Tengo sueño.Estoy soñoliento.Estoy adormecido.The an initial one is the many common means to refer that.In Spanish we have various expressions with the verb 'tener' that English people use with the verb 'be'.Examples:I'm hungry (be + adjective)= Tengo hambre (tener + noun)I'm thirsty = tengo sedYou can additionally say 'Estoy hambriento' and also 'Estoy sediento', but they're no as typical as 'tengo hambre' and also 'tengo sed'.Hope this helps.

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Te diré la forma mas común que mas usamos.

Solo debes decir ( Tengo sueño )

Te enseñaré palabras basicas y mas usadas.

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Why is "dar" conjugated to "dame" if you to speak "give it to me" ?Please help, i am therefore confused! In Spanish, what it is too dirty is "dame"? as in, "dame un consejo" Why do human being say ...

What's the best self examine Spanish publication I deserve to purchase to breakthrough to

I am low intermediate level in my Spanish studies.

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