There space 3 ways to get from Salem come Corvallis by bus, taxi or car

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Salem come Corvallis by bus

The bus journey time between Salem and Corvallis is roughly 50 min and covers a distance of roughly 36 miles. The more quickly bus normally takes 50 min. Services are activate by FlixBus-us and also Greyhound USA. Frequently 15 buses run weekly, although weekend and holiday schedules have the right to vary so inspect in advance.

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Greyhound USA
Greyhound USA

The cheapest method to gain from Salem to Corvallis is to journey which expenses $3-$5 and takes 45 min.

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The quickest means to gain from Salem come Corvallis is come taxi which costs $100-$120 and also takes 45 min.

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Yes, there is a direct bus departing indigenous Salem and arriving in ~ Corvallis. Solutions depart when daily, and operate every day. The trip takes roughly 50 min.

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It is 29 mile from Salem come Corvallis. That is about 35.1 miles to drive.

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The best way to acquire from Salem to Corvallis without a car is come bus i beg your pardon takes 50 min and also costs $11-$16.

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The bus native Salem to Corvallis takes 50 min consisting of transfers and departs as soon as daily.

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Yes, the control distance between Salem to Corvallis is 35 miles. The takes approximately 45 min to drive from Salem come Corvallis.

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What carriers run services between Salem, OR, USA and Corvallis, OR, USA?

FlixBus-us operates a bus indigenous Salem to Corvallis 6 times a week, and the journey takes 50 min. Greyhound USA also services this route as soon as daily.


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Corvallis, United claims

Corvallis is a city in main western Oregon, united States. That is the ar seat the Benton County and the primary city that the Corvallis, Oregon urban Statistical Area, which encompasses every one of Benton County. As of the 2010 United says Census, the population was 54,462. Its population was approximated by the Portland Research facility to be 58,641 in 2018. Corvallis is the ar of Oregon State college and great Samaritan regional Medical Center. - Wikipedia