Italians recognize many ways to express gratitude and say give thanks to you. Likewise, over there are plenty of ways to say you’re welcome in Italian. Learn them in this lesson.

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How execute you to speak you’re welcome in Italian?


Prego is a versatile little word. Italians usage it as a means to speak you’re welcome in Italian, yet depending ~ above the instance you may additionally use that to interpret please. That is a an extremely common word and is supplied in both formal and informal relationships.

Now, wherein would you use prego as a translation because that please? In courtesies.

You’re hold the door for someonePrego, dopo di lei. Please, after you.You’re inviting someone to sit downPrego, si sieda pure. Please, have a seat.

TriviaPrego has a double meaning in Italian. It deserve to be provided to interpret you’re welcome in Italian, however it is additionally the translate in of the English I pray, native the verb pregare which means, you guessed it, to pray.

Di nulla, di niente

Di nulla and also di niente both analyze to it was nothing, nulla and niente being translations for nothing.

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They are common and also neutral expressions, in that they deserve to be used in both formal and also informal situations, but di nulla is a bit more formal than the other.

Di nullaIt was nothing
Non c’è problemaNo problem
Grazie del regalo! – Figurati!Thanks because that the gift! – Don’t cite it!