Hello. My surname is Tybalt. But since it"s such a lengthy name because that such a little cat, civilization call me Tibby for short. I"ve been named after a personality from william Shakespeare"s Romeo and Juliet, a character dubbed Tybalt, and nicknamed the Prince the Cats. You can see a pic the the Tybalt native the movie of Romeo and Juliet appropriate here... And I"m simply as lot a adversary as he is!!!

So, right here I to be in mine princely guise, fully equipped v crown. Doesn"t it just look an excellent on me? I do not only rule my garden, but also the gardens beside it. Meeeow!!! I"m the King of the World! Woohoooah!!!!!

Ooops. Got brought away, sowwy.

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So now you"ll most likely want to know something an ext about me...

Sex : Male

Stature : Slimline, little and sweet

Weight : about 5.5 Kg

Colour : black

Cuddleability : cuddly only when he wants to it is in cuddled

Favourite school Subject : viewpoint


Coat : an extremely very an extremely silky. Relaxing come stroke, particularly when I"ve been sunbathing for some time

Date of birth : around October 1997

Star sign : most likely Scorrememberingsomer.com


Personality : Proud, growly, aggressive, moody. However cuddly, warm and also faithful.

Motto : together a cat, the whole civilization is mine country.

Hobbies : acquiring into trouble, sunbathing, chasing other cats

Life Story : ns surprised the entirety household i beg your pardon I have actually now adopted, by transforming up on their doorstep, and shoving my means into the house. Say thanks to God i had discovered a home, because two work afterwards, came some really solid storms, which damaged the neighborhood records that rainfall. Yet I remained in a dry ar all the time. They seemed to be nice people, and great cat lovers. In fact they every are. Currently I reside in their garden mostly, and also in your neighbours" garden, having a pretty time sunbathing, scaring other cats, specifically Ginu, and also living generally leisurely.

As v the other cats, lock don"t give me any problems. I do. =^..^= well Pizza is much larger than me, and even despite she never ever did anything come me, once she hisses she"s.... YIKES!!! Terrifying!!! Ginu is easy to scare, and also Fluffy is a difficult one, yet she"s OK. She once had a kitten the mine, a quite plump black-and-white one, yet he doesn"t live in the neighbourhood any more, since our neighbours discovered him a home.

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However, also though I dominance a really large territory, there is no ar like home, and also when I"m no home, I"m only next door, in our neighbour"s tremendous garden. Well, that"s all I need to say. Friend know, a respectable cat ought never ever to say also much about himself. So lengthy then! hope to check out you soon.