(=large) grand(e)  → a great black cloud that smoke   → a good expanse of desert   a good mansion  un cool manoir a an excellent number  un grand nombre → a great number of people   → The new policy will affect a an excellent number the people.   

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to a better or lesser degree  plus ou moins → come a higher or lesser extent, similar problems impact all parents.   To a better or lesser extent, they space all damp.  Ils sont tous plus ou moins humides. Flights were disrupted come a greater or lesser degree.  Pratiquement tous les vols ont été affectés d"une manière ou d"une autre. 
 (=outstanding)  grand(e)  
→ the greatest scientist because Einstein   → among the biggest football players of every time    grand(e)  → the an excellent novels of the 19th century    grand(e)  → the great cities that the Rhineland    grand(e)  → The play to be a an excellent success.   → winning the title is a an excellent achievement.   
→ The society is having actually great challenge attracting brand-new members.   → He had actually taken a great risk in the opposite the brand-new policy.   → Smokers have a 3 times higher risk of developing heart disease.   
  My biggest pleasure is talking to my children.  Mon plus cool plaisir, c"est de parler à mes enfants. He has a good love because that his son.  Il aime beaucoup kid fils. with an excellent pleasure  avec grand plaisir to get good pleasure indigenous sth  tirer un cool plaisir de qch → all his life the got good pleasure from simple country pursuits.   to get good pleasure native doing sth  tirer un grand plaisir de faire qch → they get great pleasure native visiting gardens   
→ a research study programme of great value to the scientific world   → Their products are beautifully developed and good value.   
 (=firm) They"re great friends.  Ils sont très amis., Ce sont de grands amis. to be a great believer in sth  croire beaucoup en qch → ns am a an excellent believer in the power of prayer.   to be a great supporter of sth  être un(e)  partisan(e)  convaincu(e)  de qch → that is a good supporter of the trade union movement.   
 (=excellent) vraiment bien 
→ i think she"s great.   → It"s a great idea.   → five great! That"ll cheer him up.    (=cool) génial(e) , super → Arturo has actually this an excellent place in Cazadero.   → They"re a an excellent bunch of guys.   That"s great!  C"est génial!, C"est super! I feel great.  Je me sens en pleine forme. to have actually a good time  bien s"amuser We had actually a good time.  Nous nous sommes bien amusés. the good thing is the ...  ce qu"il y a de vraiment bien c"est que ... oh great!  ironic Oh great! just what ns need.  Génial! J"avais vraiment besoin de ça. 
 (=outstanding figure) grand(e)  m/f  → She is one of the greats of modern-day cinema.   → Indurain have the right to be ranked among the greats that cycling.   → the greats that feminist literature   

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