Whats the optimal speed that a 300ex stock?? doesn"t it walk over 60?? what mods might i execute to that to gain it come go about 70-mph maybe?? I desire a WB e collection PROmeg pipe through header for next spring and want more power in all ranges and also topspeed. Any suggestions? i/m mt with AIM plz i don"t check my pm box. Many thanks alot you guys.: justinAIM: DMirra388
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300EX driver

It will perform 52-55 or for this reason stock, girlfriend would have to do a lot of to obtain it to go over 70, I have actually a 14 this front sprocket and also it will do about 60 now, although ns kinda wish i would have actually left it in ~ a 13 tooth due to the fact that I hardly ever get the up that fast and also I drive in trails mostly.

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No matter what friend ride, its every good.-------------------------2000 440EX (Sold)--------------------------2003 Polaris Predator (Sold)
To walk 70mph girlfriend would require a 15t former sprocket, 36 rear sprocket, 22 inch tires, and also a bumped up rev limiter. Ns am not also sure that a 15t prior sprocket would certainly fit if you had a case saver. Also if you did all of that you would have pretty poor bottom finish power.
Police- Son perform you understand how quick you were going. Kid- Yes ns do. 108.4 mph. Police- You"re in luck. ~ above my way to bust speeders like you. I stopped to get more tickets. Kid- go you likewise stop in ~ Krispy Kreme ~ above te method !!!!!
Is it feasible to accomplish 70mph on a 300EX? simply think about it, girlfriend would have to get 15 mph. It is alot.
No issue what you ride, its all good.-------------------------2000 440EX (Sold)--------------------------2003 Polaris Predator (Sold)
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anythings possible, there space 15t c/s sprockets now and also 36 rears, definetly 22 in rears for this reason it could actually be kinda simple, if every u operation is for long straight lines...

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i have actually 18" holeshot mx"s and also with my 400 hitting the share revlimiter in fifth gear , mine friend beside me in his truck claims i was going 68. Yet i dont understand if its the fast. I also have one x-6 exhaust for every the people who think it renders a distinction on the top finish even when you struggle the revlimiter lol.
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