There’s more than one method to skin a trail, and also the all-new Raptor 250 does it with light weight and also cat-like reflexes. Packing large Raptor styling and real sports ATV performance, this feisty Raptor is in a course by itself.

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1984 - Yamaha’s first 4-wheel ATV, the YFM200, was introduced in the USA. The featured a 196cc 4-stroke engine, a snorkel air intake, pillar drive, electric starter, centrifugal automatic clutch, and racks front and rear. A unique feature of this design was a handy reverse gear.


1984 Yamaha YFM200 SPECSEngine Type: 4-Stroke, SOHC, SingleDisplacement: 196ccBore X Stroke: 67 x 55.7mmCarburetion: Mikuni VM22Starting: Electric/RecoilTransmission: 5-Forward, 1-ReverseDrive: ShaftTire Size:Front: 22" x 8 - 10 x 2 pc. Rear: 22" x 11 - 8 x 2 pc.Wheelbase: 44.3" (1,125mm)Ground Clearance: 4.7" (12mm)


2001 - Yamaha created a new benchmark for sports ATVs when it introduced the 660R Raptor. It used the biggest engine to ever be inserted in a sport ATV through the very first 5-valve cylinder head in ATV history. The impressive engine in addition to its YZ-spec, 5-speed hands-on transmission, modern chassis and also race-honed suspension helped the Raptor victory the location of sports ATV of the Year.


2001 Yamaha 660R Raptor SPECSEngine Type: 4-Stroke, SOHC, 5-Valved, Liquid-cooledDisplacement: 660ccBore X Stroke: 100 x 84mmCarburetion: two Mikuni BSR 33mmStarting: ElectricTransmission: 5-Speed, Reverse, manual clutch, 2WDDrive: ChainSuspension Travel:Front: twin Wishbone; 9.1" travelRear: Swingarm through Monoshock; 8.7" travelTire Size:Front: AT21 x 7 - 10 RadialRear: AT20 x 10 - 9 RadialWheelbase: 49" (1,245mm)Ground Clearance: 10.4" (264mm)


2006 - A 686cc Yamaha engine helps make this the most an effective sport ATV ever, with large torque right off idle transitioning right into a fat midrange and also monstrous optimal end. Together the very first fuel injected sports ATV, the Raptor 700R provides crisp, constant engine performance in a wide variety of conditions, nevertheless of elevation or temperature. And also the model’s first-of-its-kind steel and also aluminum hybrid framework - with aluminum subframe and cast swingarm – way the Raptor 700R boasts a class-leading chassis and is the lightest ATV in that is class.

2006 Yamaha Raptor 700R SPECSEngine Type: 4-Stroke, SOHC, Liquid-cooledDisplacement: 686ccBore X Stroke: 102mm x 84mmCarburetion: Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI) , 44mmStarting: ElectricTransmission: 5-Speed hand-operated ClutchDrive: 2WD; Sealed O-Ring ChainSuspension Travel:Front: Independent twin Wishbone, 9.1”Rear: actors Aluminum waver Arm, 10.1”Tire Size:Front: AT21 x 7-10 RadialRear: AT20 x 10-9 RadialWheelbase: 50.4”Ground Clearance: 4.4”

Test Ride

This bicycle is simply what YAMAHA intended it come be. It’s one of the finest sport quads for beginners and also casual riding. If you’re trying to find a four wheeler that deserve to have countless accessories, the 250 Raptor is perfect. That runs choose a champ. That has obtained through every little thing except mud up to the tires and an extremely steep hills. The cycle is great for sharp transforms in the woods. I run almost everywhere my girlfriend who have the 660. They just can’t maneuver choose I might with this bike. It’s a an excellent bike overall! I extremely recommend it because that anyone.TIP: include a pipe and also jet kit and also the power level will placed a laugh on any type of trail ride you go on.


Great styling, reliable, and an excellent acceleration. The Raptor is among the best for every job and also I introduce it come anyone.


Key Features:

Lightest manufacturing sport ATV ever—for amazingly nimble handling and also a great power-to-weight ratio.Aggressive Raptor style and also stance because that maximum performance and also excellent, all-day sport-riding ergonomics.Class-exclusive five-speed manual transmission has actually a gear for almost any terrain.Torquey, long lasting air-cooled engine puts the end plenty of power and starts through the press of a button.Low-profile 19-inch rear tires for exceptional traction and handling.Longest suspension travel and also lowest seat in its course for true sport handling.


Light and an effective 249cc air-cooled SOHC four-stroke solitary produces a broad, deep powerband.Five-speed gearbox with hand-operated clutch provides the versatility to tackle pretty much any type of track or trail.29mm Mikuni carburetor gives light throttle pull and excellent accelerator response across the entire rpm range.Electric beginning is traditional equipment and works in any gear.DC-CDI ignition device delivers continual spark at all rpm levels—for fast throttle response and a smooth, wide powerband.Ceramic composite cylinder liner because that greatly decreased wear and excellent warm dissipation.Oil cooler keeps engine temps down and also lubrication increase in warm conditions.New-design airbox attributes no-tools air filter access.New-design three-chamber muffler is light, quiet and boosts low and midrange performance.


Light, strong, short-wheelbase chassis creates a quick, super-responsive high-performance package.Low, 28.7-inch seat height enhances rider comfort and allows optimal rider movement.Independent double-wishbone prior suspension through five-way preload-adjustable shocks gives 7.5 customs of wheel travel.Lightweight aluminum wheels minimize unsprung weight for terrific suspension performance, acceleration, deceleration and also handling.Triple hydraulic bowl brakes deliver excellent avoiding power also in wet conditions.Extra-wide, YFZ450-style footpegs carry out excellent grip and rider comfort.Easy-to-use, flip-type handlebar-mounted parking brake have the right to be set with one hand.Rigid and light swingarm rear end is regulated by a shock with adjustable preload and also 7.9 inches of wheel travel, for constant wheel control and rider comfort.New-design Dunlop tires provide outstanding traction because that razor-sharp taking care of in a variety of terrain.Easy-adjust eccentric chain convey feature method hassle-free chain maintenance.Flat, composite skid plates administer maximum underbelly protection.Rugged stole grab bars front and also rear aid fend off debris and damage.

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Additional Features:

Dual 30-watt multi-reflector Krypton headlights right off the potent YFZ450 add the perfect menacing appearance. Taillight has an included brake light for added convenience.Waterproof electrical connectors for outstanding durability and reliability.Easy-access grease fittings on all chassis lubrication points simplify maintenance and help extend the life that the Raptor 250.New-design bodywork comes off without the have to disassemble electric parts, airbox or wiring harness—for straightforward maintenance.2.4-gallon fuel tank way less filling up and longer, much more enjoyable rides.


EngineType:249cc air-/oil-cooled 4-stroke; SOHC, 2 valvesBore x Stroke: 74.0 x 58.0mmCompression Ratio:9.5:1Carburetion:Mikuni 29mm BSRIgnition:DC-CDIStarting System:ElectricTransmission:5-speed; wet multiplate clutchDrive Train: 2WD; sealed O-ring chain, eccentric adjustmentChassisSuspension/Front:Independent twin wishbone; 5-way preload-adjustable shocks, 7.5-in travelSuspension/Rear: Swingarm, preload-adjustable, 7.9-in travelBrakes/Front: double hydraulic discBrakes/Rear: Hydraulic discTires/Front:AT20 x 7-10Tires/Rear:AT19 x 10-9DimensionsL x W x H:64.0 x 42.1 x 40.9 inSeat Height:28.7 inWheelbase:43.7 inGround Clearance:3.9 inFuel Capacity:2.4 galDry Weight:313 lbOtherMSRP:

$3,899 (Team Yamaha Blue/White) available from July 2007$3,899 (Gray/Red) easily accessible from July 2007

Lighting:Dual 30W Krypton multi-reflector headlights & 21/5W brakelightWarranty:6 Month (Limited manufacturing facility Warranty)