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If did you do it ever taken into consideration exploring the Southwest an ar of the United states by car, a great trip choice would be a las Vegas to Salt Lake City Drive.

This path will administer you with plenty of methods to see remarkable mountainous landscapes, visit few of the many spectacular state parks in the country, and learn about the background and development of this unique area.

With many of an excellent stops along the method from one city to the other, a ras Vegas come Salt Lake City road expedition is sure to it is in a one-of-a-kind adventure you’ll never forget!

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Best ras Vegas to Salt Lake City drive StopsWhere to continue to be on the las Vegas come Salt Lake City Drive

Planning a ras Vegas come Salt Lake City road Trip

The journey from ras Vegas come Salt Lake City is really straightforward, together you’ll be travelling along I-15 North for the whole journey, just exiting come make any of the stops the you’re interested in. When the terrain on the drive have the right to seem a bit remote, there space plenty the towns and also rest stops follow me the I-15 frequently, so girlfriend won’t have to worry about stocking increase on food or gas.

Generally speaking, you will do it never have to drive more than one hour maximum to the nearest place to do a stop, therefore you’ll absolutely find this drive to it is in a relatively easy one.

If plan on renting a car for this drive, you’ll find a number of options through browsing Rentalcars.com which aggregates the best deals across all major car rental companies. Alternatively, if you like to hire a campervan or RV, you’ll uncover a huge an option of choices on Outdoorsy which is one of the finest places online to hire a motorhome.

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How far is ras Vegas come Salt Lake City?

The street from las Vegas come Salt Lake City is about 420 miles, which way that if you to be going come drive right there without making any type of stops, the las Vegas to Salt Lake City drive time would certainly be just a tiny over 6 hours.

However, ns would definitely recommend taking your time through this journey in stimulate to do the many out the it and stop at several of the incredible areas in between the 2 cities.

Plan on splitting it up over 2 or three days – much more if friend love camping, hiking and also rock climb – and read on for a list of some of the ideal stops top top a journey from ras Vegas come Salt Lake City!

View the Salt Lake City

Best las Vegas to Salt Lake City drive Stops

Las Vegas, Nevada

You’ll start your pilgrimage in las Vegas, Nevada, the infamous city unlike any kind of other in the world. Definitely setup on spending a work or two experimenting Vegas. Over there is so lot to execute in this totally unique city, you’ll quickly find countless exciting things to experience throughout your stay. Check out an significant live show, execute some world-class shopping, relax at beautiful swimming pools, or inspect out the vibrant nightlife in the clubs or casinos.

Regardless of wherein you choose to stay in Vegas, make certain you invest some time exploring the strip and walking through some of the hotels and also casinos-the extravagant architecture and décor you’ll view in several of these building is important mind-boggling!

After you’ve had actually your fair share of Vegas, make sure you get a good night the sleep before embarking top top the journey from las Vegas to Salt Lake City.

Valley the Fire State Park, Nevada

The an initial stop from vegas that is definitely worth exploring is sink of Fire State Park, just around an hour and also a half down the I-15 North and the sink Of Fire Highway, respectively.

This state park is house to a stunning repertoire of red rock formations and also many reasonably easy hikes that space well suitable to a wide selection of fitness levels. Invest a few hours experimenting the sink of Fire, beginning with a drive down the key road, Mouse’s Tank Road, that will certainly take girlfriend past plenty of of the main rock formations.

Stop at few of the famous formations along the roadway to take it a few photos and also explore, or embark on among the short hikes in the park, such as the popular Rainbow Vista or White Domes Hike, both of i m sorry are around a mile roundtrip and administer incredible views of the exceptional red absent formations that are the namesake that this renowned park.

The sink of Fire

Brigham Young Winter Home, Utah

From valley of Fire, gain right back on the I-15 North and drive for around an hour and also forty-five minutes until you reach the town of St. George, Utah, ideal by the Arizona/Utah border.

A notable stop in this town, specifically since our final location is Salt Lake City, is the Brigham Young Winter Home, a historic residence and current museum. Brigham Young was a Mormon spiritual leader, too as crucial figure in the advance of Utah as a state, as he not only established Salt Lake City but likewise served together the state’s first governor.

Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, Young’s Winter house in St. George is the perfect an initial stop in Utah, as this museum will administer some context on the history of the state and the influence of religious beliefs on the advancement of Salt Lake City. In addition, the home is beautiful, and admission is free!

Zion national Park, Utah

The next stop top top this las Vegas to Salt Lake City drive is an absolute must-see. Zion, Utah’s first National Park, is residence to an absolutely stunning collection of red absent cliffs, separated by the Virgin River. The landscape of Zion nationwide Park is nothing short of spectacular- a visit come this park will certainly make girlfriend feel as if you’ve arrived on a totally different planet!

From the Springdale visitor Center, take it a shuttle into the park. Driving within the park is restricted, but the shuttles run typically in and also out of the park, so you’ll never have to wait roughly too long. In ~ the park there are countless different trails and also hikes of varying difficulty, so there will be miscellaneous for everyone to enjoy at this park!

I would highly recommend the Riverside Walk because that those with little children or anyone who would favor a flat, simple walk. This trail is around 2 mile long and also begins at the critical shuttle prevent in the park. The path adheres to the winding river and provides beautiful see of the towering canyon, making it the perfect choice if you just want to protect against in Zion because that a few hours and take in the herbal beauty that the area.

On the other finish of the spectrum, true thrill-seekers deserve to embark top top the renowned Angels Landing hike, a strenuous trek with countless steep drop-offs and also narrow ledges. This hike is about 5.5 mile round pilgrimage with many of elevation gain- intend a many switchbacks, climbing and even scrambling on every fours as soon as you get to the narrow, rocky height section. The see from the height of Angel’s Landing is spectacular, however it deserve to be really scary if you aren’t an skilled hiker or climber.

Of course, there are a wide range of hike options that lie somewhere in between the basic Riverside stroll and the strenuous Angel’s Landing, therefore make certain to check out the nationwide Park company website to uncover the hike finest suited for you! after spending a day in Zion, take a bite come eat earlier in Springdale where the shuttle will drop you earlier off, and hit the road!

Want a unique place to invest the night in Zion? Check out this contemporary cabin within nearby proximity to the park entrance!

Zion nationwide Park

Parowan Gap, Utah

From Zion, get ago on the I-15 for about an hour and also a fifty percent before getting to the Parowan void Petroglyph site, a collection of well-preserved aboriginal American absent carvings top top the rock face of a pass the connects the Parowan valley to the Red Hills.

The petroglyphs were uncovered by pioneers in 1849 that were exploring the area because that settlements, and came throughout the piece at the Gap, likely made by ancient Fremont people and their ancestors together they travelled through the area.

Today, you can see the petroglyphs for you yourself and shot to decipher some of them. Once you acquire near the gap, you’ll find a parking lot and a marked path that will take you beside the rock challenge to examine out some of the petroglyphs.

In addition to the old carvings, girlfriend can likewise see inspect out some preserved dinosaur tracks just around a mile east from the Gap. If you’re a background buff, a fast stop at the Parowan space is absolutely worth check out!

Fillmore ar Statehouse Museum, Utah

After preventing to check out the petroglyphs at Parowan Gap, head earlier on the I-15 phibìc for about an hour and a half until you reach Fillmore, Utah, the original resources city native 1851-1856. Fillmore chin is fairly small, yet a good place come stop and also check out the territorial Statehouse Museum.

The statehouse is the oldest governmental structure in all of Utah. The museum is worth discovering in order come learn much more about the Utah are in the earliest step of that is development, and it is located in a tranquil park the is the perfect ar to stop and also stretch her legs after gift in the vehicle for a while.

Nebo Loop, Utah

The next stop worth making is a detour turn off the 1-15, just about an hour indigenous Fillmore. The Nebo Loop Scenic Byway is a stunning 38-mile road that takes you through the Uinta national Forest and around mountain Nebo, the tallest mountain in the Wasatch hill Range.

A journey on this bypass is important spectacular- the views together you climb greater and higher are stunning, and there space plenty of methods to see indigenous wildlife ~ above this remote road. Make certain you have your camera handy and also be all set to pull over to stop and also take picture at several of the many lookouts follow me the road.

Just note, the bypass is close up door in the winter, for this reason this protect against will just be possible if you’re travelling in the warmer months.

Driving with Utah

Thanksgiving Point, Utah

From Nebo Loop, head ago on the I-15 North because that an hour before reaching Thanksgiving Point, located in Lehi, Utah. Thanksgiving allude is a non-profit facility that contains various museums, big sprawling gardens, and a functioning farm, and it is the perfect ar to prevent for a few hours and also explore, an especially if you are travelling through children.

Make sure you examine out The Museum of natural Curiosity, consisted of of much more than 400 interactive experiences that enable visitors to engage with exhibits in a hands-on and exciting way. ~ you inspect out the museums, head to the Butterfly Biosphere, the 40,000 square foot home to thousands of species of butterflies and other amazing insects.

End your visit in ~ Thanksgiving suggest by strolling with the Ashton Gardens, a important stunning collection of miscellaneous gardens within a garden, consisting of a climbed Garden, an Italian Garden, also a secret Garden. A visit to Thanksgiving allude is a among a sort experience and definitely precious a prevent on the method to Salt Lake City

Sundance mountain Resort, Utah

And the last stop on the journey from las Vegas come Salt Lake City is Sundance mountain Resort, located fifty percent an hour east of Thanksgiving Point. This beautiful resort is worth checking out, particularly if you space a pan of winter sports — the skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and also sledding at Sundance space world-class and will do for a good stop for a day before heading right into Salt Lake City.

However, if girlfriend visit in the summer, or just aren’t a fan of winter sports, there is still so much else to perform at Sundance. The area is surrounded by good hiking and biking trails and also is likewise home to Utah’s longest zipline. After a day on the mountain, be safe at among the highly-rated restaurants top top the resort, examine out the spa, or gain some shopping at the base of the mountain.

Salt Lake City, Utah

From Sundance, get back on the I-15 North because that one an ext hour prior to reaching our last destination, Salt Lake City! Salt Lake City is the resources of Utah, and you’ll uncover there room so many options of things to do here.

If you room interested in background and the affect of religious beliefs on Utah, examine out few of the crucial Mormon sites, including Temple Square, the Mormon Temple, and also the Mormon Tabernacle to learn an ext about the advance of the religious beliefs that is based in the state.

Additionally, friend can check out the outstanding Hogle Zoo, the Utah Museum of good Art, Clarke Planetarium, or the sprawling Liberty Park, a herbal oasis in the love of the city. Nevertheless of how you select to invest your time, you’ll uncover Salt Lake City to be a totally unique and also interesting ar to invest a couple of days.

Want a unique place to continue to be in Salt Lake City? Check out this penthouse apartment located downtown!

Where to stay on the las Vegas to Salt Lake City Drive

If you plan to do a suitable road expedition and space out the las vegas to Salt Lake journey over a couple of days, the ideal ar to ret because that the night would certainly be roughly St George, Utah within close proximity of Zion nationwide Park. This will give you the moment to adequately discover the park while also making a good halfway allude to visit the various other incredible stops.

If you’re not trying to find a traditional hotel stay on this road trip, personal rentals can also be a an excellent option everywhere along the drive. There are plenty of properties accessible such as this modern cabin in Zion or this penthouse apartment in downtown Salt Lake City! Click right here to browse other private rentals!

Where to continue to be in St George

St George Inn & Suites — A great mid-range choice in St George, this is the perfect basic for exploring Zion nationwide Park. They have actually a variety of comfortable rooms easily accessible and fantastic swimming pool and jacuzzi to splash around in.

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Click below to watch their availability

Inn ~ above The Cliff — If you’re after ~ something a bit much more swanky, then this hotel is a good bet because that you. They have a variety of clean and comfortable rooms ~ above offer, a heated swimming pool and jacuzzi, tremendous views over the surrounding nature and a continental breakfast is had in the nightly rate. Click below to watch their access

Not quite what you’re feather for? Click right here to browse an ext hotels in St George!

Where to remain in Salt Lake City

Hampton Inn Salt Lake — If you’re looking for the reliability and also consistency the a chain hotel in Salt Lake City, climate this is a an excellent option for you. They have a variety of rooms available, great amenities and facilities and a convenient location for exploring Utah’s capital. Click below to watch their availability

Kimpton Hotel Monaco — If you’re keen for a more luxury remain in Salt Lake City, then this is the hotel for you. Lock have countless luxe rooms available, an excellent amenities, and also a restaurant on site. Click here to watch their availability

Not fairly what you’re spring for? Click here to browse an ext hotels in Salt Lake City!

Where to stay in las Vegas

Bally’s las Vegas Hotel & Casino — This hotel and also casino is a an excellent place for las vegas visitors in search of an affordable location to stay directly on the Strip. They have actually a great number of clean and also comfortable rooms available, plenty of restaurants, a wonderful swimming pool and breakfast consisted of in the room cost! Click below to view their availability

Bellagio — Arguably among the most well known Vegas hotels. This is the perfect location to stay if you’re looking for a little of deluxe to start your drive to Salt Lake. There space myriad plush rooms available, a casino, and iconic ras Vegas mirrors on-site. Click here to see their availability

Not fairly what you’re feather for? Click below to browse an ext hotels in las Vegas!

As you have the right to see, a ras Vegas to Salt Lake City journey is an incredible way to spend a few days experimenting the Southwest an ar of the united States. With so countless incredible stops along the method and a wide variety of tasks that space sure come appeal to plenty of different varieties of travelers, this is a pilgrimage that will certainly be appreciated by all.

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Are girlfriend planning a las Vegas to Salt Lake City roadway trip? What stops would certainly you include this list? permit us know in the comments!