Earlier today I was creating up one assignment for my Spanish for Spanish speakers course and I wanted to say the word "scary" in Spanish. The word that involved mind as soon as I was writing, the one the I believe I've heard my family say numerous times, is "asustoso" from the word "asustar". However, as soon as I was composing it and when i was looking increase translations, "asustoso" did not come up together an option or the was informing me this word did no exist. So my concern is: Is "Asustoso" an genuine word? Or is it some kind of local word and also thats why i couldn't uncover it in any kind of of the translate into and definition websites? Or have actually I been spelling/saying the wrong this whole time?

Example sentence: Es muy asustoso ir a un lugar donde no conoces a nadie.

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I've never heard that it. The just words I have heard come say scary room "espantoso" or "horroroso"

I learned my native language (not Spanish) only from mine parents, and never in a formal way. So i picked up vocabulary the was basically a sort of in-house lingo, that my household would just consist of by nounifying verbs, etc. I wonder if that's what occurred with you, through words like this.

Yeah, I’m thinking that something like this most likely happened. Or I miss heard/misused a similar word.

I've never ever heard "asustoso" though i wouldn't be surprised if it exists somewhere.

There room adjectives with similar definition but they're usually an ext intense, closer to horrifying/terrifying.

If you find "scary" in WordReference you'll check out "dar miedo" since it's the most organic translation.

"X da miedo" = "X is scary"

"Me da miedo X" = "I'm scared of X"

"Tengo miedo" = "I'm scared"

In her example: "Ir a un lugar donde no conoces a nadie da (mucho/bastante) miedo".

We likewise say "da un poco de miedo"/"da algo de miedo".

Edit: This is choose "me gusta" or "tengo calor" in the feeling that we normally use another structure in everyday language. It's the exact same for Spanish speakers finding out English.

Words the would work for scary: horroroso, tenebroso, espantoso..... It is it lol. At the very least where i come from asustoso is no used and also would it is in incorrect to use it the way.

No, it's not a real word. Examine Miedoso amd tenebroso. Those are real adjectives. But their an interpretation vary.

i don't think the word "asustoso" even exists. There room several ways to to speak it but with various wording. Below a pair of possibilities:

Es espantoso/aterrador/horrorifico ir a un lugar donde no conoces a a nadie.

Da miedo ir a un lugar donde no conoces a nadie.

Not a word i think. The best way I can think to phrase your sentence, would certainly be utilizing the expression "dar miedo".

Da miedo ir a un lugar donde no conoces a nadie.

Standard adjective would certainly be "aterrador".

A scary movie would certainly be "una película de miedo". One more user pointed out "miedoso", yet that's offered to describe someone who scares easily.

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