Great dance are few of the most popular giant dog breeds in the world, and also not just because of Scooby-Doo! They are loyal, an excellent guard dogs, and likewise have incredible personalities. Though they might be great, pets owners have actually ample factor to gain a small concerned about their behavior–or potential to operation away.

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Great Danes have actually the size and athletic ability to conveniently jump many fences, however, good Danes who have actually been properly socialized and also trained will have little inclination to jump fences.

Great Danes can be taught to law well and avoid fence jumping behavior. Here’s how you can reduce the opportunity of her new good Dane jumping a fence.

Do an excellent Danes run Fences?

If yes sir one nightmare that every dog owner issues about, it’s losing their dog since the pup determined to jump the fence! Owning a an excellent Dane makes fence jumping a actual threat, simply due to the fact that they space so tall.

Great Danes space a breed regularly recognized for their capability to clear tall fences. Lock are also known for wanting to do this, particularly if a woman dog adjacent is in warmth or if they view an pet they want to chase.

This is why proper socialization and also training room so critical to avoiding this native happening.

How large Of An problem Is Jumping?

A great Dane the jumps a fence is a an excellent Dane that can easily die as a an outcome of its own actions. If her dog removes the fence, lock can acquire lost, hit by a car, or worse, attack one more dog. It’s a severe issue.

As a dog owner, you owe it to yourself, her dog, and also your neighbors to protect against your pup from jumping the fence friend own. The a matter of safety, liability, and more.

How High Can an excellent Danes Jump?

Though great Danes room not the highest jumpers in the canine world, lock still can clear a an extremely tall fence. Most an excellent Danes can conveniently clear a five-foot-high fence, and also plenty can even go together high as 6 feet.

So, what go this mean for pet owners? Well, if you were hoping the your four-foot-tall wire fence would store a an excellent Dane in, we’re sorry to phone call you the it’s not going to happen.

The great news because that you is the while lock can jump an average-sized fence, it just really matters have to they want to jump it…

How To avoid Your great Dane native Jumping The Fence

Great Danes space big-time jumpers. They will certainly jump top top people, end fences, and also even jump from next to side during playtime. Thankfully, there are means to stop your great Dane from jumping fences, including:

Training. Teaching her dog no to jump on world or fences is a smart method to protect against jumps.Installing A good Fence. Getting the appropriate fence deserve to negate the trouble altogether.Avoiding run Triggers. Keeping her dog away from various other dogs in heat deserve to be a smart choice.Exercise. Dogs the are exhausted are dogs that won’t want to jump.

Training your Dog To avoid Jumping

The best way to save a great Dane from jumping a fence is come teach them to stop it as soon as they room still puppies. Here’s a quick routine the can aid your pup learn to watch jumping as bad quickly:

Watch for jumps! When your great Dane puppy starts to look like he’s around to jump, take his prior paws.Hold his paws for a while. Staying top top your ago legs as a dog is not comfortable. Organize his paws till it’s clear he desires down.Release his paws. Let him acquire down come the floor.Continue doing this until he learns. One time alone no enough! This has to be a sample in order for your an excellent Dane to rest his interest in jumping.

On a comparable note, giving your dog a act on work he no jump deserve to also assist reinforce the training. If your great Dane proceeds to jump, it may be a good idea to consult a experienced trainer.

Resource Tip: Jumping is simply one that many problems that have the right to plague great Dane owners… If you’re looking for a resource that gets rid of up every one of the most typical questions, then you should take a look in ~ the great Dane Puppy Handbook!

When have to You watch Into expert Training?

If you have been working hard to train your an excellent Dane to protect against jumping fences without any luck, you could be wonder if professional training is appropriate for you. This is what you should consider prior to you dial a pro:

Time. It deserve to take increase to 6 months because that a dog to obtain trained. Space you certain you don’t want to keep trying?Age. Adult dogs can be harder come train 보다 younger ones. This is specifically true with dogs that have been abused or neglected in the past. If your dog had actually a tough life, a pro trainer’s touch have the right to help.Methods. Have friend tried other methods aside native the ones in this post before you made this decision? There’s much more than one way to teach a dog, and also there is also an ext than one way to avoid jumps.

If you’ve been having actually serious difficulties with your an excellent Dane’s behavior, you might want to look into professional training.

How High A Fence perform You need to Prevent good Danes native Jumping?

Ideally, your great Dane will be socialized enough to prevent trying to run fences throughout his puppy days. However, not all good Danes are basic to train, and also some simply really love to jump a little too much. Gaining a good fence for your dog is a great idea. Here’s what to look for:

Go for hardwood privacy fences. Chain attach fences are prone to leaving your dog open to theft and can also be basic for great Danes to climb. The same deserve to be claimed of wooden “ranch” fences.Aim for a height of at least six feet. This is a good way to make sure that your dog will have actually a harder time rise fences.

If you aren’t sure what kind of fence is ideal for your dog or just want to get an excellent advice about your pup’s fencing, talking to a default dog trainer have the right to help. The being said, training is always the best way to alleviate risk.

Avoiding jump Triggers

Anyone who’s ever before owned a dog knows that there are particular things that just get dogs going. Discovering what excites your dog and also triggers lock to begin jumping about is crucial.

By to reduce their chances of having jump triggers, you deserve to make it less complicated to keep your dog safe.

A small observation and common sense deserve to go a long means here. For example, if your good Dane has tendency to start chasing after dogs and also cats, keeping them indoors throughout peak walking hours deserve to help.

If your good Dane gets excited by kids, avoid hrs when youngsters walk house from school.

Obviously, no all triggers deserve to be prevented. Because that example, you yes, really can’t perform much about neighborhood 설 설 scurrying previous your home. Even so, a small prevention deserve to go a long way.

Exercise and Supervision

If your great Dane is quiet jumpier 보다 Scooby, climate don’t worry. There’s quiet one last thing you deserve to do: acquire him much more exercise! seize a leash, walk on a run v him, pat tug-o-war, and also wear him out!

Still having a jumping problem? Then, permit him have his garden time while friend watch. A dog that’s tired is much less likely to try jumping a fence. Even if the does, her watchful eye will aid prevent that from obtaining too far.

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You can additionally make sure of gps tracking collars as a backup method to ensuring that you are able to situate them in the occasion that they carry out escape. Here’s a attach to a evaluation of the best tracking collar that we’ve ever before tested.