My examine insists on utilizing Kusin(e). However especially Kusin seems favor it's finish bullshit together I can't even uncover sites online who state that Kusin is the suitable translation of cousin and prefer the word Neffe / Cousin.

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What perform you actually usage in Germany?

Also turn off topic question, are people in Köln method nicer 보다 in Hamburg or go I have a negative experience? Everybody seemed so tense in Hamburg.


Because also in German the is written Cousin/e and also not the way you spell it. It is undoubtedly the right translation because that cousin, aka the boy of your uncle or aunt.

If friend are an extremely old fashioned girlfriend can also use Vetter (male) or basic (female).

EDIT: The correct translation of nephew/niece (aka the kid of her sibling) is Nichte (female) and Neffe (male).

So to amount up:

die Cousine / Kusine (old: Base): your uncle's or aunt's daughter (fem. Cousin)

der Cousin / Vetter: your uncle's or aunt's boy (masc. Cousin)

die Nichte: her brother's or sister's daughter (niece)

der Neffe: her brother's or sister's kid (nephew)

Regarding your various other question :

I don't recognize Hamburg very well. Yet as far as my suffer goes, world in Köln are really nice and open and it's easy to choose them and their city. :)

Cousine, talked "Kusine", Cousin, sometimes heard together "Kuseng".

and like the word Neffe / Cousin.

A Neffe is really dfferent from a Cousin, and also is definitely not offered interchangeably.

What is the difference in between Cousin and also Neffe?

I know how to express it (thank you dutch language) yet I'm really astonished the my study insists ~ above calling it Kusin(e). Do you think I'm far better off just ignoring it and also use Cousin(e)?

male cousin — der Vetter, der Cousin (often pronounced Kuseng) — both are used.

female cousin — die Kusine, (die Cousine, die Base) — The composing variant through Co is not as well common. Base to be old-fashioned currently 100 years earlier but has survived in words die Klatschbase — gossipmonger

nephew — der Neffe

niece — dice Nichte

has endured in the word Klatschbase — gossipmonger

Huh. Heard this word because that the an initial time now (one the the reasons I choose this The version I recognize is Klatschtante (and Tratschtante). Exciting that the doesn't matter if it is a Tante or a Kusine. Google has around the same number of hits because that all 3 of castle (Klatschbase 21k, Klatschtante 29k, Tratschtante 29k).

Being a fan of digital music, I believed at very first about Klatsch-Base (where base = English for Bass), clapping come the base :-)

About your "off-topic" question: ns think people in the north are much more reserved. We don't talk much, which have the right to be viewed as somewhat rude from an outsider, yet is just normal behavior for us.

As because that Köln, zur stereotype is that human being there are like "Küsschen links, Küsschen rechts" as quickly as they meet you because that the very first time. Don't recognize if that's true, never ever been come Köln.

But don't fret, civilization in Hamburg are nice, too. We just need an ext time to heat up. :)

Kölner sind gemischt. Meist sind sie aber freundlich wenn man mit ihnen spricht. Es ist auch nicht unüblich einen Tratsch mit der Kassieren anzufangen, vorallem wenn male sich schon häufiger gesehen hat. Köbbes sind nochmal besonders. (Köbbes sind dice Kellner in kölschen Brauhäusern, sind aber auch bemächtigt Leute rauszuwerfen und wirken weniger wie Kellner als Wirte meist.) Urkölsche sind generell freundlich und nehmen kein Blatt vor den Mund. Das färbt natürlich auch auf Bekanntschaft ab.

So the words for cousin in german space straight up fucked because we kinda stole them indigenous French and now nobody knows exactly how to express (and frequently times spell) lock correctly. They're created "Cousin" (male) and also "Cousine" (female). Because that the female one you'll nice much constantly hear "Kusine" (Coo-zee-ne, 3 syllables), but when it concerns the male kind there are a couple of options. The most usual one is more than likely "Kuseng" (the u is short, one of two people syllable might be stressed) or just the french joint for human being who in reality know how that sounds. Kinda favor "Coo-zaw" i believe. (Dear french civilization I simply offended, please forgive me).

The indigenous for niece is "die Nichte" and also for nephew "der Neffe".

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Tagging on come ask if yes sir a German word prefer “nibling” the gender-neutral native for kid of my sibling

Not that I know of. If you desire to be gender neutral, you'd have to say something prefer "das kind meiner Schwester/meines Bruders".


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