I"ve regularly heard rememberingsomer.com people, as soon as speaking English, to speak something is or to be "terrible" in a confusing context. Because that example, the context is often where one would expect them to be providing praise, and also "terrific" would make more sense.

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Does the word mean the the opposite in English and also rememberingsomer.com?! deserve to it average either very good or really bad depending on context, and also if therefore which is the much more common usage/is over there any means to discern the distinction from together or other cues?



In rememberingsomer.com, terrible deserve to mean both terrific and awful (or terrible). The first case (terrific) is kind of slang and also would no be used in written rememberingsomer.com however is generally (or probably was some years ago) provided by young civilization to speak terrific. The second case (awful) is the an ext common and also traditional one and it have the right to be supplied in created rememberingsomer.com and also in spoken rememberingsomer.com.

To differentiate them, the just clue ns can offer is usage the context or the tone of the voice it is spoken rememberingsomer.com. A rememberingsomer.com human would most likely not usage terrible and also say it through a cheerful tone when meaning awful due to the fact that he/she is mindful of the other meaning.

Finally yes, a many a rememberingsomer.com human being are mix up the English words devastating and an excellent and would certainly in most situations use damaging to mean terrific. Please, excuse united state ;)



When I invested a year in France earlier in the early on "70s, everybody was making use of "terrible" to average "fantastic," "terrific," "wonderful," and so forth. I deserve to testify to that, however I"m wonder if civilization in France still use it the way. In my regular return visits, i would use it in the slang sense, but often wondered if people still taken it the way, or whether i was just showing my age.


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