When it pertains to off-roading, speed usually isn’t the most crucial factor. Sure, that fun when you deserve to rip roughly a tight edge on a dirt trail, however speed is hardly the dust biker’s key priority. An effective gears, responsive handling, terrific suspension, and also a solid clutch are far an ext important, however like anything v an engine, it’s constantly important to test how rapid you deserve to push it and what optimal speed can be achieved.

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If straightforward speed is more your thing, then even the fastest dirt bike in the people isn’t walk to please you and also you’re probably much better off difficult to the asphalt and buying yourself a sports bike. However, if you prefer kicking increase dirt together your wring your throttle, then this list of the world’s fastest dirt bike models have to interest you. But before we obtain started, there room a few things you should know about dirt bikes. Not all dust bikes are developed equal, girlfriend see.

Two-Stroke Vs. 4 Stroke

Dirt bikes come in two rather unique flavors, two-stroke and four-stroke. Now, the argument about which one is far better is as old together time and there’s never going to be a clean winner (*though the prize is plainly two-stroke*). Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, through both formats appealing to different riders that require different performance, and also in the finish it’s all down to the rider’s personal preference.

Is it necessary within the context of this write-up though? Well, sort of.

Top lists are normally there to educate you around what alternatives are easily accessible and what product could suit friend best. So, if she thinking around investing in rapid dirt bike climate you’re going to desire to recognize a bit much more about it 보다 a blunt miles-per-hour figure. The fastest dirt bike on the list could take a 5 mile lengthy run up to acquire to that optimal speed, whereas another model might have a smaller height speed yet it deserve to reach that rate in a heartbeat. That’s why the worth understanding a bit an ext about the various engine configurations, how they work, and also how rather they influence the rest of her ride experience.

Two-Stroke dust Bikes


Two-stroke engines are relatively simple contraptions which basically compress and combust. They fire and also ignite because that every solitary full revolution of the crankshaft. In essence, you acquire a two strokes of the piston (up and down) in one complete power bicycle or crankshaft revolution. What does the really typical though? Well, friend literally get more bang, or much more power, many thanks to the sparkplug igniting more regularly than on a four-stroke engine, i m sorry takes four strokes instead. But that’s not all. Since two-stroke engines are very simple, they nothing require any type of fancy technology or engineering to store them going. Due to the fact that of this, lock are usually lighter, and when it involves going fast, lightness is key. However, they’re not necessarily easy to ride. Two-stroke motorcycles call for a bit more of a hands-on attitude, with gear changes being more regular…but that’s a little price come pay for a lighter, faster, and more powerful motor. Or is it?

Four-Stroke dust Bikes


Unlike the over mentioned two-strokes, four-stroke engine has far more processes involved. It begins with intake, and then comes the compression and also combustion, before finishing with the exhaust. It’s referred to as a four-stroke since the engine fires after two full revolutions that the crankshaft, or after 4 strokes. The fires much less often and also ultimately delivers less power, but it does deliver much more consistent power and also in a smoother fashion, which provides it more usable. If nothing else, they’re absolutely much less complicated to ride due to the fact that you have the right to rely on the power being where you desire it once you need it, and also that reliability and also consistency permits you come relax a little an ext and reap your ride, or invest your energy pushing yourself and harder and also faster along the trail.

But they space more facility engines, through valves and other relocating parts, and all of those parts make for a more heavier weight in between your legs, and also of course, as soon as they break they’re usually much more expensive to repair. Fortunately, they’re not as vulnerable to breaking under as their two-stroke counterparts. And yeah, they usually enjoy slower acceleration and a reduced top speed as whole but as soon as it comes down to it, they’re more consistent. Height speed doesn’t win races yet consistency generally does.

The Verdict

There is no right or wrong decision when you’re purchase a rapid dirt bike, since it counts on how you journey it and also what you desire that rate for. That not frequently that she going to be the end on the trails and also come throughout a deserted quarter mile the pristine asphalt, and if it is what you dream of as soon as you fantasize around a job of riding, a dirt bike is rather obviously no the right kind of motorcycle for you. However, if you want to tackle the trails hard and also enter competitions where speed is important, you should emphasis less on the height speed and much more about where you want what power and speed you have to be delivered.

What around An electrical Dirt Bike?

The dispute used to be about whether a 2 of a four-stroke motorcycle to be better, and now we’ve acquired a 3rd category weighing in and upsetting the balance. Yup, electrical dirt bikes are a thing and they’re in reality surprisingly popular. We’ve extended the ideal electric cycle models and covered every the appropriate points before, yet when it involves the fastest electrical bike, it is a various story altogether. Since they’re not as popular (and not practically as cheap) as conventional internal combustion engine models, we’ll offer you a quick top 3 of ours favorites that provide impressive battery it is provided speed prior to we relocate on come the fastest dust bike models with consistent gasoline engines.

KTM Freeride E-XC


KTM’s debut electric motorcycle is a formidable dust bike model. In state of roadway legality, that relies on your neighborhood laws, however for those looking to handle the trails in a contempt greener way you can enjoy this small offering. That a long means from being the fastest dirt bike out there, yet it has a an effective electric motor the produces a usual 21.5 hp, 31 lb-ft that torque, and also it have the right to hit 60 mph but prefers setravel at around 50 mph. It’s no the faster in regards to straightforward speed, however it does have actually a very fast charging time – and that’s crucial for contemporary electric bicycles.

To charge to 100%, the KTM just requires a ridiculously fast 80 minutes! That’s really fast when compared with other electric motorcycles. The downside is the each charge only translates to about an hour of serious ride time. That’s a big downside, yet the fast charge time does comprise for it. The price isn’t terrible either, with an attractive MSRP the $8,299. Still, it’s no the fastest dirt bike out there, or even close to gift the fastest electrical bike either.

Alta motors Redshift MX


Next up, we’ve obtained the Alta electric motors Redshift MX. This up and also coming electrical motorcycle firm is a 100% American venture, v the factory and also headquarters situated in California. The cool thing around Alta is your different approach to the electrical market: they donate supermoto and also dirt bike layout motorcycles quite than traditional street bikes, which offers them a pretty niche in the industry. The MX dirt bike model is built to have actually the exact same kind that performance and also feel together a standard 250cc dirt bike, accompanied with some excellent devices from WP suspension and also Brembo.

In terms of performance, the Alta electric motors Redshift produces a complete of 42 horsepower and a massive 120 lb-ft the torque through its lithium-ion it is provided high-speed PMAC motor. But how does interpret into actual miles per hour? Well, the word on the street is that 80 mph is achievable, with a comfortable cruising speed of 65. Not bad for an electric motorcycle v a charging rate of 4 hrs (or 2 with the quick charge package). The fence is the range, which is around 50 miles per charge. The price is $10,495 because that the base model.

Zero FX


The fastest dirt bike indigenous the electric classification is right now the Zero FX. When it concerns electric motorcycles, Zero know what they’re doing. The Zero FX is one off-road different from your line-up of outstanding battery it is provided machinery. The FX uses the recent electric technology to provide a powerful punch right right into the heart of the dirt bike market. Styled and formed like a modern-day supermoto motorcycle, underneath the dirt bike silhouette is a powerful powertrain that offers cutting edge EV technology to produce a dust bike that can conveniently rival and also best several of its internal combustion engine it is provided competitors.

Zero’s mystery weapon is their Z-force powertrain, which deserve to propel the motor to attain some impressive statistics. Just how does 78 lb-ft of torque and also 46 speech sound? and also as for the most necessary number, the peak speed that the Zero FX is a heady 85 miles per hour. Not bad at every for an electric motorcycle. Prices because that the Zero FX begin at $8,495 for the basest of base models and packages – but don’t forget that many EVs come v nice tax breaks and incentives, specifically for Californian riders.

The Fastest dirt Bikes through Conventional Engines!

There are plenty of typical internal combustion engine motorcycles that have the right to perform admirably off-road. However, for the purposes of this list we’re going to limit our selections to motorcycles are real dirt bikes – not huge touring beasts through knobbly tires, or heavy machines the are better suited in ~ asphalt adventuring fairly than mud-flinging great times. Us haven’t set a details weight limit, yet if that heavy, it ain’t top top the list. No big BMWs or continent-traversing KTMs, for example, yet smaller lightweight machines that won’t make you cry if that accidentally drops over.

#10. Honda CRF 450R – optimal Speed: 87 MPH


Powered through a punchy 449cc liquid-cooled engine, the Honda CRF450R has actually a height speed of 87 miles every hour. Many thanks to a barrage of updates, consisting of a new exhaust, narrow valves, brand-new transmission ratios and general as whole weight loss, the recent iteration of the CRF 450R deserve to go plenty fast. Still, the CRF was currently a good bike well known for that is fearsome agility, responsive dealing with and capacity to win races. Having actually a highly respectable optimal speed only makes the a an ext appealing package. But can it walk faster?

Generally, the agreed height speed is 87 mph, however, part riders have actually been able to push above that. With a slight slope and the appropriate wind behind them, beforehand 90s have actually been claimed. For the benefits of this write-up though, a peak speed of 87 mph is what we’re walk with. Inspect out this guy’s top speed operation for a an excellent look at what that one mile one hour an ext than our case looks like. It’s pretty wild.

#09. Yamaha WR 250R – top Speed: 89 MPH


The stunning Yamaha WR250R has always been a for sure favorite amongst off-road enthusiasm – we know that it has actually all the ideal credentials as a blast come ride in the dirt, yet how go it same on asphalt as soon as you’re really pushing that engine come the limit? Well, for a bicycle weighing a surprisingly hefty 295.5 lbs wet, it can produce a fairly admirable peak speed. In share trim and also in great conditions, the Yamaha WR 250R has actually been clocked through a height speed the 88.8 miles per hour. It should likewise be provided that the can also hit 60 mph indigenous zero in a respectable 8.71 seconds. As soon as it involves sprinting, dirt bikes aren’t commonly the weapon of choice, however this is how amazing speedy.

In fact, there room riders that have declared to obtain a few more miles per hour out of the 250, no doubt by removed mirrors, dropping a dress size, and also crunching up into an incredibly uncomfortable by aerodynamically satisfaction position. Rumors of optimal speeds in the beforehand 90s have actually happened, but not regularly, therefore the 89 mph marker is the one we’re sticking with.

#08. Suzuki DR-Z400SM – height Speed: 94 MPH


Next up on our perform of fastest dust bikes is the Suzuki DR-Z400SM. Now, the supermoto different of the Suzuki’s DR-Z line is a little of a cheat since it’s definitely an ext suited to road use 보다 actual off-roading but if you’re all set to swap your tires over climate it will certainly a blast to ride in the mud. However, that’s not really the allude of this supermoto model. But then again, hitting the optimal speed of a dirt bike isn’t yes, really the allude of owning a dust bike either. Using some bizarre logic, we’re going come say that two wrongs do a right and include that on ours list. And what is the optimal speed? A cool 94 MPH.

Achieving 0 to 60 mph in one eye-watering 4.54 secs is no hassle because that this supermoto, thanks to the sheer power of the 398cc single-cylinder engine, i m sorry produces a tidy 39 horsepower and 25 lb-ft of optimal torque. The top speed isn’t negative for a bike through a dry load of 302 lbs. Some riders have claimed to press the DR-Z400 to speeds of as much as 114 miles per hour, however whether mode were offered or not isn’t clear. We’re going through 94 mph because Suzuki claims so, and we’ve checked out it done.

#07. Honda XR650L – peak Speed: 98 MPH


There’s no denying the the Honda XR650L is an pure legend; it’s has been a critical part the the Honda off-road line up for many years (since the at an early stage 90s, in fact) and for great reason. It uses excellent flexibility being both a demon on and off-road, castle as trustworthy as sin, essentially indestructible, and also what’s more, lock offer wonderful value because that money. So, it’s definitely a dust bike, with long travel suspension, proper off-road tires, substantial ground clearance, but how rapid can it go on the roads?

Again, it’s another one it is up because that discussion. Some folks have claimed that the can XR650L can hit a optimal speed that 105 mph – but that appears a little optimistic. The 644cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine produces around 40 horsepower and 47.2 lb-ft or torque, i m sorry is nice admirable, yet not quite 105mph territory. In reality, and thanks to countless tests, we think 98 mph is much more of one acceptable optimal speed marker for the venerable XR650L. Add in the decent 0 to 60 time the 5.83 seconds, and you’ve acquired yourself a respectable drive that will tear up the trails and put a smile on your challenge on the roadways too.

#06. Husqvarna FE 501 S – optimal Speed: 101.5 MPH


Husqvarna is among the many recognizable and world renowned dust bike brands, therefore it’s no wonder that among their models provides this list. In 2013, the Husqvarna surname was to buy by KTM and since then the two brands have shared technology. Because that example, all new Husqvarna models share the same DNA v their KTM stablemates, such together the engines, WP suspension, Brembo brakes and also more. This street legal enduro bike package some terrific standard equipment and lightweight components, making it quite the firecracker, all wrapped up in a lightweight 250.2 lbs dry package. But what around that peak speed?

The top speed is a heady 101.5 miles every hour. This one has actually been verified plenty of times. Curiously, the smaller FE 501 actually goes much faster than the older, pre-KTM era, TR650 which had actually a much bigger engine. This modern-day enduro boasts 58 horsepower of top power and an extremely respectable acceleration times, v a 0 – 60 time the 4.5 seconds. Considering this is a actual off-road motorcycle, despite fitted through all-important street-legal essentials, the peak speed is nice impressive. Yet this is an outstanding motorcycle in general, so friend shouldn’t intend anything less!

#05. BMW G650 XChallenge – optimal Speed: 104 MPH


This one is one oldie however a goodie – if girlfriend can discover one, the is. The BMW G650 XChallenge was a cool single-cylinder off-roader, based upon the XCountry model. Designed specifically for bridging the gap in between on-road and off-road performance, the XChallenge can tackle the stormy with relative ease, and roll along the asphalt just and other road-focused variants. Fitted with tough suspension, wait damping technology, and other cool enduro accoutrements, was a an extremely potent maker – which was sadly brought to an finish in 2009.

In terms of optimal speed, the 652cc four stoke single cylinder engine can propel the G650 XChallenge to fantastic top speed of 104 miles every hour. The XChallenge’s other an essential statistics encompass a maximum strength output of 53 speech at 7,000 rpm and maximum talk of 44..3 lb-ft at 5,250 rpm. What’s more, the BMW could attain 0 come 60 mph in a relatively respectable 4.78 seconds. Not poor for a BMW constructed enduro motorcycle with a dry weight of 317 lbs dried – i m sorry is substantially heavier than the KTM provided above!

#04. ATK 700 Intimidator – height Speed: 110 MPH


You’d be forgiven because that not knowing much around ATK. Unequal the huge Japanese brands, and also the likes that KTM and also Husqvarna, ATK regularly goes under the radar. Created in the 80s in Utah, ATK manufactured tiny batches the potent off-road motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. Nowadays, the brand mainly manufacturers parts services their older models, but back in 2009 the firm unleashed a model on the human being which would certainly go to leave a lasting heritage in the motorcycle industry: the ATK Intimidator, a an effective 650cc two-stroke engine dirt bike.

The ATK 700 Eliminator drew power from a fearsome 78 horsepower two-stroke engine indigenous Maico, which in turn managed to propel the Intimidator to a optimal speed that 110 miles per hour. It’s a gigantic of a dust bike v a optimal speed that reflects it. A two-stroke engine qualified of the speed and also power is simply crazy; 78 steeds to strength a cycle weighing 238 lbs dried is mental when friend think about it.

#03. Beta 450RS – top Speed: 110.9 MPH


Ever so slightly quicker than the ATK, we have the Beta 450 RS. Beta is one more brand that most enthusiasts overlook, i m sorry is a good shame. This Italian firm has a long and illustrious background in the dirt bike category, ever since it was established by Giuseppe Bianchi and also Arrigo Tosi ago in 1904. The brand has seen that all, completing in enduro championships, trials competitions, and also more. More recently, the firm used KTM engines to assist fuel their success, but in the last 10 years, the brand has been making use of their very own in-house engines to strength their models. And it’s their own 450cc unit that provides the 450RS together a potent optimal speed.

This awesome dirt bike is powered by a four stroke, single cylinder 449cc engine qualified of producing 43.71 horsepower and 29.59 lb-ft of top torque, delivering peak speed of 110.9 miles per hour. What’s more, the Beta 450 RS have the right to do 0 come 60 in an impressive 5.25 seconds, i beg your pardon is not negative at all. Overall, the bike has a dry weight of 246 lbs, kept down through its cool and lightweight molybdenum steel frame and also other featherlight parts. If you desire something rapid on the roads and an ext than all set to damage the off-road trails, then think about getting you yourself a Beta. You won’t regret it.

#02. Aprilia RXV 5.5 – optimal Speed: 113 MPH


This one is a renegade choice. Unlike every little thing else top top the list, this offering from Aprilia boasts a v-twin engine rather than the more conventional single-cylinder arrangement that is generally more accepted as the dirt-biker’s weapon of choice. Still, we’re not below to controversy which engine is better, we’re here to look at which ones walk faster, and also in this instance, the Aprilia RXV 550, or RXV 5.5 together it’s also known, has actually a quite potent top speed. Aprilia recognize a thing or two about making quick motorcycles, and also it seems that your knowledge has translated across into this dirt bike offering.

The RXV’s 77-degree v-twin provides some impressive performance statistics. For example, the RXV 5.5 boasts an impressive power calculation of 70 speech at 13,000 rpm, a additional 48.6 lb-ft of peak torque in ~ 10,900 rpm, a very handsome 0 to 60 time the 4.16 seconds, and an as whole top rate of 113 miles every hour. Weighing in at 284 lbs dry, the RXV was quite light considering its power, but despite gift an exceptionally funny (if no unorthodox) off-road, it wasn’t a sales success at all, and was eventually axed from the line-up.

#01. KTM 450 SX-F – peak Speed: 123 MPH


It must come together no surprised that a KTM comes in in ~ number one, yet of every the KTM 450 bikes out there, the the KTM 450 SX-F that steals the show. This model is a championship winner. KTM driver Ryan Dungey when piloted this model right into Motocross background when he won the championship on it back in 2012, and also continued the feat again and again in 2015, 2016, and 2017. If Dungey is certainly one the the many talented riders in the world, his KTM 450 SX-F also played an essential part in those victories, chiefly thanks to that unparalleled peak speed.

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Powered through a slick and also compact 449cc KTM engine, the 450 SX-F is essentially an off-road racing maker that us mere mortals have the right to just go and also buy. Boasting a small, lightweight design, the engine is capable of transporting up to 63 steeds of optimal torque that can propel this off-roader to speed of as much as 123 miles every hour. Together KTM themselves are fond that saying: “the KTM 450 SX-F is merely the more quickly Motocross bike the end on the track,” and they space not at all wrong. So, if anyone asks girlfriend what the fastest dirt bike is the you have the right to go and also buy turn off of the shelf, the KTM 450 SX-F would certainly be the exactly answer to give them.