You can remove unpainted drywall mud by scrubbing the with warmth water and also a cloth. Joint compound is water-soluble and will easily come off when you add some water come the equation. If water is not sufficient, you have the right to scrape hardened drywall dirt off of drywall with a putty knife or scraper. If there is a coat of repaint over the drywall mud, use a sander to cut through the paint and also sand away the drywall mud. Alternatively, you have the right to use a repaint remover come dissolve the paint before removing the drywall mud with an additional method.

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How do You Dissolve Drywall Mud?

Dried drywall dirt breaks down in water. Unlike a painted surface, drywall mud does not shed water. Instead, water soaks into the drywall mud, disappear the glue-like bond of the hardened mud, and makes it simple to clean drywall dirt off walls, floors, and also other tough surfaces.

There is no need to use harsh chemicals as soon as attempting come dissolve drywall mud.

Plain, heat water works finest for dissolving hardened joint compound. That not necessary to use any type of harsh solvents or chemicals. This makes breaking under hardened drywall mud an easy and safe.

5 methods to eliminate Drywall mud From a Wall

Whether you’re unhappy v the look at of the drywall dirt on your wall surface before or after painting, there’s a way to remove it. The methods here work well because that removing drywall dirt splatters, as well as wall texture. No matter exactly how much drywall mud you’re looking come remove, among these tips will do the trick.

Scrub it Off v Water

If over there is no repaint on the hardened joint compound you great to remove, remove it using water and a small elbow grease. Use a bucket of warm water and also a damp towel to scrub drywall dirt off her wall. As soon as tackling bigger blobs that drywall mud, permit the water to soak in because that a couple of minutes to permit it time to break down the mud.

Scrub hardened drywall dirt off walls with a towel soaked in heat water.Apply water come the hardened drywall mud and wait 3–5 minutes for the water to soften the mud. Then, scrub.Use this an approach on unpainted drywall dirt only.

This technique only functions on unpainted drywall compound. If your wall has to be painted, the water won’t penetrate and break down the drywall mud.

Use a Scraper

Dried drywall mud have the right to be removed from your walls utilizing a scraper or drywall knife. Use the coffee blade come bust v the hardened share compound and scrape your wall surfaces down to a smooth finish. If any kind of drywall record on your wall is damaged during this process, it deserve to be patched using additional joint compound before repainting.

This method works best when the mud has not been painted.Combine the scraper an approach with the tactic that soaking dried share compound through water. The project will go also faster.

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If you are scraping unpainted drywall dirt off her walls, friend can create a hybrid an approach for easy removal. First, soak dried drywall dirt with warm water because that 3–5 minutes. Then, usage the scraper to pry the softened drywall dirt off your wall much more easily.