The Honda CRF100F was built for the young riders (ages 12 or older) that want to learn how to ride an off roadway motorcycle in ~ a tiny age.

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The Honda CRF100F comes with a small 99 cc engine that uses pretty great performances, gift perfectly suited for this model. The five transmissions but is a bit facility to use, yet you shouldn’t worry about it, as in the finish it go its project with dignity.

The Honda CRF100F rides on a front 27.0mm Showa fork (5.2-inch the wheel travel) and a behind Pro-Link Showa single shock (5.8-inch of wheel travel) i beg your pardon is attached to the swingarm with steady linkage. Thanks to this clever setup the motorcycle deserve to absorb bumps without too much fuss giving a pretty peaceful riding experience.

The stopping power is assured by front and rear north brakes.

The Honda CRF 100 F is readily available with a beginning price the $ 1,399.

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2013 Honda CRF100F
air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
22mm piston-valve carburator
99 cc



Perfect size. Perfect performance. Perfect bike. The CRF100F from Honda.

Be A Responsible Rider

All parents require to think about their youngsters’ age, size, capability and maturity before allowing them to ride. Attain a copy that "Off-Road safety Tips" indigenous your regional Honda Dealer.

Easy manual Clutch


Honda’s heavy-duty clutch is smooth-shifting and also durable, if the CRF100F’s five-speed transmission gives optimal gearing for any trail.

Keyed Ignition Switch


Honda’s keyed ignition move provides included security.

Sturdy stole Frame


The steel structure is fatigue-resistant, moving years of reputable service. And it’s developed tough to manage the dings and stresses of off-road use.

Bulletproof Powerplant


A proven four-stroke engine. The valve-guide, valve-stem-seal and piston-ring style minimizes oil consumption, if the closed crankcase vent mechanism safeguards versus engine oil contamination.

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Easy Kickstarting

With a CRF100F, there’s never any type of hunting because that neutral when you need to start up—you deserve to start the in any kind of gear.