Friday The 13th: Why Voorhees Is Spelled wrong In Jason Goes come Hell Jason Goes come Hell takes some big swings v the Friday the 13th series, however an error end the above killer’s surname raises part theories.

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F13 Jason Goes to Hell Stabbed at House
Friday the 13th’s Jason Goes to Hell is a controversial entry in the slasher series for countless reasons the fumble basic aspects of the films, favor Jason’s last surname being order incorrectly.

There are many slasher icons that have actually frightened audiences over the years, but Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees remains among the biggest personalities in the fear genre. The continual release of new Friday the 13th movies helped Jason acquire such a high body count and also level the notoriety, and there have been countless unique interpretations that Jason across the franchise.

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Jason Goes to Hell: The last Friday is the nine entry in the series, and also it take away an ambitious rotate by killing turn off Jason at an early stage on and instead having actually his murderous essence hop body via a psychic hell worm. Instead, intrepid bounty hunter, Creighton duke (Steven Williams), becomes an ext of the film’s emphasis as he attempts to end Jason’s terror, once and also for all. Jason Goes to Hell works difficult to feel different than that is predecessors, yet this attitude additionally reflects a recklessness that damages the movie in other small, but significant, ways.

F13 Jason Goes come Hell Jason watch Up
Jason Goes to Hell features a an effective moment where, in the middle of Jason’s body-jumping antics, he return to his childhood home. A shot of the home’s mailbox is wrongly labeled “Vorhees,” i m sorry feels favor an egregious error come make. It’s feasible that the staying members the the family changed their surname, in the mildest the ways, in an effort to distance themselves from the an adverse attention that likely came native Jason and also Pamela Voorhees’ murders. The Voorhees family members members have also never been displayed to be particularly smart, so it’s also possible they just misspelled their own name, but even that thinking feels a tiny excessive. Jason Goes come Hell is together an atypical Friday the 13th sequel that some world even controversy it"s not canon due to the fact that of just how much the movie changes.

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Some non-canonical alternative universe whereby Jason’s last name is assignment “Vorhees” is technically possible, however highly unlikely because Jason Goes to Hell still traction from the events of previous movies and directly addresses the finishing of the previous entry, Jason take away Manhattan. It also doesn’t do a entirety lot of sense to look in ~ the movie v this lens, specifically when the following crossover film, Freddy vs. Jason, references it. However, the a way to retroactively justify few of the other inconsistencies that Jason Goes to Hell introduces, like Jason’s half-sister Diana or the magic dagger that’s incorporated into his character’s history. The truth of the matter is the Jason Goes to Hell: The last Friday is a wild sequel, yet one the doesn’t check out the canon the the Friday the 13th series or Jason Voorhees as an extremely sacred.