every day. Inthe last couple of days of pregnancy, she will certainly look distinctly pear-shaped, v aswollen belly.

A bulge in your gerbil’s ship doesn’t always guarantee a pregnancy. It can also be led to by specific medical conditions, such as:

A tumor or cystHeart failure (causing a buildup of liquid in the abdomen)A bacterial infectionAn influenced gut

That’s why you have to take her gerbil come a vet for a experienced opinion. If pregnant isn’t the cause, your gerbil might need clinical treatment.

How perform Pregnant GerbilsAct?

During pregnancy, gerbils experience hormonal alters that assist the babies grow. The two main pregnancy hormones space estrogen and also progesterone. Castle have plenty of important jobs, such as triggering the development of the fetuses’ organs.

But and also helping the pregnant progress, this hormonal changes can also alter your gerbil’s behavior. Pregnant hormones can cause gerbil the atmosphere swings and personality changes.

Throughoutthe very first 2-3 mainly of pregnancy, your gerbil will more than likely behave normally.But as your gerbil gets closer to her due date, pregnant gerbil habits willbecome much more obvious.

You may notification that your gerbil seems more skittish and anxious 보다 usual. This is because she’s much more aware that danger. It’s an evolution defense device designed to protect babies indigenous predators. 

Your gerbil may act aggressively toward other gerbils or yourself. If you try to choose her up, she may attempt to escape her hand or bite you. Again, this is an evolutionary instinct that helps store the babies safe.


Do Gerbils develop Nests as soon as Pregnant?

Pregnant gerbil hormone are additionally responsible because that nesting.

When gerbilpups space born, they can’t regulate their own body temperature directly away.They depend upon your mother structure them a deep, warm nest to live in. Ifshe didn’t carry out this, her babies might freeze to death.

So, when your gerbil senses that she’s around to provide birth, she’ll start structure a nest. She’ll collect the softest materials she can find, like document towels, hay, and wood pulp substrate. She’ll chew them increase and kind them right into a round colony with a feet in the middle.

If over there is a wooden hide box in your gerbilarium, she may select to construct the nest inside it. Otherwise, she will develop it appropriate on peak of the substrate or inside a tunnel.

Nesting isone the the most apparent pregnancy gerbil habits signs. If you notification nesting,it means that bear is imminent.

What To do If a Gerbil Is Pregnant

If yoususpect the your gerbil is pregnant, don’t worry. Looking ~ a pregnantgerbil isn’t hard, and also they do naturally good mothers.

There are,however, some points you can do to aid the pregnancy progress smoothly. Thiswill ensure that the pups have actually the best possible start in life.

1/ eliminate the masculine Gerbil

If you recognize who the dad is, separate him indigenous the mom straight away. Gerbils instinctively mate immediately after providing birth. So, if you leave the two together, she’ll conceive a 2nd litter directly away.

If friend own much more than 2 gerbils, you’ll require to figure out i beg your pardon one is male. You have the right to do this by sexing her gerbils or taking them to a veterinarian. Until you understand which gerbil is male, keep them separated in separation, personal, instance enclosures.

The only method to safely leave male and female gerbils with each other is by having your masculine gerbil neutered. But many vets refuse to do this operation.

This is because anesthetics can be risky for little animals. The procedure is also extremely complex, together gerbils’ genitalia room so small.

2/ Schedule a vet Checkup

Taking your pregnant gerbil come the vet is optional, but it’s a an excellent protocol. Together gerbil pregnancies are so tough to detect, the the only means to be certain.

The veterinarian will certainly confirm her gerbil’s pregnancy and also estimate how far along she is. They’ll also check her as whole health and also answer any kind of questions you might have.

It’s a great idea to take your other gerbils because that a checkup, too. This has the masculine gerbil and any various other females he’s remained in contact with.

The veterinarian can likewise sex every one of your gerbils come make certain there are no more rogue males. They’ll additionally check whether any kind of of the other females are pregnant.

3/ Supplement her Gerbil’s Diet

When a gerbil is pregnant, her appetite will certainly increase. This is due to the fact that she’ll require an extra supply of calorie to assist grow her babies. She’ll also need to develop extra fat reserves to turn right into milk for she pups.

This is agood time to begin supplementing her gerbil’s diet with extr sources offat and also protein. Because that example:

Small piece of scrambled egg and hard cheeseSmall piece of plain boiled chicken 

Your gerbil may drink more during pregnancy, for this reason be all set to top up the water bottle an ext often. Girlfriend should likewise attach one more water party low to the floor so the the babies can reach it.

4/ carry out Nesting Materials

A couple of days prior to giving birth, your gerbil will obtain the urge to make a nest. She will select the warmest, softest materials available to her. You can help by providing her through some extra comfortable bedding, such as:

Plainwhite tissuesToiletpaper or file towelsHayPaperpulp bedding

Don’t useany cotton-like or artificial materials. Pole to file or wood-based products, asthey’re for sure for gerbils to digest.

Once her gerbil has built her nest, nothing touch the or make any type of changes to the gerbilarium. This could reason unnecessary stress, as can handling her gerbil excessively when pregnant.

5/ monitor the Pups Closely

A gerbil is at its most vulnerable during the first few weeks the life. Gerbil pups are born blind, deaf, and also unable to regulate their very own body temperature. Lock depend totally on your mother.

The mom gerbil will need extra food and water throughout the an initial five mainly after offering birth. Certain the cage is the end of straight sunlight and kept warm. A blanket over the cage can help block out harsh irradiate or noise.

Check top top the pups regularly. But don’t take care of them until they’re a mainly old unless they are in prompt danger.

6/ different the Pups

The pups will certainly be weaned about 5 main of age. In ~ this point, they deserve to survive on their own. It’s safest come wait till 6-7 weeks before separating them from their mother. Gerbils deserve to reach sex-related maturity as young together 8-9 weeks of age. So, you have to separate the male and female gerbils by this point. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an ext gerbil babies.

If girlfriend wantto store the pups, split them into same-sex pairings or tiny groups. You’llneed a different gerbilarium for each group. If friend can’t save the pups, you’llhave come find new homes because that them.

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The ideal thing to execute with gerbil pups is to offer them come a gerbil rescue center or shelter. For much more information and guidance, look in ~ our overview on what to perform with unwanted gerbils.