When discovering vocabulary for animals, many Spanish speakers know that gato is the straight translation of ‘cat’. Yet they may uncover themselves in a case where they desire to boost their Spanish vocabulary and also have different words to refer to their pets. Together a result, they might wonder just how to to speak ‘cat’ in Spanish. 

Depending ~ above the context’s degree of formality as well as the Spanish speak country, right here are some common words to say ‘cat’ in Spanish:

Gato – CatMichi – CatGatito – Kitty / KittenMinino – Cat / Kitty catMicifuz – Cat / KittyMiso – CatMorrongo – Cat

All of this terms are various ways come say ‘cat’ in Spanish. However, several of these terms space only perfect for casual conversations or provided in a couple of Spanish speak countries. For the reason, in the adhering to sections, you’ll discover a description of how and also when to usage each of this terms. 

By the end of this, girlfriend will boost your Spanish vocabulary by having various terms come say ‘cat’ and be able to define your affection in the direction of your cat.

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1. Gato – Cat

As you may know, gato is the many standard means to say ‘cat’ in Spanish. Together a result, girlfriend will have the ability to use this indigenous in all Spanish speaking countries. Something the you have to keep in mind is that, even though in English ‘cat’ describes both male and also female cats, in Spanish, friend will have to choose between gato and gata. 

¿Cómo se llama tu gato?What’s your cat’s name?

La vecina tiene un gato muy bonitoThe neighbor has a an extremely pretty cat

Voy a llevar a mi gata al veterinarioI’m walking to take it my cat to the vet

A mi hermana le gustan mucho los gatosMy sisters likes cats very much

Take Note: In Spanish, gato and gata can additionally be provided as pejorete adjectives when referring to people. In this case, this words are supplied to describe a maid or come express the someone is too tacky or ordinary.

2. Gatito / Gatita – Kitty / Kitten

Gatito and gatita are additionally standard terms that you can use come say ‘cat’ in Spanish. Usually, ‘gatito’ and also ‘gatita’ room the words that we use to refer to kittens. However, they are additionally used as an affectionate word to refer to cats of every sizes. 

As a result, relying on the context, ‘gatito’ and ‘gatita’ can be interpreted as ‘kitty’, ‘cat’ or ‘kitten’. Be aware that in this case, friend will likewise use ‘gatito’ for male cats and ‘gatita’ because that females. 

¡Qué bonita gatita tienes!You have actually such a nice kitten!

La gata de mi vecina tuvo muchos gatitos My neighbor’s cat had a the majority of kittens

¿Ya viste que chiquito está ese gatito?Did you view how small that kitty is?

Mi novio me regaló dos gatitas persas My boyfriend provided me 2 Persian cats 

3. Minino / Minina – Kitty cat / Kitty

Minino and minina are other Spanish words the you deserve to use to say ‘cat’. Return they space still very popular, these words room slightly an ext informal and also cutesy 보다 ‘gato’ and ‘gatito’. ‘Minino’ and ‘minina’ are really affectionate terms. This words deserve to be translated as ‘kitty’, ‘cat’ or ‘kitty cat’. 

Ven aquí, minino Come here, kitty cat!

Señora, tiene que llevar a su minino al veterinarioMs, you need to take her cat to the vet

No me gusta que tu minina se suba a los sillonesI don’t prefer your kitty getting on the couches

Mis amigos valve a adoptar a mis mininosMy friends room going to embrace my kitty cats

4. Michi – Cat

Nowadays, in Mexico, michi has end up being the most famous informal indigenous that human being use come say ‘cat’. ‘Michi’ is really affectionate and it’s quite renowned on society media where you have the right to see it on common content regarded cats. However, friend can additionally use this native in your real-life conversations. 

Unlike other words in this list, ‘michi’ can be applied for both female, male and also baby cats. On height of being well-known in Mexico, ‘michi’ is likewise known in Peru and, in other Spanish speak countries, friend can find the following variations:

Michín – ColombiaMicho – Panama, Ecuador

¿Has visto al michi?Have you watched the cat?

Paco, dale de comer al michi Paco, feeding the cat

A mi michi le gusta dormir en mi camaMy cat likes to sleep on my bed 

¿Sabes qué raza child los michis de Claudia?Do you understand what each other Claudia’s cats are?


5. Micifuz – Cat / Kitty

If you desire a funny and also informal way to say ‘cat’, you can use words micifuz. This colloquial term deserve to either be provided as a means to name your pets, but also as a means to express or speak to cats whose name you don’t know. 

‘Micifuz’ is famous in Spanish speak countries, however, that only suitable for not blocked conversations. Relying on the context, ‘micifuz’ have the right to be translated as ‘cat’ or ‘kitty’. 

Cambia la arena de micifuzChange the cat’s litter box

Micifuz, ven para darte de comerKitty, come right here so I have the right to feed you 

¿Ya viste lo que está haciendo micifuz?Did you already see what the cat is doing?

¿Micifuz todavía tiene comida o traigo más?Does the cat still have actually food or must I lug more?

Take Note: Micifuz is the surname of a cat in a famed Spanish poem. As a result, this word deserve to be provided as a playful way to contact your cat even if he currently has a name. ‘Micifuz’ have the right to be offered both because that female and male cats.

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6. Morrongo – Cat

Morrongo may not be as well-known as various other words indigenous this list, yet it is still an informal term that Spanish speakers usage to say ‘cat’. Together a synonym of ‘cat’, morrongo is largely used in Mexico and Argentina. You deserve to use this word one of two people to describe kittens or grown-up cats. 

El morrongo de mi hermano es muy cariñosoMy brother’s cat is really affectionate

Mamá, ¿sabes dónde está el morrongo?Mom, carry out you understand where the cat is?

Mi prima tiene muchos morrongos en su casaMy cousin has a the majority of cats at her house

Mira, los juguetes que le compré al morrongoLook at the playthings that i bought because that the cat 

Take Note: As a slang term, ‘morrongo’ can adjust its an interpretation depending top top the context or the ar you space in. In Colombia and also Spain, this word deserve to be used to describe a lazy or slow-moving person. In Mexico, it can additionally be supplied to describe a butcher’s assistant.

7. Miso – Cat

In Dominican Republic, miso is casual term that means ‘cat’. Together a result, you have the right to use this word in casual conversations together a different and original means to speak ‘cat’. Similar to other words from this list, you can use ‘miso’ together a means to call your pets or cats in general. 

El miso rompío el jarrón de mi esposaThe cat broke mine wife’s vase

Nuestro miso es muy tranquilo Our cat is an extremely quiet 

¿Cuántos misos tienes?How plenty of cats do girlfriend have?

Abuela, ¿puedo jugar con el miso?Grandma, can I play v the cat?

Wrapping Up

Spanish speaker have different terms to describe their beloved cats. It is why in this write-up we verified you 7 usual words the you deserve to use come say ‘cat’ in Spanish. Although this words are not names, they room still helpful to talk around your cat or who else’s.