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Phoenix to Glendale airport Shuttle

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How is Your business Different?

Any Address - We pick you increase at your home, hotel or airport.

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Better - most rides are non-stop in a quite car.Flexible - we pick you up on your schedule 24/7.Safer - we don"t leaving you in ~ a bus stop and we have better drivers.Faster - many rides take fifty percent the time and also it"s simply you in the vehicle.More Convenient - door to door and also no need to arrange or salary for various other companies to gain home.Affordable - when you include it every up, it"s the same price.

Our everyday Schedule

What is your day-to-day schedule?

We choose you up on her schedule 24/7. Our professional vehicle drivers are normally 5-10 minutes early on at her home, or best on time in ~ the airport. You obtain to pick the moment we choose you up.

What is mine pickup time at the airport?

We typically pick you up 30 minutes after your plane lands for domestic flights, or 45 minute after for worldwide flights.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Pickup time automatically readjust to 30 minute after you land if your trip is delay for residential flights, or 45 minute after friend land for worldwide flights.

What wake up if my trip arrives early?

You can always call or send us a text if you want united state to choose you increase early, and we will certainly let her driver recognize that girlfriend are ready to be choose up. Otherwise, we will certainly pick friend up in ~ the booked time on your reservation.

How soon should I do a reservation?

Although there is no collection rule that prevents you native booking critical minute, it"s a good idea come make her reservation as quickly as possible to make sure a driver is easily accessible and prevent any kind of delays.

How long does it require to go native Phoenix or Glendale?

Trips to and from Glendale in normal traffic are about 25 minutes versus an hour ~ above the bus or a shuttle through a bunch that people. Sirloin hour will normally add 15-45 minute (30 minutes on the average).

What time need to I be choose up?

2 hours before is normally enough time. The airport recommends you come be over there 2 hours beforehand to obtain through security and also to her plane. Boarding typically starts 30 minutes before your airplane takes off. However, one hour and thirty minutes is normally sufficient time. So if the drive from Glendale to Phoenix takes about 2 hours, climate 2 hours before your trip takes turn off if typically good.

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Our better Drivers

Who space your drivers?

Most the our vehicle drivers have been driving professionally with the public for an ext than 10 years. They have great people an abilities and are usually an extremely knowledgeable about the area (what to do, finest restaurants, history and attractions). Few of our vehicle drivers are additionally professional tour guides the go come the cool Canyon and also many various other destinations.

We have actually high standards for our chauffeurs including safety, reliability and also customer service. Vehicle drivers are an extremely helpful with bags. They get the door for you. All motorists go through comprehensive background checks v the airport in bespeak to pick up passengers.

We likewise train castle by driving them with the airport, explaining all the rules, and also showing them whereby to pick human being up and drop people off.

Our an excellent Company

With an ext than 25,000 customers and also a few years in business, Airport shuttle of Phoenix owns Glendale Shuttle, and also has chauffeurs all over the State the Arizona. Our key office is 5 minute from PHX airport in Phoenix, AZ.


Main Office

2406 S 24th St Suite E102

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Phone: (480) 710-3441

2018 Travel and Hospitality compensation Winner

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Shuttle indigenous Phoenix come Glendale AZ

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Pricing / Fares (Glendale)

How much does it price to go from Phoenix or Glendale?

It depends on the addresses friend enter and also the variety of people. Girlfriend can check rates through clicking any kind of of the buttons above or listed below that to speak "Check Rates". There are different choices under "Select Service" like "To Airport" or "From Airport" and "One Way" or "Round Trip". Friend can also choose the option called "Any Address" because that non-airport transport in between any type of two addresses in Arizona. Prices are total, not per person. Girlfriend can additionally enter the promo password "ONLINE" because that one method trips to conserve 10%, or publication a round expedition to save more both ways.

How do I get an exact quote?

Step 1 - You can just kind in the city to examine rates, but we recommend entering the full deal with to get specific quote due to the fact that we have special prices for specific zip codes and also most pricing is usage based. Feel complimentary to call us if friend have any questions. When you to fill in the addresses, click "View Rates".Step 2 - We include pricing because that Taxi, plane Shuttle and Black automobile Service, therefore you can compare costs and have more options. Choose the form of business you want with the correct variety of passengers. Once a price comes up and also you"re happy, click "Reserve Now"Step 3 - It"s constantly a good idea to get in your name, cell phone and also email to conserve your quote and automatically get a copy sent to your email. That way we can quickly look up your quote by name when you call and finish up your reservation once you"re ready. Just click "Continue"Step 4 - The website won"t actually book anything until you get in a credit transaction or debit card on the final booking screen. Girlfriend will instantly receive a check email through all the details after you click "Confirm my Reservation".

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How perform I conserve money?

Please go into the full resolve to acquire the many accurate rates between PHX and also Tucson AZ or vice versa. Book a ring trip and also you"ll get 10% turn off each way. If it"s a one way you have the right to use promo code digital to conserve 10%. This promo password is only valid top top one means trips. If you"re booking a round expedition you instantly save 10% each way, so you have the right to use discount password NONSTOP instead to obtain a totally free upgrade to non-stop.

What room the benefits of using our service?

Door come door service is included on all our trips. Typically trips are non-stop in a nicer vehicle. We have the right to pick girlfriend up in ~ your home anytime 24/7. We normally take you straight home, i m sorry is really different from various other companies the leave you in ~ a bus stop and also stop and wait at intermediary points for hours. We likewise don"t load you in v 8-15 world you don"t know and stop everywhere.

Does it price anything come make changes to mine reservation?

You deserve to always change the date and time of her reservation in ~ no cost. If you don"t understand the precise address, girlfriend can go into the city for now to to make reservation it, and give us the full resolve later. If you don"t understand your flight number, you deserve to estimate the time and update the flight number and time later on via phone, email or text.

Our much better Vehicles

What kind of automobile will pick me up?

We have the right to send a shuttle (4+ passengers) or a nice automobile (1-3 passengers) anytime and take you to or native any deal with in Arizona, not simply the airport. Our vehicles room clean and newer. Most vehicles are luxury and also full size. We have actually Mercedes Sprinters, Chrysler 300"s, Lexus ES300 Hybrids, Lincoln MKZ"s, and also a variety of other vehicles to fulfill your needs.

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Our Pickup Locations

Hi, your shuttle picks up wherein it claims Prearranged. If you space in a wheelchair, perform not allow your attendant to leave you everywhere except Prearranged. The indications are simple to see and they are always at the external curb. Periodically airport protection will send world to the dorn place, therefore it"s far better to monitor the direction below. The airport likewise won"t permit drivers come walk much more than 15 feet away from their vehicle or wait, so good communication is essential. Turn on her cell phone and also take it off of aircraft mode, so your driver can call or text you. If girlfriend don"t acknowledge the number, it"s probably your driver.

Terminal 2 Prearranged is across the crosswalk from Door 8 near the rental vehicle shuttles and also to the right.

Terminal 3 Prearranged is throughout the crosswalk indigenous Door 6 and to the right, southern side of the building.

Terminal 4 Prearranged is throughout the crosswalk from Door 3, north side of the building, first floor. The sign says "Prearranged Vehicles 3 NORTH".

To and also From Any deal with (One Way)

What sort of transportation services perform you offer?

We market a spaceship from Phoenix come Glendale, a shuttle from Glendale come Phoenix, and also other species of transportation prefer black car and taxi. We customize our company to your demands by giving different alternatives like shuttles, black auto services, and taxi. We market many species of vehicles, and different alternatives to do your endure great.

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Does the make sense to take an Uber or Lyft?

Uber and also Lyft motorists often cancel once they come at your house, because the application doesn"t tell them where they room going until they arrive at her home. Usually drivers don"t desire to drive the far and also not gain paid for two hours to drive back, or they are unavailable to occupational for the long. This may result in you absent your trip after 2-3 of them cancel in a row, and they charge you $5 each time because that the cancellation. You then try to contact Uber or Lyft over the following week to get a refund, and also they don"t also have a phone number.

Another point to think about is the Uber and also Lyft motorists are never ever interviewed, so girlfriend may obtain a depressed man complaining around his life, a tiny automobile with no foot room or a creeper. Uber and also Lyft also do not train your drivers and the plane is middle confusing to most people, so they usually have no idea wherein to go.

How reliable is the Greyhound bus or one Arizona shuttle with a most people?

Companies that do shared rides will shot to pick you increase an hour or 2 earlier, however they make no promises about when you will certainly actually gain to the airport. If you"re top top a chop schedule, the shared ride option with Arizona shuttle or the Greyhound is more than likely not a great idea. Extra stops and also scheduling with various other passengers can either make you too beforehand or perhaps late. Also with good drivers, passengers have the right to be unpredictable and end increase making everyone miss their flight.

Have a lot of things to execute in Glendale AZ and also need a ride? We deserve to drive you from Phoenix to Glendale AZ any type of time of day whether you room trying to do it to a Cardinals game, check out the skies in a hot air balloon or just trying to examine in one of your favourite hotels in Glendale AZ we will certainly take treatment of your take trip needs.

No issue what time of day we have the right to shuttle girlfriend from Phoenix come Glendale Arizona. Our experienced drivers can even give you advice on Glendale Arizona many hotels to help with the critical minute travel stress.

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One that the main questions we gain is how far is Glendale Arizona from Phoenix airport and how far is Glendale Arizona from Scottsdale? The journey from Glendale AZ come Phoenix Arizona airport the is roughly 20 min i m sorry is about 14 miles, and Glendale to Scottsdale distance is about 20 miles which will take around 30 min relying on traffic.