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The MotoTec Hooligan 60cc 4-Stroke Motocross dust Bike is the perfect youngsters starter dirt bike.

The latest generation the 60cc mini bicycle engines room faster, more reliable, have much more torque, and even easier to set up and start than ever before before. Electric start, boosted carburetor and every one of the standard safety and security features, support and also reliability that MotoTec provides.

The Hooligan is ideal for both wet and dry conditions. This dirt bicycle will certainly offer hours of fun in virtually any children’s outdoor environment.

Built come last, the Hooligan have the right to handle any type of off-road riding. A Chromalloy frame, v the capacity to bear her child’s weight together they grow, and real durable outdoor rubber tires separate this bikes from similar products.

Responsive acceleration, prior telescopic forks, rear mono shock suspension, disc brakes, motocross styling and large bike attitude, makes this the perfect youngsters bike. Easy to ride, it"s fully automatic, so just twist the throttle and go.

All Mini dust Bikes space not the same. You should be mindful of the develop quality and parts top quality is an extremely important to how much maintenance is required.

This dust Bike has actually been stated for quality and also reliability, enhancements specified over typical Dirt Bikes include:

Higher grade Wheel BearingsLonger attract TiresHigher tight TiresHigh-Quality Suspension because that smoother rideHigh-Grade simple Start Engine pull CordDurable Chromoly stole frameRestrictable accelerator for rate controlSafety and also Design- CE and also EPA approved.

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Product Specifications: 

Motor: 60cc 4-Stroke solitary Cylinder, air Cooled (1P42FZA)Bore x Stroke: 44mm x 37.4mmRated Output: 2.41 HP
6000 RPMMaximum Torque: 2.21 ft-lbs
4500 RPMCompression: 9.0:1Min Idle Speed: 1700Engine Start: electric Start (12v/4ah battery)Gas Tank: 2.15 LiterSpark Plug: A7TCEngine Oil: 15w/40-SF Summer, 10w/30-SF WinterTop Speed: 15.5 mph (adjustable speed limiter)Cruising Range: 10+ miles per tankTransmission: Auto CentrifugalRecommended Age: 13+Max driver Weight: 200 lbsSeat Height: 24 inchesWheelbase: 36 inchesGround Clearance: 5 inchesFrame: SteelFront & rear Tires: 2.50-10 (15 inch diameter, 2.5 inch wide)Brakes: front Disc, behind DiscSuspension: front Inverted Fork and also Rear Mono ShockThrottle: change twist-gripSeat: Padded (single rider)Handlebars: edge Adjustable, no HeightAssembly Required: YesBox Size: 46x12x24 inchesBox Weight: 113 lbsDirt cycle Dimensions: 49x23x28 inchesDirt Bike dry Weight: 97 lbsWarranty: 60 days components replacementModel: MT-DB-60cc-Hooligan_Blue, MT-DB-60cc-Hooligan_Black, MT-DB-60cc-Hooligan_Green

*You can email hello
rememberingsomer.com for any questions about max speed or specs.