Not a really crucial question, but since we could be taking one more trip to Europe soon, ns would favor to know just how to say Maui, or Hawaii, in French and also Italian.We visited France and Italy a few years back, and also many of the locals asked wherein we were from. We would frequently say Maui, however it never really analyzed properly.Most of the guidebooks only translate "America" or "United States", and also while I'm certain I can find the answer on the internet, i being lazy, and I know someone must know the answer

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Oct 11th, 2005, 06:22 PM
Well, I'm lazy too, yet I really don't think you would pronounce Hawaii any type of differently. No everyone will have actually heard the Maui, yet I think Hawaii will certainly be familiar to most human being you meet.

Oct 11th, 2005, 06:42 PM
Hello Anna, ns am not sure if my friends in Italy would recognize Maui yet for sure they every understand about Hawaii. And also they every wish they could go there!!! possibly say Hawaii and then add Isola de Maui.

They're location names, therefore you'd express them they method they are pronounced in their very own language. The only hitch I deserve to see is the neither French no one Italian has an "h" sound, so "Hawaii" would probably be much better understood if you stated "Awaii" in both languages.
Hello StCirq, for a nonspeaking Italian/Frenchperson ns agree, good point. Many of mine friends in Italy execute speak English or if lock don't they still know Hawaii with the "H" is the means our state that Hawaii is pronounced. But is some situations dropping the H would certainly be the thing to do. BTW, how would you say "the Island the Maui" in French?
Rex, say thanks to you!! i think i know about three indigenous in French, so now I understand four, LOL. Take great care!

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Lots of locations names room spelled and pronounced in different ways in various countries. French has actually a lot of different names because that city and countries other than those provided in the yes, really location. That isn't the instance with this words, however, which are spelled that means in French.I imagine it simply didn't interpret properly since it wasn't common nor expected, for this reason they more than likely weren't certain what you to be saying. Some may not even be that acquainted with the word Maui -- I'm certain I wouldn't know the name of a the majority of European islands, even though that is a well-known resort spot. It's more than likely not that famous a vacation location for French.In French, Hawaii is sometimes spelled differently, back you check out it the method we spell that in English a lot, also. They could have construed it better if you provided it an ext a finish name, such together "les îles Hawaï" which is the main name, ns guess. There is one "h" in French, various other than completely silent, but it is just slightly aspirated, and that is the way I think I've heard French civilization pronounce Hawaï (such as in "les halles" or words haricot or hasard) the couple of times I've heard it. It's favor the pronunciation of the h in the French exclamation "hein?" more problematic is the "w" i m sorry doesn't exist really much in French, only in obtained words. It have the right to be pronounced together a "w" so that sound is in French really occasionally (eg, "le weekend"), but my suffer is the it is generally pronounced together a "v" once in doubt. My critical name starts with a w and French human being usually pronounce that together a "v". I think that's the means it is pronounce historically, isn't it? and in Tahiti, i m sorry is French, therefore that could be the means they are provided to hear it. It doesn't come increase in conversation a lot for me, I'll admit, so I'm not sure. The was simply probably an unusual place name and with an additional language accent, it wasn't immediately recognized.