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This Guy even Beat Paul Rabil because that the faster Shot

Yup This Guy!

Alright for this reason what is the speed of the faster lacrosse shot in the world? go anyone recognize how rapid it gotten in the lacrosse goal? 110 MPH? Nope. 115 MPH? Close. Okay, well who is the record holder? Casey Powell? Wrong. Paul Rabil? Never! fine at least not until some man named Zak Dorn come around and clocked the fastest lacrosse shoot speed ever before recorded!

But Zak Dorn, that the hell is that? fine I"d never ever heard of him either, the is until he rifled a lacrosse ball 116 miles per hour in ~ the MLL All-Star game. As soon as those number 1-1-6 came up top top the radar gun, the stands to be ecstatic. Yes due to the fact that he had actually just set a new world record, but many importantly due to the fact that he didn"t even play significant League Lacrosse! Zak wrong was just a lacrosse fan working at a lacrosse store in Chicago once he default to to visit the MLL All-Star game and also have his possibility at making history.

The more quickly Lacrosse shooting Video


The precise Stick Zak Dorn was Shooting With…..

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Zak Dorn"s Interview

The craziest part after watching the shoot the faster lacrosse shot ever was his interview. Correct he to be excited, yet he said his fastest lacrosse shot rate wasn"t also 116 MPH. He has shot it even faster before–Checkout this video on more of his story!!!

You hear around this phenomena every one of the time in athletics and also world records, especially around the Olympics. That swimmer who insurance claims they"ve swam a quicker 100 freestyle, or like Usain Bolt saying he"s ran much faster at his home track in Jamaica than at the human being stage. It"s too poor those documents don"t count.

But it just counts when it"s actually taped at an event that"s authorized to explain the faster speed. And also in Zak Dorn"s case, he can have most likely shot the lacrosse sphere 125 MPH back in Chicago for all we know. Unfortunately it doesn"t matter unless you prove the on a world stage favor at the MLL All-Star game. Which the did.

If you"re curious what the other civilization record holders space for the more quickly lacrosse shot, we"ve provided them listed below for you, with their particular shot speed.

Previous document Holders because that the fastest Lacrosse Shot

Mike Sawyer, 114 MPH, 2013Paul Rabil, 111 MPH, 2010Paul Rabil, 111 MPH, 2009

It"s quite unbelievable come think the Zak Dorn, simply an average guy living in Chicago, can smack the earlier of the net v is hardest lacrosse shot than any professional lacrosse player the end there, including one of the greats prefer Paul Rabil. If you"ve got any type of friends who have actually clocked quicker lacrosse shots before, post those speeds in the comments! Also, what room your typical lacrosse shot speeds?

Finally, congratulations come you Mr. Dorn. Friend Came, friend Sniped, You dominated ($1000 and mad laxtitute tail).

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