The farming popularity the Youth model rememberingsomer.coms has led to some exciting breakthroughs in what is obtainable for the next generation the off-road enthusiasts. Polaris leads the industry with an ext models than any type of other significant manufacturer and is the only one through a Youth-sized Side-by-Side in the very popular RZR 170. Polaris additionally sized down the famous ACE version with the arrival of the ACE 150 EFI. These devices are for drivers 10-years the age and also older, and also are comparable to the vehicles the adult enjoy.

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Both machines have some similarities, gift off-road Youth devices with full-enclosed ROPS systems, steering wheels and also seatbelts. For this reason it yes, really comes under to what your youngest drivers want – seating for two, or because that one.

Power and also Speed

The Polaris ACE 150 EFI has actually a single-cylinder, four-stroke, 149cc, digital fuel injected (EFI) engine that is air and oil cooled. It is two-wheel drive and has forward, neutral and reverse gearing and also is chain driven.

The RZR 170 runs on a 169cc 4-Stroke solitary cylinder, EFI engine that is fan cooled. It is additionally two-wheel drive, has actually forward, neutral and reverse gearing and is chain driven.


Both machines have actually speed-limiters. From the factory, the ACE is limited to 10 mph. Adults can change the peak speed, increasing it to 15 mph, 22 mph or 29 mph, together the driver’s an abilities progress. The RZR comes set at 15mph and also can be boosted to 29.

Other safety functions for both incorporate LED daytime to run lights, a seatbelt, next nets, a whip flag and also a parking brake. Lock both come through DOT-approved helmets and a video clip explaining safe procedure to aid reinforce the prestige of wearing appropriate safety gear and learning to journey safely.


The ACE 150 has actually 5.1 inch of independent front wheel take trip with dual A-arms. Out back there is 6.0 customs of rear suspension take trip with dual shocks mounted to a swingarm. The smallest ACE has actually 9.0 inches of floor clearance and large 22-inch tires placed on 10-inch steel wheels.


The RZR 170 uses up 5.0 inches of travel front and also rear, through independent A-arms up front and a solid-axle swingarm assembly top top the rear. It has 6.0 inches of floor clearance. Because that rubber, there are 19-inch tires ~ above the front and also 20-inch top top the rear, both an installed to stole wheels.

Bits and also Pieces

The Polaris ACE 150 EFI has actually ample lot of headroom, a tilt steering wheel and also pedals, and a completely adjustable bucket seat. The behind cargo area is rated to organize 50 lbs. The Polaris ACE 150 EFI come in Indy Red, retails for $3,799.

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The RZR 170 has actually seating and seatbelts because that two. It has a small, behind cargo area. The is accessible in shining White and VooDoo Blue, and also retails because that $4,799.