respectable 01, 2018 • Ahmad Iqbal The 50cc pocket Bikes - A family treat

Technology never falls short to marvel us v its capability to produce wonders and make the impossible, possible. We have witnessed the changes modern technology has carried in practically every sector. Among its most popular inventions is - pocket Bikes.

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Riding has actually been a good and an adventurous sport because its invention. Various aspects of bikes - such together speed, engine, format - has readjusted a lot over years. V the evolution in bikes and also its popularity, kids/teens space fed up with video games and demand something much more enthralling and real. The only answer to these demands is - bag Bikes. To witness and experience the absolute marvel of engineering, buy one of the

50cc bag Bikes indigenous Belmonte Bikes and also see for yourself.


What are Pocket Bikes?

Pocket Bikes have traveled a long road. The beginning of these Pocket Bikes can be traced come 1940s. Bag Bikes space scaled down variation of real bikes. This means they are smaller in size, lighter in weight, slower in speed, and cheaper 보다 their initial counterparts. The typical height and also weight that a pocket Bike are roughly 15 inches and 47 pounds, respectively.


 These bikes, despite being asserted street-illegal in many of the states, room still an ext popular than ever. The popular of these Pocket Bikes is rather justified considering that is demand among riders of all age. Originally, the ide of pocket Bikes was developed to introduce the exercise of steering in the teenage generation but, that soon caught the fist of adults and also parents, too. Pocket Bikes, now, have their very own race occasions organised as Mini-bike Racing!

Why bag Bikes?

Here are a few reasons which should answer this question.

They space cheaper.Pocket bikes are fairly cheap. For example, a 50cc bag Bike would expense you roughly just $ 1500. A pocket indistinguishable of Ducati comes approximately for $ 4000. These expenses are rather cheaper than the initial bikes. Pocket Bikes room a means to gain the cheap thrills of riding. They are more fun and exciting

 Just imagine moving at rate of 49 mph at a height of 15 inches from the ground! The actual speed, blended with that low the a height, feels fairly real and also enthralling. Speak has always been fun and also Pocket Bikes have actually made it an ext exciting than ever. 

Health Benefits

Riding motorcycles is no just around the adrenaline rush, it also has some health benefits. Doctors agree that riding motorcycles improves the rider’s main point strength and offer mental peace. The relax of endorphins during bike-riding is an excellent for mood-betterment and provides an enhanced mental outlook. A teenage boy or an adult can benefit in these plenty of ways native riding pocket Bikes.

For riders of every age


The recommended age for riding bag Bikes is over 13 years. Over there is no upper limit to that age. Bag Bikes don’t discriminate between the riders based on their height. As well as kids, pocket Bikes lure the attention of elders in the family. So, it have the right to be stated that bag Bikes game riders of all age.

There are countless such benefits to riding pocket Bikes. They have actually been declared street-illegal in many states. What is the factor behind this?

Take Precautions and enjoy bag Bikes


Riding in ~ 40 mph at a elevation of 15 inches deserve to be dangerous. This is a bummer. No matter just how fun it could sound, pocket Bikes room street-illegal for plenty of reasons. A bag Bike ~ above streets have the right to violate more traffic rules than you have the right to count. Lock come through no horn, headlights, or any turn signals. Because of their height, they can be almost invisible to fellow drivers. Pocket Bikes on roads can price create many chaos and also are quite risky.

Pocket Bikes room fun and you can enjoy riding them as lengthy as you follow the instructions/rules. This will store you from getting any type of injuries. Ride these Pocket Bikes in personal properties only. Youngsters should journey under adult supervision only. To gain the good part there is no meddling v the mishaps, ride bag bikes, abide by rules.


It’s time come unveil the main product the this article - 50cc bag Bike. At Belmonte Bikes, select your Pocket and also Super pocket Bikes among available many choices!

Why choose 50cc bag Bikes?

Here room a few features of a 50cc pocket Bike that provides them irresistible to any kind of bike lovers.

It has actually 49.6cc, single cylinder, and also 4-stroke engine. It deserve to touch a speed as rapid as 40 mph. Host steady to fully be great by the rate of this 50cc bag Bikes.

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The seat elevation of this Pocket Bikes is 23.6 inches. They have the right to be comfortable sufficient for totally grown adults.These 50cc bag Bikes come with LED turn signals, speedometer, and also rearview mirrors.

To ensure full safety and also proper enjoyment of these pocket cycle rides, follow the rules and also take the essential precautions. Belmonte Bikes has a selection of Pocket and Super bag Bikes obtainable online. Make certain to inspect them out!