If you’ve invested time in Louisiana, you may have noticed a culture of paganism that is prevalent in details regions. Some people have been cursed by modern ‘witch doctors’ and are left through one question–how carry out you damage voodoo dolls? brand-new Orleans, in particular, is complete of mystics with ties come the dark arts. Voodoo dolls room iconic within the mythos, and they freak us out to be perfect honest. But still, human being are asking–should girlfriend burn them? far better yet–is the even possible to destroy them?

Common folk don’t fully understand the rules of the supernatural, so it’s time to break it every down. Here’s a lesson on how to destroy voodoo dolls, from the ancient background all the way to current best practices.

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History that Louisiana voodoo

Louisiana voodoo, periodically called brand-new Orleans voodoo or Voodoo-Catholicism, is a combination of roman Catholicism and Haitian practices. Slave trade exposed the people of Haiti to Catholicism, and as belief systems were intertwined, Vodou come to be the leading religion of the Haitian people.

Haitian Vodou features strong ideas about spirits and also nature. Spells, divination, and sacrifices are all provided to attach with deities, recognized as Iwa, and influence the herbal world. When the religion has numerous distinct elements, soul possession and soul division are core elements which have actually influenced voodoo doll lore. It’s thought a soul deserve to be split in two and half can possess an effigy–the hallmark of the voodoo doll curse.

During the Haitian revolution of 1792, plenty of slaves fleeing the nation moved to new Orleans, and their practices blended with those of NOLA residents. The syncretism of religious beliefs from both sides has led come what we now know as Louisiana Voodoo.

Frequently asked questions

What are voodoo dolls?

These days, voodoo dolls in Louisiana are used by believers come inflict curses top top others. They’ve been portrayed in literature and also on film together effigies supplied to inflict pain and also punishment. It’s said that voodoo dolls can be manipulated to regulate the victims they represent, acting as miniature representations as soon as a soul is divided and captured inside. Bobby pins are often poked into them to torture victims.

What room anti-voodoo dolls?

While there are websites i m sorry speak the ‘anti-voodoo dolls,’ the reality is the there is no such thing. Castle never show up in Louisiana voodoo history, and also trying techniques including them will not negate or reverse a curse. The techniques we comment on in this write-up are based upon research and the only true methods to ruin voodoo dolls.

Do voodoo dolls work?

It counts on that you ask. Voodoo dolls are mysterious objects, and also their inside workings are a mystery to many. Some say they’re legit while others case they’re just dolls.

It additionally depends ~ above what you median by ‘work.’ If your translate is ‘creep human being out,’ climate the price is yes. However if you’re looking for supernatural power, you may be disappointed.

Should friend burn a voodoo doll?

Some skip important steps and also burn voodoo dolls immediately, but this is no the ideal method. If the dolls might disappear, the curses will still exist. If you want to important rid yourself of a voodoo curse, it’s important to follow the steps provided below. Castle are techniques independent practitioners and also researchers have actually come up with.

Methods for damaging voodoo dolls


Coming into contact with a voodoo doll can be frightening, but the an essential thing come remember is every little thing has an equal and opposite. Logic says if dark magik exists, there is additionally ‘light magik’ you deserve to use against it (prayer, meditation, etc.). Furthermore, voodoo lore (as well together the internet) provides a few techniques you can use to dispel the magik and return life ago to normal.

Artifact removal

Some believe you don’t also need to damage voodoo dolls to void their power. The effigies periodically contain personal items such a hair, finger nails, or pieces of clothing you deserve to remove to avoid a curse. This is wonderful non-destructive technique you can test prior to resorting to much more drastic measures.


Another technique for dispelling a voodoo curse is drown the doll. Ar it underwater, and once it’s submerged, turn around, to walk away, and also never watch back. This an approach is brought up fairly often and seems to work-related if done correctly. Unfortunately, there space those who can’t resist the urge to turn around and check to view if the doll is quiet underwater, and also doing therefore disrupts the process. If you return house to find the doll has additionally returned, you may need to take it extra measures.

Holy water + burning

Holy water has actually been supplied for centuries to combat every sorts the evil. It’s been used against spirits, vampires, and other superordinary beings to totally eradicate them. This particular technique can be carried out in 3 steps.

Begin by dowsing your voodoo doll in holy water. Make certain it’s 100% saturation for ideal results. Allow it dry out, permitting the holiness molecule in the water come bond v the doll together the H20 evaporates.Soak that in desk lamp oil and burn that completely.

This mix of spiritual ‘light magik’ and technical destruction is the best technique if you have actually holy water ~ above hand. It will erase the curse and ensure the doll is never seen or used again.

Mental disillusion

The biblical story videotaped in 1 Samuel 28 speaks of a time once King Saul asked a tool to progressive the heart of Samuel. The medium’s summoning worked, and some scholars think God only permitted this to happen since of Saul’s id in witchcraft.

With this in mind, there’s a school of believed that says the power of voodoo dolls rests in your very own mind. This means you may have the ability to overcome voodoo dolls and also their curses through believing they have actually no power.

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Voodoo dolls are mysterious and also dangerous, yet the dark magik lock embody can be overcome. Can you damage a voodoo doll? Absolutely. Simply remember to usage these approaches step by step if you want the ideal chances that success. It’s impossible to calculation the strength of the dark arts, therefore be mindful when handling evil.