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Posted on 10 June 202022 July 2020

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Medically the review by Dr Pedram Kordrostami, MBBS, BSc - composed by Dewey Jhon posted on 10 June 202022 July 2020

Need something to assist you bounce ago after drinking?*


Alka Seltzer for hangover nausea

Lots of people take antacids choose Alka Seltzer to aid with hangover nausea. That would indicate that indigestion is the main reason of feeling sick once hungover.

Although indigestion may really well be a contributing factor, it’s unlikely to it is in the just cause.

Alcohol is a toxin the inflames and irritates the stomach lining. In addition, it slows under the motility of her gut which way food sit in your stomach for longer.(1)

A mix of all these factors is most likely responsible for hangover associated nausea. Furthermore, nausea is a usual side-effect of Aspirin (which is one of the ingredient in Alka Seltzer).

That’s why Alka Seltzer more than likely won’t help much and could make hangover nausea worse.

You deserve to read an ext about this topic in our article about hangover nausea.

Alka Seltzer because that hangover headache

Alka Seltzer includes 325mg of Aspirin i m sorry is one analgesic that can be used for headache.

The reality that Alka Seltzer is mixed in through water will certainly also assist rehydrate you.

What about Alka Seltzer XS because that hangovers?

Alka Seltzer XS contains acetominophen (paracetamol) and caffeine in enhancement to the typical ingredients.

So v the enhancement of acetominophen, it might have a better overall analgesic effect.

With the said, the sheep of paracetamol is Alka Seltzer XS is just 133mg which is nearly a 10th of a conventional dose (1000mg for adult over 50kg).

Are there any type of negatives?

All medicine come through side effects. You need to read the product brand to familarise yourself v them before taking them. In addittion, girlfriend should constantly speak to your pharmacist before trying brand-new over the counter medicines.

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If you have any medical condition or are taking any type of medical conditions, girlfriend should always speak come your doctor or pharmacist very first as there might be interactions.

Anything rather to consider?

Hangovers room a authorize from her body that you’ve been too much alcohol. Trying to remedy her symptoms v Alka Seltzer, or something else, is the dorn approach.

The best way to treat a hangover is come prevent obtaining one in the an initial place. As well as drinking much less alcohol, eating prior to going out and making sure you save well hydrated throughout her night is additionally important.

Alka Seltzer for hangovers – last verdict

That brings us to the end of our look right into Alka Seltzer because that hangovers.

Alka Seltzer is a medicine that works both as an antacid and analgesic.In summary, taking Alka Seltzer will:– assist with aches and also pains/indigestion– will not prevent or “cure” a hangover– walk not aid other symptoms of a hangover

It contains aspirin i m sorry comes v side results you need to be conscious of. An especially if you have any underlying medical problems or space taking continuous medicines.