Are you wondering just how much exercise your dachshund needs? probably you desire to take it him walking, running or swimming but you’re no sure just how much he deserve to handle. We’re below to answer all your questions around dachshunds and also exercise.

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How lot exercise walk a dachshund need? As adults, typical dachshunds need at least 60 minutes of practice a day, if miniature dachshunds need at the very least 30 minutes. His practice should include walks and also playtime to keep him happy, healthy and mentally stimulated.

So, if you’re wondering how far dachshunds deserve to walk, even if it is they can run, how rapid they have the right to sprint and if they deserve to swim, review on to discover out the best means to exercise your dachshund, exactly how much practice puppies need and also what happens if you over practice them.

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This write-up is based onresearchand an individual experience together a Dachshund owner that 10+ years. I’m not a Vet, standard dog trainer or dog behaviourist.

Do adult dachshunds need a the majority of exercise?

The quantity of practice an adult dachshund requirements will rely on both his age and size. Traditional dachshunds need at the very least 60 minutes a day and miniatures simply 30 minutes. Both standards and miniatures will happily do more exercise if you want them to.

Happy dachshund obtaining his everyday walk

Dachshunds are only little and nothing need substantial amounts the exercise, contrasted to larger dogs, however they still need everyday exercise to save them fit, happy and healthy. He demands to stay active to protect against him obtaining overweight. As well as the fitness side, exercise and play are great for psychological stimulation. This’ll avoid him obtaining bored and also barking excessively or being destructive.

For adult traditional dachshunds, you might break increase the 60 minute of daily exercise into a 20–25-minute walk double a day, and also 10–15 minute of playtime. And for miniature dachshunds, you can break up the 30 minute of exercise into a 20-minute walk and 10 minute of playtime. These space minimum needs though. If you think your dachshund is bored or she worried about his weight, you’ll must up his exercise.

How much exercise does a dachshund puppy need?

Dachshund puppies need 5 minute of practice for every month the their age (Eg: 3 month old puppy needs 15 minute of exercise per day). At period 4-6 month (only when he’s had his jabs), start taking him the end for a walk.

Dachshund puppy being worked out in the garden

Stick to the 5 minutes per month preeminence until her dachsund puppy is one year old and totally developed, as that’s fairly a good way of structure it up. Friend don’t want to over exercise them at first. Working out puppies too much prior to their bones stop growing, could impact their growth and development. You want to slowly construct up the length of his walks, together he gets older. By the time he’s one, his expansion plates will have actually closed and also he have the right to move ~ above his adult practice routine.

However, the ‘5 minutes per month the age’ ascendancy is just for leash wade exercise. That doesn’t include playtime, or running approximately ‘off leash’ in the garden or yard for example. That exercise would be in enhancement to this.

Young puppies can’t walk out before vaccinations. Playing in the garden or at house will be enough exercise for the day. If friend don’t have a garden, probably you have friends or family who can aid you out. Just remember, you can not take your Dachshund come the park till he’s had all his jabs.

Can ns over practice a dachshund puppy

Yes. If girlfriend over practice your dachshund puppy prior to their growth plates have actually closed, you run the threat of them occurring deformed, out-turned feet, and also affecting your topline, making them show up lanky, due to bad body development.

Dachshund puppy playing in the garden

Dachshunds have actually a call for being fearless and also stubborn, for this reason you need to keep an eye on young puppies to make certain they’re not overdoing it, and also getting sufficient sleep. You’ll have a much fitter adult dachshund if friend don’t allow them to over exercise, or take them for long walks in ~ a really young age.

How perform I practice my dachshund?

This just how you exercise your dachshund:

WalkingFetchFootballAgility coursesHide and also seekDigging gamesToys


The easiest method to provide your dachshund the exercise he requirements is to take it him for a walk every day. Most dachshunds’ love walking as soon as it’s a warm and sunny day. But, no all dachshunds will be thrilled with the idea the going for walkies, specifically if it’s raining, or cold outside. For this reason you can have come be an innovative to obtain him to leaving the house (once they’re out, it it s okay easier!). The crucial is to be persistent, specifically if you have a really stubborn dachshund. Since not working out a dachshund creates its own collection of problems.

Dachshund being exercised on a to walk in the woods


Let your dachshund act on his chasing instinct with a video game of fetch. It works well through balls or Frisbees.


Another great ball video game to play is football. Her dachshund will certainly love using his sleep to nudge the ball back to you so you absent it because that him again. Just make certain the round is a children’s one – lightweight, complete of air and not too heavy.

Agility courses

Dachshunds are amazingly agile and also will love darting in and also out that a makeshift obstacle course. Avoid anything that involves jumping though together dachshunds space prone to back issues.

Hide and seek

Your dachshund will love sniffing the end treats from roughly the home or garden together it draws on his hunting instinct. If the children want to gain involved, you could get them to hide instead.

Dachshund sniffing about the garden

Digging games

If you have a distinct digging pit for her dachshund, you can hide his favourite toys in the sand and also get the to destruction them out. And also if you don’t, girlfriend should definitely look at structure one!


Dachshunds love playing through squeaky toys and enjoy take it them apart. If you offer the playthings names, the may even go and also fetch the one friend ask for. Just be cautious not to play tug-of-war or pulling gamings as this might damage his back.

How far can dachshunds walk?

Most adult dachshunds deserve to walk as much as you take it them, as lengthy as they’re fit and healthy and you’ve built them increase to lengthy distances. It depends on your dachshund, your age, size and also fitness. Simply bear in mind, they execute have brief legs and also can overheat if it’s as well hot.

Dachshund on a lengthy walk in the woods

You can’t really over-exercise her dachshund when he’s an adult, as lengthy as he it s okay plenty of water and also breaks on lengthy walks, and also the gamings you’re playing through him space safe and also won’t ache his back. It’s easy to forget these lovable sausages were originally hunting dogs the scrambled under badger feet to chase small prey. As long as he’s fit and also healthy, your dachshund will certainly be happy to just keep going till he’s tired. And also yes, he’ll let you understand when he’s had actually enough!

If you arrangement on act a lengthy walk v your dachshund, you’ll need to construct him as much as it. This is simply a issue of fitness really – girlfriend can’t expect him to go from couch potato come marathon sausage in just a few days. You have actually to progressively increase the length of time friend walk him every day, until he i do not care fitter and has much more energy on much longer walks. If you’re planning a really long walk (as in, you’re walking to take it him ~ above a walking vacation or something), simply pop to the vets because that a basic health inspect to make certain all is ok before you set off.

Do dachshunds need coats?

No. Dachshunds don’t necessarily require a coat, however they hate cold, wet weather. Their bellies room low come the ground for this reason they gain cold quickly and can it is in stubborn about walking. A raincoat will save them dry and also a cloak will save them warmth in chillier months.

Dachshund keeping cosy and also warm in a coat while on his walk

Can dachshunds run?

Yes. Dachshunds have the right to run and enjoy running. Castle run fast at 15–20 mph (31 kph). But, their short tiny legs can’t run very far, and you certainly won’t have the ability to sprint with them. They tend to run in short, sharp bursts rather than long distances.

Dachshunds are great little runners and an extremely speedy because that such small dogs. Remember, they were bred to chase and hunt little prey, for this reason they necessary to be quick on their feet. Choose a most hunting animals though, they can only acceleration in short bursts and also then have to rest. Castle won’t be able to cover the exact same miles as you would v a larger dog.

Dachshund running while the end on a walk

The best place come run through your dachshund is in the garden (just make certain you have a great fence for this reason he can not escape or burrow under the fence!). This way, he can run as lot as that likes and stop once he gets tired. You need to never let your dachshund run by the next of a road as they don’t have much roadway sense (he need to be on a lead right here anyway). And unless he’s properly trained top top recall, you do not do it let him turn off to run in parks either. If that sees something come chase, he’ll be off!

If you’re looking for a long-distance to run partner, a dachshund most likely isn’t the ideal dog for you. He’d have to work really hard to keep pace through you because he’ll get tired quickly. If girlfriend really want to take him running v you, you’ll need to do a quick run and also then walk when he it s okay tired.

Can dachshunds swim?

Dachshunds aren’t normally gifted swimmers, however they have the right to be taught. If your dachshund is fear of the water, you’ll require to help him overcome his fear. Teach that doggy paddle, give him confidence and make sure you save him safe in the water.

Swimming is great exercise

With your short small legs, dachshunds aren’t generally water babies. They nothing instinctively know exactly how to swim and might be nervous of the water. But swimming can be an excellent exercise for dachshunds, especially for those through arthritis or recovering from ago surgery. It’s best to teach him in a swimming pool though, as ponds, lakes and also the sea deserve to be dangerous for dachshunds the haven’t found their sea foot yet.

Dachshund swim in a pool

Be all set in advance

To store your dachshund safe, obtain him a life jacket, and also get him provided to wearing it before he walk in the water. Friend should additionally make certain he has actually a quick and also easy method to gain out that the water too, such together a ramp. Clambering out the side of a pool will be difficult, and also lifting him out isn’t appropriate as he can hurt his back. If friend do should lift him, make sure he’s totally supported in ~ both ends.

Get in the water through him

It could take your dachshund some time to build up the vessel to acquire in the water, therefore you may need to coax the in. Gain in the water very first and shot to tempt the in v treats or toys. You must never ever before force him to acquire in the water – leaving him come decide as soon as he’s ready. Once he’s in, girlfriend can show him exactly how to doggy paddle by gently relocating his feet because that him (and remember, with a doggy life jacket on, he’ll be able to float also if he can’t swim yet).

What room the threats of under working out a dachshund?

Under exercising a dachshund deserve to be very detrimental to their health, both mental and also physical. Dachshunds need day-to-day exercise or they’ll obtain frustrated and also gain weight. And obesity puts additonal pressure on their currently fragile backs.

Overweight dachshund laying on his bed

Get right into an exercise routine

Dachshunds are herbal clowns through their own little comedic personalities, and they just love being the centre of attention and part of the family. But, that doesn’t average they have to be enabled to get away with pushing their will onto you, particularly when it involves exercising.

Not every dachshunds love leaving the house, in fact some stubborn little monkeys will execute all they have the right to not to step over the threshold and also out into the world. But exercise will save your dachshund in tip optimal condition. Exercise will certainly tone your muscles, work their human body and aid it to maintain regular function. Exercise stimulates your metabolism and their mind.

Keep weight in check

Physically inactive dachshunds will fast end up being overweight little sausages. Being overweight for any dog is negative for their health, gift overweight because that a dachshund can be serious. Dachshunds have delicate backs at the ideal of times (dachshunds space prone come Intervertebral disc Disease) and letting her dachshund heap on the pounds will put extra push on their joints.

Channel his energy

Dachshunds room hounds in ~ the end of the day, and also they’re exceptionally intelligent i m sorry is why castle so brilliant at pack us around their paws! however that intelligence method they acquire bored easily, and with boredom have the right to come destructive tendencies, such together chewing points that no theirs or emerging habits such as barking, all the time.

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So, regardless of what her dachshund thinks, that does need everyday exercise! standard dachshunds need at least 60 minute of practice a day and also miniature dachshunds just 30 minutes. Obtain them into a healthy and balanced routine from job one!

Playful dachshund playing through his round in the woods

So there you have it, dachshunds really don’t require a entirety lot the exercise, but under-exercising will be really negative for their health. No one desires an overweight dog, add to the vet bills will certainly be astronomical. So, just take them for a walk when a day and you should have actually your furbaby with you for a long time.

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